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Carnivores Ice Age

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Overall 3

Only if you love hunting (and all the related activities), else keep away from it.

C3R14L.K1L4, MobyGames
5 October 2010
  • Conclusion: I approached this game expecting a FPS for hunting virtual animals, but be warned: forget the "FPS". It's a hunting game, played in first person. The only shooting is the one done by you while trying to hit the creatures, who's behavior is very unrealistic... This patiently "hunting" thing doesn't appeal to me much, and very likely to most people out there.
  • Pros: Two good things in this game:
  • Cons: OK, lots of bad things in this game:
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Overall 7

Good hunting game.

20 March 2007
  • Conclusion: This game is "good." It isn't much different than Carnivores 2, which I thought was better. If you want the best out of this game, then download the patch, otherwise you're missing out on stuff like blood and glare from the sun. I would give it a 3/5.
  • Pros: The graphics are a lot better than the other ones. The animals themselves are cool, my fav being the carnivorous bird. I like how they used the red deer call for the giant deer. I like it second.
  • Cons: Even though the graphics are better than the other ones, they're still pretty poor compared to today's games. The animals also have many flaws. They don't attack each other (although they didn't in the other ones). Also the brontotherium, archeopteryx, and diatryma (meat-eating bird) didn't live during the ice age. I also had to download a patch to give it some of the features it was missing on the xp. It also says that the giant deer and bronotherium are harmless, wh...
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More of the same, with a little less

13 February 2001
  • Conclusion: Ice Age is a hunting sim. It is not a 3D shooter, nor an "action game." If you don't have the patience for hunting, then you won't like this game. If you do have the patience, and especially if you're already a hunter in real-life, you owe it to yourself to check this one out (or its predecessor, Carnivores 2). Just be careful. This ain't no turkey shoot!
  • Pros: As in Carnivores 2, the quality of the artwork and animation in Ice Age is topnotch. The 3D engine still renders both beautiful and convincing scenes, although it is in some ways beginning to show its age (the horizon depth being one such case). The controls are picture-perfect, though, and the design in general exhibits the same sort of simple brilliance that tends to characterize the best games.
  • Cons: The sound is less than stellar. It's still good, mind you, but less good than in the previous iteration of the series. The "monsters" are also less frightening this time around, but that is largely due to the fact, I think, that most mammals are inherently less frightening to human beings than enormous lizards with teeth are.
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User Review

Tiscali Games
23 March 2009
  • Summary: Autor: Xentar Publikováno: 31.ledna 2001 • Zapomenutá planeta mamutů Doba ledová je zlá, to už poznali Štorchovi Lovci mamutů. Možná si pamatujete na popis jejich honu na zubry, kteří zapadali do bláta a vzali s sebou i Kopčemovu matku. Možná si i pamatujete, jak kopali jámy, do nichž zapadali mamuti. Vzpomínáte si? Pokud ano, je to zbytečné. V této hře vám podobné znalosti budou úplně na nic. Přece jen, dnes už na Zemi nežijí ani dinosauři, ani mamuti.
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