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Blood of the Werewolf

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Reviews and Problems with Blood of the Werewolf

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Review: Blood of the Werewolf (PC)

Diehard GameFAN
11 December 2013
  • Summary: As a whole, Blood of the Werewolf is a surprisingly good platformer that has easily become one of my favorite games. It’s a challenging game that is sure to frustrate you at times, but not enough to demoralize you from playing further. In fact, there is an huge feeling of accomplishment when you do finally beat it. There’s also plenty to explore and discover in terms of item collecting.
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Overall 8

Blood of the Werewolf Review (PC)

8 December 2013
  • Excerpt: The story is not very original, as it takes after many other games and Hollywood scripts, and yet it seems to really captivate, making you blend with the main hero. Meet Selena, mother of Nikolai, the last in a line of pure werewolves. Selena and her husband travel to America to escape the persecutions in Europe that have been targeting their kind for centuries, almost leading to extinction.
  • Pros: Beautiful graphics, Gothic music, Various levels and enemies, Complex story, Online score table
  • Cons: Dying too much can get frustrating, A few visual glitches, No save synchronization through Steam
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Overall 7

Blood of the Werewolf Review: Half growl, half whimper

27 November 2013
  • Excerpt: I had a weird relationship with Blood of the Werewolf . The game got off to quite the entertaining start, and I genuinely had a good time with it ... for about three hours. That first half of the game was pretty good, but a lack of evolution made the last three hours a much more tedious and dull affair. Consistency isn't always problematic for a game, but in the case of Blood of the Werewolf , it most certainly was.
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Blood of the Werewolf Review

14 November 2013
  • Excerpt: There's a rule of thumb in the wild: never separate a mother from her young, for the consequences could be dire. Blood of the Werewolf tells a story influenced by classic Hollywood monster flicks, depicting a mother's journey to recover her son--a journey paved with blood, despair, and a few nagging issues. This is a challenging 2D action platformer that shoots for the moon, and only barely makes it. Blood of the Werewolf has murder on the brain.
  • Pros: Solid platforming when using a controller, Good use of classic Hollywood monster movie history, The mix of human and werewolf forms puts a fresh spin on the genre, Attractive environments and character models
  • Cons: Some brief moments where platforming or dodging attacks becomes unreliable, Bittersweet ending leaves a lot to be desired
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Overall 8

Blood of the Werewolf

Strategy Informer
11 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Blood of the Werewolf is a game that does almost exactly what it says on the box (though obviously being a digital release, the box is in this case metaphorical). It's an old school platformer, in a macabre horror world populated with tricks, traps and freakish foes. The difficulty of the game veers between perfectly pitched and pretty damn frustrating, marring the experience somewhat for those of us lacking the heightened reflexes of a supernatural monstrosity.
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Overall 7

Blood of the Werewolf Review | Bite The (Silver) Bullet

9 December 2013
  • Conclusion: The Short Version: Blood of the Werewolf is a solid horror platformer, with a high difficulty level and a werewolf dynamic that adds variety to the levels on offer. Hidden extras and a well-executed narrative theme add to the enjoyable experience. If you can look past some of the design niggles, and are up for a challenge, you will find a game that harks back to the hard-as-nails platformers of yesteryear, and provides good value for money.
  • Pros: Tight controls, Good level design – specific to both human and wolf form, Horror touches, Difficulty level provides a real sense of achievement...
  • Cons: ... but it can frustrate when it feels cheap and down to poor design, Simple boss fights
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Overall 7

Game Review: Blood Of The Werewolf [PC]

4 December 2013
  • Excerpt: These days, classic games like Metroid, Flashback, Contra and the like are highly praised for having some really challenging mechanics, that were easy to learn but hard to master. In fact, challenge is always associated with classic games and rightly so. Now, the game Blood of The Werewolf has just beenreleased, and praises itself for having gameplay that classic gaming fans will enjoy, and love to master.
  • Pros: + Beautiful Artistic Design + Eye catching Boss Designs
  • Cons: - Loose Controls, Especially On The Keyboard - Shallow Werewolf Sections - More Frustrating Then Challenging - Limited Animations - Uninspired Music
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Overall 5

Blood of The Werewolf PC Review

20 November 2013
  • Excerpt: I am fascinated by the tug of war between the simple pleasures of arcade experiences where depth is hidden within a small, closed circle of gameplay systems, and the sheer abundance of a sprawling, multi-layered machinery. Super Mario Bros . vs Elder Scrolls – games that trade in widely different characteristics, but that somehow both give off their own irrefutable sense of substance. Blood of The Werewolf proposes the former.
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Overall 8

Beauty is the Beast–Blood of the Werewolf

28 October 2013
  • Summary: An impeccably crafted panegyric to the platformers we all grew up with, Blood of the Werewolf is hampered by imprecise controls and a dedication to difficulty that, perhaps, goes one step further than it should.
  • Pros: Developers obviously knew how to make an interesting platformer, Each new element is carefully introduced to the player, Interesting main characters and setting
  • Cons: Probably a shade more difficult than is really satisfying, Imprecise controls make it even harder than devs probably intended, Sequel-bait ending is infuriating after the hell you go through to see it.
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Overall 1

Blood of the Werewolf: Análisis para PC

21 November 2014
  • Excerpt: Blood of the Werewolf es la prueba de que los clásicos arcade han renacido. Quien lo iba a pensar hace unos años, cuando la tendencia era (y es, al menos en las grandes marcas) una creciente casualización y comercialización del mundillo. Sin embargo, la irrupción de la escena independiente , si bien no ha cambiado las cosas en la zona más mainstream del mercado, al menos ha ofrecido una interesante alternativa a todos aquellos hastiados por el devenir de la industria y...
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