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Creatures 2

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Overall 6

Creatures 2

Teresa_Bu..., Ciao
18 September 2003
  • Excerpt: I got this game a few years back from a mate of mine who bought the game but didn't want it. It is a very playable game for all ages and it definately keeps you entertained for hours.You have to type in words for objects that your creature comes in contact with and you try to make them understand you.The creatures live in quite a big world and trying to control the creatures takes a long time and can get frustrating.The creatures look like gremlins and they come in a...
  • Pros: entertaining,fun for all ages,cute creatures .
  • Cons: addictive and hard
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Overall 6

Virtual Things

scully, Ciao
23 April 2001
  • Excerpt: If looking after the Norns in Creatures 2 proved too big a responsibility, things in life kit 1 are a little easier. Creatures 2: Life Kit 1 allows you to have more than one "World Of Alba" saved at one time - bringing immediate stress relief, as having all your eggs in one basket can be worrisome. Especially as Norns simply attract trouble... There are plenty of new goodies to add ro the variations of life on Albia.
  • Pros: virtyal pet, great fun for kids and adults alike, watching development
  • Cons: time taking, not for the impatient .
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Overall 6

Good Idea...Boring Game

PunkRockR..., Ciao
16 March 2001
  • Excerpt: The idea of having a virtual 'pet' which has the ability to think for itself is overwheliming and is a great idea for a game. Unfortunately, it's not as fun as it sounds, the Norns (your pets) are disobedient, annoying and suicidal. The only good point of the game is the large amount of sites offering Norns to download, these ranging from hideous mutants to mermaids. The game takes a while to understand, with genetics and scientific problems to take care of.
  • Pros: Artificial Life, loads of internet downloads
  • Cons: Boring, Annoying sounds
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Overall 6


Grix_Thra..., Ciao
20 September 2000
  • Excerpt: My father always said to me, 'Son, life is like a videogame. Sometimes the pace is fast, sometimes it’s slow. Your objectives may not always be clear but with perseverance, who knows? You too could be a high scorer.' Of course, he’s been senile for decades, but when a title like Creatures 2 appears it’s tempting to take his parental witterings to heart. Why?
  • Pros: Still playable, but only slightly .
  • Cons: Tedious at times .
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Overall 6

breed your own unique norn

nomad, Ciao
30 July 2000
  • Excerpt: A lot of people will have had a go, at some time, bringing up their own artificial intelligence-based creature. I thought I'd give creatures a try soon after getting into the way of my PC. It is easy to control and use. The graphics are very good and although it does get a bit boring at times, it is an interesting experiment.
  • Pros: interesting experiment into AI .  Improves your typing .
  • Cons: can be slow and boring at times .  You need to be quick and consistent in your "teaching"
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Overall 6

If you can tear yourself away long enough...

becky_uk, Ciao
26 July 2000
  • Excerpt: Creatures II is the best game in the creatures series. The aim of the game is to look after creatures called Norns, by feeding them, making them breed, curing any illnesses and making sure that they don't decide to commit suicide by jumping off the edge of the ocean... there are many add ons and different kits available to buy and download from the creatures website. Kids and adults alike will love this game, and naming all the creatures that you can.
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Overall 6


catatonic, Ciao
3 July 2000
  • Excerpt: This is the kind of game that you'll either hate or you'll become completely addicted to and eventually have to bin because it takes over your life and clogs up your hard drive! The first creatures game was bad enough but the second is so full of bits and pieces to play with you'll eventually starve to death rather than part from it! For anyone who hasn't been on this planet for the past few years I better give you some idea of how this game works.
  • Pros: good for all ages
  • Cons: addictive
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User Review

Albrele, Dooyoo
15 December 2001
Overall 4

Da ging mir der HUT hoch

N1GrItia, Ciao
13 February 2001
  • Summary: Ich bin normalerweise jemand, der viel Geduld hat, aber wenn man es mit sexophoben selbstmördern zu tun kriegt, sind meine 10 Fingernägel schnell zuende..... Es begann alles an einem schönen Wintertag bei einem Videoverleihshop.... Ich lieh mir aufgrund von neugierde wie weit denn die künstliche Intelligenz schon sei mal creatures 2 aus. Schnell war es installiert und schon konnte ich das Spiel starten....
  • Pros: Lustig
  • Cons: Bringt einen auf die Palme
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Overall 8

Achtung - Suchtgefahr

Vegas2015, Ciao
30 December 2000
  • Summary: Das Spiel sollte man nur Spielen, wenn man am nächsten Tag nichts vor hat, denn der Suchtfaktor von Creatures2 ist recht groß. Als ich im Sommer das Spiel endlich in die Finger bekam, ging es auch gleich los. Doch wer denkt, man könne Creatures2 so locker-flockig spielen wie Creatures Teil 1, der muß sich sehr bald eines besseren belehren lassen.
  • Pros: Viele Stunden Spielspaß
  • Cons: Schwierige Startphase
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