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Reviews and Problems with Cubetractor

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Overall 8


Auracore MediaWorks
8 December 2013
  • Summary: Pull cubes, smash enemies, and defeat devillishly difficult puzzles as the lovable robot Endroi.
  • Pros: Good art and music; challenging puzzles; simple mechanics combine for some complex gameplay.
  • Cons: Controls are a bit imprecise.
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Overall 8

Building Up a Challenge | Cubetractor Review

22 August 2013
  • Conclusion: For $9.99 on Steam, Cubetractor is a standout for action-puzzle fans with a bit of a sentimental streak about 8-bit and 16-bit graphics. A unique core mechanic and clever puzzle design should easily provide dedicated players $9.99 worth of play and then some, but you might want to steer clear if you’re quick to be frustrated and feel like you’re wasting time. This game’s got some devilish fangs behind its cute smile.
  • Pros: +Easy to understand, +Tough to master
  • Cons: -No custom controls
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Overall 6


21 August 2013
  • Conclusion: A game shouldn’t be criticized for being hard, if it was purposely designed to be that way. Cubetractor doesn’t feel like a game that falls into this category, however.  It feels like a game that was designed to challenge you more with its strategy elements, and less with its irritating control issues.  The strategic part is still fun, but the action fails badly.
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Overall 8

Cubetractor review

14 August 2013
  • Conclusion: "One of the cutest games in quite some time is also one of the most brutal." "...one of those rare games that almost always seems to have a new trick up its sleeve, and yet never betrays its own simplicity.
  • Pros: Unique marriage of puzzle-solving and tower defense, Level design that's both intricate and intense, Whimsical old-school charm
  • Cons: Occasionally imprecise controls, A few clunky levels here and there, Hit-and-miss humor
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Cubetractor Review

14 August 2013
  • Excerpt: During the past few years, developers have twisted the conventions of classic games to make unique, exciting new games. Super Meat Boy , Fez , and even Braid focus on the kinds of tropes and mechanics common in the days of Sonic and Mario. Cubetractor fits nicely under the label of modern games designed with sentimentality in mind, but with that pining focus the game brings creative mechanics and difficult puzzles that are hidden behind a veneer of unassuming innocence.
  • Pros: Lots of depth depth hidden behind simple mechanics, Great retro art direction, Funny writing
  • Cons: Some sequences are excruciatingly difficult
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Review 2.0: Cubetractor (PC)

18 June 2013
  • Excerpt: It’s been nearly a year since we’ve last taken a look at Cubetractor , that frantic puzzle game from Singaporean studio Ludochip. Just a beta version then, the game is now roaming the digital wilderness in a complete state. The question is: should you bring it home?
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Review: Cubetractor (PC)

10 October 2012
  • Excerpt: Cubetractor is a tower attack and puzzle game by Singaporean developers Ludochip, built in the same vein as the Legend of Zelda and Battle City games of yore. The game is centred around its namesake – cubes – and has you utilising them in different ways to get past each level.
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Overall 8

Cubetractor Review | You've Pulled

16 August 2013
  • Conclusion: The Short Version: Cubetractor marries thoughtful puzzling with insane arcade gameplay, offering a unique hybrid experience that's tough and rewarding. If you're stoic and determined enough to smash through the difficulty curve, you'll pull an absolute stunner.
  • Pros: Enjoyable blend of cerebral puzzles and moment-to-moment arcade shenanigans, Easy to play yet hard to master; deceptively versatile and deep, Attractive visuals, chiptune soundtrack and charming personality
  • Cons: Staggeringly difficult if rewarding, Can sometimes feel rage-quittingly unfair, even though it's well-balanced, Crying out for a level editor
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Cubetractor - Review

2 September 2013
  • Excerpt: Cubetractor ist ein typischer Fall von: “...und wenn einem nichts Neues einfällt, dann mixt man eben ein paar alte Ideen.
  • Pros: originelles Spielkonzept, passende Retro-Präsentation
  • Cons: hastig ausgeführte Bewegungskommandos werden oft verschluckt, uninspiriertes Leveldesign, gegen Ende eher chaotisch anstatt herausfordernd
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Expert Review

30 August 2013
  • Conclusion: Zu clever gedacht, zu einfach gemacht.Obwohl in Cubetractor rein vom Konzept her viel steckt, gehen mir die Worte aus. Das liegt daran, dass sowohl die Vorzüge als auch die Makel des Spiels erschreckend offensichtlich sind. Die Idee der Mixtur ist sichtlich das Kind enthusiastischer Brainstorm-Sitzungen, doch auf mich wirkt das alles zu bemüht.
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