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Close Combat

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Overall 10

Great Game, A Classic

Mike C, Amazon
26 July 2014
  • Summary: Great game, I spent many an hour playing this back in the day, love the Close Combat game series. A classic game.
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Overall 6

Close Combat game

1988Navy, Amazon
13 July 2014
  • Summary: It's okay but the top down view is not as good as isometric.
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User Review

orctown-troll, Metacritic
2 January 2014
  • Summary: This game needs to be rebuilt in 2014. To this day this is THE BEST WWII combat simulation game. It is still WAY better than Company of Heroes 1+2, or anything called 'Man of War' or anything developed in Russia. What is sad is that the game finally lacked a big fan base and so resources were never employed to upscale the maps. enhance the graphics or build a larger, longer campaign. This game is a war game done RIGHT. There is real line of sight.
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User Review

juricasaravanja, Metacritic
30 October 2013
  • Summary: This game I played for days, months even for a hole year (1997-1998). It is an amazing game. Before it came out in Croatia, I got the demo and I played it over and over again. Waiting for the postman to bring it to me. How I was happy on that day. It is a masterpiece. No doubt about it. Never before I got a such a trill of commanding over a platoon of a company. Every soldier has unique ability which is change itself depends on the result of the battle. Bravo.
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User Review

m0skit0, Metacritic
27 September 2013
  • Summary: Most realistic tactical-level war real-time simulation by far, Close Combat is one of those underrated gems that few people know. "CC5 Invasion: Normandy" is probably one the best games in the series, which was remade in 2012 with an extended campaign as "CC: The Longest Day". This game challenges you as a commander of troops with realistic behavior, and emphasizes stealth, ambushes and unit pairing over "win by numbers" usually seen in other games.
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User Review

Orctownorc, Metacritic
24 August 2013
  • Summary: Close Combat 5 (with its mods) remains the BEST single WWII game yet made. In many ways it still needs a lot of work to be brought fully into the 21st century. Also I would like to see the developer go mad and extend the campaign to a HUGE size so that lunatics could play tactical resolutions for an entire FRONT. But even in the pretty humble form of this game, it's great to see the CC spirit alive and well. It's sad to see people calling this game a "dinosaur".
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Overall 8

One of my all time favorites

Jack, Amazon
3 July 2013
  • Summary: This game is great for WWII fans - I've found myself playing it irregularly for over 12 years! You don't often see this kind of ROI with a game that cost me $40. There was once a very active mod community for this too. For free, you can still find mods that add in all of the beaches (Omaha is the best), as well as mods that make it an entirely different game (i.e. WWI).
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User Review

caesarsecundus, Metacritic
10 May 2013
  • Summary: One of the greatest combat strategy games ever created, CC: A Bridge too Far, is as epic as the war off of which it is based. Centered on the forgotten, ill-for-tuned airborne invasion of the Netherlands known as "Operation Market Garden" you take control of the gallant men of the British 82nd airborne and the American 1st airborne divisions at the squad level, ordering small gangs of soldiers to shoot, hide and capture victory areas.You must race to seize a series of...
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User Review

nickjack, Metacritic
15 April 2013
  • Summary: We've read this book before! Panthers in the Fog just misses the mark, but I wasn't expecting much when I purchased it. With this new addition to the series don't be surprised, it's one of its prequels wrapped in nice packaging and a much higher price tag. Don't bother with this tactical dinosaur, as it's nothing new. All attempts to shake it up abit with this release completely fall short of the mark. What a waste of time.
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User Review

AaronOlstead, Metacritic
11 April 2013
  • Summary: Not sure where they were going with this game, but ok. It misses the mark in many aspects and lacks any sort of improvement, worth mentioning here, over its predecessors. Don't even bother. With outdated graphics and artwork, the lack dynamic control or gameplay, and with little replayability, Pathers in the Fog is just another Close Combat game resold at a higher price. Cheers.
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