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Discworld II

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Overall 8

Rincewind to the rescue once more!

CaptainDi..., Ciao
9 September 2006
  • Excerpt: "Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes is the second of the (so far) three computer games by Perfect Entertainment based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Like the first game it has you playing the part of extremely put-upon wizard Rincewind, who must find out why people are dying and then… sort of getting up and walking around, and not dying in the traditional way. (Fans of the novels will recognise this as the basic plot from Reaper Man.) In a 2D point ...
  • Pros: Nice graphics, good gameplay, lots of humour .  .  .
  • Cons: .  .  .  repetitive dialogue, couldn't get sound to work
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Overall 8

Missing Presumed...

wampyrii, Ciao
4 April 2002
  • Excerpt: "...or so the makers of Discworld 2 will tell you anyway in the second ‘real’ adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. If you were one of the unfortunates who had the first inflicted upon them then you'll be forgiven for steering well clear of this title, but you'd be wrong too because its much improved. It doesn't matter if you aren't a fan of the books either, you'll still enjoy a rather fun game, especially since this one ...
  • Pros: see review
  • Cons: see review
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Overall 8


Grix_Thra..., Ciao
21 September 2000
  • Excerpt: "Missing Presumed...??!! is Discworld 2's subtitle. The joke being, of course, that Death has disappeared. Not the concept of death, you understand, but our scythe-wielding friend with the nice line in robes. This may not be immediate cause for concern, but unfortunately the deceased are now unable to leave our dimension, and seem destined to hover in simultaneous life and death. Simultaneous oneness and difference. Acintya bheda bheda tattva. And ...
  • Pros: Good fun .
  • Cons: But still a bit crap
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Overall 10

Even better than the first!

SallyAA, Ciao
6 August 2000
  • Excerpt: "Discworld II (Missing Presumed...!?) is the second game based on Terry Pratchetts hugely successful Discworld novels. It has even better graphics than the first, a cast of wierd and wonderful characters, hilarious gags and maddening puzzles. Once again you are Rincewind, the inept wizard, forced to save the world because no one else seems to want to do it. This time Death has gone missing, meaning the dead are turning into zombies and ghosts, ...
  • Pros: Funny, complicated, brilliant .  .  .
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

Even if you can't do the puzzle, you'll still be laughing

alicemitc..., Ciao
23 July 2000
  • Excerpt: "Discworld 2 - Missing Presumed is a great adventure game. Death has disappeared, and Rincewind is on a mission to find him. What's great about this game, is that it's so unserious and funny. Rincewind (who you control) is a fantastic character, and trust me, by the end of the game you will be speaking like him. The locations in the game are great, and the puzzles are all quite mad. They're good because they're not impossible, when you think hard about ...
  • Pros: Will keep you amused and interested even if you can't do the puzzles
  • Cons: It has hung on me once or twice
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Overall 10

Discworld 2

iec, Ciao
11 July 2000
  • Excerpt: "...purchase this because of the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett, but I hadn't played the first Discworld game. This caused no problem though, and anyone who likes this sort of puzzle game ("Sam and Max" and "Day of the Tentacle" being just two others) will be able to get into it, regardless of their knowledge of Discworld! The main plot is that Death has gone missing, and for some obscene reason, the council decide that Rincewind is ...
  • Pros: Fun to play .
  • Cons: None really .
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Overall 8

discworld 2

hwk106, Ciao
26 June 2000
  • Excerpt: "I love this game it is so damm fustrating: When you final realise what you have to do then you realise how easy it was. The sound is superb especially the voice of Rincewind (eric Idol) one thing to watch out for is (no that would be telling just watch everything and you will see) Graphics are spot on as I would expect and some of the sound effects when you have conversations with people are quite amusing, try it and you will see what I mean. I ...
  • Pros: Fustrating
  • Cons: None
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Overall 8

Plus beau que le premier ( Discworld 2 )

roamzi, Dooyoo
30 July 2011
  • Excerpt: Ce second volet est franchement beaucoup mieux même si son prédécesseur était déjà d'un bon niveau. Les graphismes sont plus soignés mais le ton y est inchangé avec toujours autant d'humour et des énigmes en pagaille d'un niveau de difficulté assez élevé ce qui donne une très bonne durée de vie au jeu avec une centaines d'heures où il faudra se creuser la tête.
  • Pros: Durée de vie
  • Cons: Temps de chargements
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User Review

20 September 2001
Overall 10

Ich lach mich schon wieder tot!

Dun_King, Ciao
16 August 2001
  • Summary: Heutzutage zeigt uns das TV dermaßen viele schlechte Komödien, dass man mal über die Alternativen, welche der PC bietet, nachdenken sollte. Ich rede von den PC-Fun-Adventures, ein inzwischen ausgestorbenes Genre. Schade eigentlich, denn Spiele wie die Monkey Island Serie, Toonstruck oder eben jenes Discworld 2 bieten ein grandioses Gagfeuerwerk, wogegen manch eine Komödie ziemlich blass aussieht.
  • Pros: Hier stimmt (fast) alles
  • Cons: Leichter Mangel in der Bedienung, etwas zu kurz
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