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DarkStar One

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Reviews and Problems with DarkStar One

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Overall 7

DarkStar One

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Richly-detailed graphics, Time Acceleration, Plenty to do, lots to explore
  • Cons: No third-person camera, Laughably bad script, Copy protection screws with your PC
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Overall 2
Gameplay 1
Graphics 2
Sound 3
Longevity 0

Darkstar Review

21 December 2011
  • Summary: Darkstar is truly unbelievable. But not in a good way. We find out why this could be the worst game of 2011.
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Overall 8


Adventure Classic Gaming
12 March 2011
  • Excerpt: Parallax Studio's Darkstar (also known as Darkstar: The Interactive Movie) is, like its protagonist, displaced in time. Perhaps the easiest way to describe this game is to compare it to Myst, though with more emphasis on storytelling than puzzle solving. Indeed, as the game's subtitle implies, Darkstar is more of a movie than a game, hearkening back to the days of Full Motion Video (FMV) games filmed with live actors.
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Darkstar by flotsam

11 January 2011
  • Excerpt: DARKSTAR is essentially the product of J. Allen Williams, something he describes as both his dream and his nightmare. He has written of it having a life of its own, doing to him instead of the reverse, and pondered on whether it provided a positive focus for his somewhat obsessive compulsive tendencies, or merely created a demon that tormented him in his dark studio basement for almost a decade.
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Overall 4


5 December 2007
  • Excerpt: The line between movies and games is a line that has been blurring for a long time. As the quality of games increased, that dream of a game that looks like a movie has been attempted again and again. But what if there is a third path? Why not make an interactive movie, as demonstrated by Darkstar ? Well, because they weren’t that good.
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Guitar Hero 3

Hooked Gamers
6 November 2007
  • Conclusion: Guitar Hero 3 provides a significant amount of unlockable content such as bonus songs, extra characters and guitars. In its basic form, the game should keep players enthralled for months only to dive into the downloadable content that has been announced. While many feared that Neversoft would ruin the Guitar Hero franchise, they did very well indeed.
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Overall 7

Darkstar One

Strategy Informer
19 October 2007
  • Conclusion: I had been looking forward to this game for some time but was by the end quite disappointed with the results. “Freelancer done right” is but the statement of a dreamer as beyond the story and ship upgrades, Darkstar One is as cold and empty as space itself once the novelty of trading or being a “system rebel” wears off.
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Overall 8

Test Darkstar One

Generation NT
6 October 2007
  • Conclusion: Darkstar One est un jeu de grande qualité . Même s'il est vrai que plus on y joue, moins on s'ébahit, on reste toutefois scotché à son clavier et son écran. Car la durée de vie dudit soft est énorme . Si les développeurs avaient voulu fumer nos processeurs, ils ne s'y seraient pas pris autrement.
  • Pros: Durée de vie, Graphiquement réussi, Genre relativement rare
  • Cons: Répétitivité, Monotonie des univers, Ennemis et missions faiblement variés
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DarkStar One Review

28 September 2007
  • Excerpt: Some games are so important to the history of video games that every game that follows in its footsteps is compared to it. Elite is one of those games, GTA III is another, and it's probably no coincidence that both Elite and GTA III feature an open-ended game world that has enthralled gamers of several generations. Darkstar One has all the attributes of the archetypal 'Elite Clone' and I'm sure the developers wouldn't want it any other way.
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DarkStar One Review

Zeitgeist Review
4 July 2007
  • Summary: DarkStar One is actually pretty good for what it is. With there being so few space simulators for the Xbox 360, it was a blessing to get my hands on one that does a pretty good job at it. For $40 you get a good 30 hours of entertainment on your first play-through and it actually has great replayability if you want to try out a different career style like smuggling or bounty hunting.
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