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Civilization IV: Colonization

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Overall 4

CAUTION I haven't been able to play this game

Lo, Amazon
16 April 2013
  • Summary: So I'm giving this game a 2 out of 5 not because it's a bad game (I can't tell you that) but because it has a few bugs that make it hard (or in my case impossible) to install and play it. I'm sure this game is great like all the others in the lego franchise, and there's nothing physically wrong with the product BUT after I successfully installed the game it refuses to open because of a conflict. I contacted customer support for the game itself and they're no help at all!
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Overall 10

Lego Indiana Jones

20 February 2013
  • Summary: Love it for my kids, can't get them off of it from morning to night. Very good game all what I expected in the game and more! Thanks for a great game as in description and to lego/lucas arts for this game! Great price for a Great Game! Thanks again!
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Overall 10

An absolute classic

studly1_u..., Ciao
20 February 2007
  • Excerpt: "This game was one of the first I played on the PC. At the time when this came out I didnt own a PC and spent days round at my neighbours house "borrowing" his PC so I could play the game. A very simple game but highly addictive. A game you will want to spend hours on and when your not on it you will be thinking about it! The graphics are not the games strong point, but to say this game is about 10 years old what do you expect. At the time of ...
  • Pros: Totally Addictive
  • Cons: getting on a bit now
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Overall 8

Another Sid Meier Classic

pumfster, Ciao
6 March 2003
  • Excerpt: "Colonization is another game written by the undisputed king of the turn based strategy game genre. Following the same sort of line as the Civilisation series, Sid Meier takes us on a historical trip to the year 1492, and the colonization of the America's. Being an old game now, the system requirements of this game are very low. In fact this should run quite smoothly on anything over 100MHz. 16MB RAM is also plenty, and hard drive space required ...
  • Pros: Good playability, Historical details
  • Cons: Very dated graphics
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Overall 10

Independence Day

fairydust, Ciao
25 March 2001
  • Excerpt: "...is also responsible for the Civilization and Railroad Tycoon ranges. Before i start with this review, i should probably say now that this will contain no technical computer lingo-i will freely admit that i am a stereotypical female who doesnt understand all the technical 'requirements' etc for a game, but these will all be displayed on the box when you buy it, so i neednt comment really.....(feeble excuse i know). What i hope to give in this opinion ...
  • Pros: Each new game has a slightly different scenario
  • Cons: i have trouble winning (but i think thats just me - my dad has more success ! )
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Overall 10

Old but Superb

anotherwi..., Ciao
23 December 2000
  • Excerpt: "The first thing you notice about this game is it's low level of graphics and sound. It's true: they are very clunky and poor. But then again, the game fits on a floppy or two - which is very different to the games of today! Underneath the very dated exterior there is an absolutely monsterously addictive game beneath. It's such fun: the colours are bright and the history is quite accurate (if a little hard to the British). In fact, I found the game ...
  • Pros: great fun, good historical concept
  • Cons: very dated graphics .  .  .  but not a fatal problem !
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Overall 10

Zoom in on Civ

booknet, Ciao
15 November 2000
  • Excerpt: "I picked up Colonization fairly cheaply in a two pack with Civilisation, and I must say it was more than worth the price I paid. Think about when you are playing Civ, and click on a city, you see a little map in one corner. You can click on the map to move the production areas - instead of working on the water and producing food, you can work the mountains and mine ore. Do you know what I am talking about? Well, Colonization is effectively playing ...
  • Pros: Fun, addictive
  • Cons: Poor graphics and sound, but good for it's time .
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Overall 6


recieve3a..., Ciao
5 November 2000
  • Excerpt: "Basically, Colonization is a game of (surprise) colonization and revolution. You are the leader of the colonial presence of one of four European powers, the English, French, German, or the Dutch. Your goal is to create colonies that prosper, and evenutally, to declare independence from your parent nation, and survive (and win) the onslaught that ensues. Three different world options appear after the playing language is selected. These are: Start ...
  • Pros: Addictive and playable
  • Cons: Ageing a bit now
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Overall 8


Grix_Thra..., Ciao
21 September 2000
  • Excerpt: "...is that Colonization is not Civilization 2. However, it does share a great deal with the previous game, and fans of that will find Colonization very simple to get into. If you loved Civ, then you might as well go and get this now - you won't regret it. If, however, you've never played it, then read on (but go and get a copy of Civilization anyway - it's brilliant). Colonization is about the discovery, settlement and eventual independence of the Americas. ...
  • Pros: Play it !
  • Cons: But play Civ 2 first !
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Overall 10


dennissh, Ciao
11 August 2000
  • Excerpt: "...levels. Thus, Colonization prolongs traditions Civilization and on a level of an intention is excreted in a number of games of a similar direction. And nevertheless, succumbs much from them in dynamics. If the implementators have increased a volume of the game, have improved to the schedule, have added visual effects and animation, the game became considerably attractive. The sound effects are designed maximum - cart go on roads, the natives cry how ...
  • Pros: Music
  • Cons: Graphics
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