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Dirt Showdown

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DiRT Showdown PC Review

29 September 2013
  • Excerpt: This week I’ve been playing through DiRT Showdown, the latest racing gaming in the DiRT franchise from Codemasters.  Codemasters are well known for their racing games, with many great racing titles already firmly under their belt over many formats and several console generations, from the legendary TOCA series, Grid, F1, Colin McRae and of course DiRT, so I had really high hopes for this game from the start.
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Overall 8

DiRT Showdown – Review (360, PS3, PC)

7 September 2013
  • Excerpt: DiRT Showdown, a racing game with delusions of grandeur attached to muckiness, twisted metal, and engines designed to give teenage boys erections as rigid as a Porche’s tail pipe. However, it does boast a very impressive collection of automobiles and game modes to use them in. We’ll begin with something obvious: the graphical attributes of your motor collection and racetracks are glistering, flashy, and nothing short of what you expect a racing game to have.
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Overall 3
Looks 4

Dirt Showdown

5 January 2013
  • Excerpt: Dirt Showdown is a pothole of accessibility. Over the course of the last few releases from Codemasters – most relevantly: Dirt 2 and Dirt 3, they’ve pretty much established themselves as being a developer and publisher that wants to be as inclusive as possible where driving is concerned. They’ve got a lot to learn about visual and hearing accessibility but the mobile accessibility of their games is fairly solid.
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Dirt Showdown Review (PC)

3 September 2012
  • Conclusion: Dirt Showdown delivers a decent racing experience. While the destruction theme may not be pulled off perfectly and the Hoonigan events can still be a bit frustrating, racing fans who are looking for a bit of fun, both offline and online, can't go wrong with this one.
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DiRT Showdown Review

29 July 2012
  • Excerpt: DiRT Showdown is one answer to an important question: how do you make a multiplayer-focused racing game? We've all been there. Heck, I was there just the other day - take a racing game online and it's more daunting than trying to play Counter-Strike and StarCraft II simultaneously while somebody rubs jam into your eyes.
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DiRT Showdown PC Technical Review

5 July 2012
  • Excerpt: Introduction, setup, requirements Codemasters is well-known for its love of the PC, and has long supplied its fans on the platform with what they demand. Today I'll be taking a look at the studio's latest -- DiRT Showdown , an arcade-style racer built from the ground up for DirectX 11 and hosting plenty of online features – and seeing if it stacks up with previous efforts, technically speaking.
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DiRT Showdown

Cheat Happens
1 July 2012
  • Excerpt: Everyone has that one friend that constantly tells you all about this new thing they've found and they're now all about. They relate everything back to their new found obsession and try to find ways to get you and everyone else talking about it.
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Overall 7
Performance 9
Gameplay 7
Multiplayer 6
Appearance 9
Singleplayer 6

DiRT Showdown Review

New Game Network
19 June 2012
  • Summary: Showdown takes the franchise on a new destructive course. Unfortunately it doesn't take long before it crashes straight into a brick wall.
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Overall 9

DiRT Showdown

Strategy Informer
4 June 2012
  • Conclusion: And whilst online might be the icing on the cake rather than the core of the experience for some, I’m confident that DiRT Showdown has enough to offer long-time fans of the genre or racing game newcomers alike. The likes of Flatout and Motorstorm have provided ample competition in the mud-filled Americana stakes previously, but there’s something about the driving model in Showdown that satisfies in a fashion that few other games manage.
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DiRT Showdown Preview

25 December 2011
  • Excerpt: Every once in a while, it’s cool to see a spin-off in a popular series, just to see where the developers can take it.  Case in point – Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, while diversified from other entries in the series, carried on the tradition of wanton galactic destruction while involving a sweet new multiplayer angle. And now it appears that Codemasters is following a similar pattern with its DiRT series.
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