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Disciples III: Renaissance

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Reviews and Problems with Disciples III: Renaissance

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Overall 4

Disciples III: Renaissance review

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Dark, moody art style, When it doesn't break, Winning battles with quick fights
  • Cons: Serious camera issues, Game-halting glitches, Crummy AI
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Overall 6

Disciples III: Renaissance

Strategy Informer
6 October 2011
  • Conclusion: With the majority of the game revolving around that system, it's a shame that the developer couldn't polish things to a higher shine, as the rest of the material deserves at least a little better. For all its faults though, Disciples is certainly something unique, and the quality of the overworld sections and general strategising may well be enough for a crowd that will inevitably seek it out anyway. If that's you, you can add at least a point onto the score.
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Overall 8

Disciples III: Renaissance – PC Game Review

Armchair General
29 December 2010
  • Excerpt: Since 1999, turn-based strategy gamers have been adventuring through Nevendaar, a fantasy world of humans, dwarves, demons, undead, elves, and one war after another. The Disciples series of games has one of the most extensive histories of all turn-based PC strategy games, and shows no signs of coming to an ending soon. Disciples III is the latest addition to the series, once again returning players to the Sacred Lands in an effort to save or destroy all within.
  • Pros: Beautiful graphics, lengthy playtime, a step up from previous Disciples games.
  • Cons: Repetitive after a few hours, hot seat multi-player only, no map editor.
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Impression: Disciples III: Renaissance

7 October 2010
  • Excerpt: Ah, Renaissance, a famed historical period in which art and culture flourish, war breaks out between humans and elves, and demons scorch vast tracts of land. Wait, what? In my time with Disciples III: Renaissance, I didn't exactly encounter the kind of Renaissance I learned about in history class. Instead, I wandered through the beginning of an attractive yet annoyance-plagued strategy RPG.
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Overall 6

Disciples III: Renaissance

Auracore MediaWorks
1 October 2010
  • Summary: Disciples III brings back the strategy series, but does a bad job in the process.
  • Pros: Beautiful art style; hours of campaign gameplay.
  • Cons: Repetition in nearly every aspect of the game; lack of tactical depth; poorly done voice acting and dull music.
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Overall 5

Renaissance? More like Dark Ages! Zing!!!

Game Debate
17 September 2010
  • Excerpt: "Hi Plectrum! I've read all of your reviews and I'd really like to know how I could become a game reviewer, just like you!" is something that no-one's ever said to me. That would be madness. If someone did say that to me I'd tell them that reviewers are born, not made. Reviewers of all kinds - games, film, music, you name it - are fundamentally different from normal people. You see, we have an innate mental condition: a crippling phobia and intolerance for mediocrity.
  • Pros: Nicely presented, Some depth
  • Cons: Uninspired, Uninspiring
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Overall 6

PC Review - 'Disciples III: Renaissance'

17 September 2010
  • Summary: Disciples III: Renaissance is a turn-based RPG/strategy game set in an expansive fantasy world, offering players action, adventure and glory. Stunning 3D environments, three playable races, and multiplayer functionality all combine to offer an outstanding gameplay experience.
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Disciples III: Renaissance

The Armchair Empire
16 September 2010
  • Conclusion: obedience of "just one more turn."  In contrast, the Disciples series was a would-be usurper, really good looking but brutal to those who chose to ally themselves with it.  Still, there was something appealing about the first two games in the series.  There was a strong visual style and a compelling fantasy setting that held a slightly darker tinge to it than the bright colors of the Heroes series.
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Disciples III: Renaissance Review

10 August 2010
  • Conclusion: About ten years ago, thanks to the likes of Heroes of Might and Magic , Warlords , Age of Wonders , and Disciples , there were fantasy-themed, turn-based strategy games coming out with regularity. But over the past few years, that hasn't been the case. We've seen the reboot of the King's Bounty franchise, but otherwise the well has been pretty dry, as developers seem convinced (and perhaps rightly so) that turn-based games won't appeal to the mass market.
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Overall 10

Review: Disciples III (PC)

9 August 2010
  • Excerpt: I felt a bit strange taking on the review for Disciples III when we received our review code.  I had never played the prior two games in the series, and from the looks of the …
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