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Binary Domain
8.6 out of 10

Binary Domain

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Reviews and Problems with Binary Domain

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Overall 5

Binary Domain review

PCGamer Online
11 August 2012
  • Conclusion: The robots blow up good, but otherwise this ho-hum shooter fumbles its few ideas and is a shonky port to boot.
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Overall 8

Binary Domain PC [Review] – Robot rock

4 May 2012

Binary Domain

Hooked Gamers
3 May 2012
  • Conclusion: Despite the issues surrounding the unintuitive ported controls, Binary Domain is fun to play, especially after becoming familiar with the control scheme and how to best use the voice commands with your squad members. Watching as headless robots pinpoint their closest ally is hilarious, as are the robots that continue to crawl toward you after their legs have been blown off.
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Overall 7

Binary Domain Review (PC)

30 April 2012
  • Conclusion: Binary Domain is a mixed experience. On one hand, it delivers a decent third-person shooter experience, an intriguing Consequence System, and a pretty great story, if you pay attention to it. On the other hand, the game doesn’t really bring that many impressive things to the table in order to distinguish it from other third-person shooters and its multiplayer modes are forgettable.
  • Pros: +Intriguing story, +Interesting Consequence System, +Decent shooting mechanics
  • Cons: -Lackluster multiplayer, -Stereotypical dialog, -Clumsy squad mate AI
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Binary Domain (PS3)

6 April 2012
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Overall 7

Neo-Tokyo Robot Blaster

Game Debate
30 March 2012
  • Excerpt: Binary Domain is a pretty solid game with a couple of interesting concepts. Firstly, you control an AI squad from a 3rd person perspective (classic cover based action) via your own headset and microphone, think Tom Clancys End War . Secondly, there is a “consequence” system, which has your squad members holding an opinion on you that changes based on your actions throughout the game. Me?
  • Pros: Satisfying damage system, Great environments, Good boss fights
  • Cons: Simple AI, Quick Time Events
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Overall 8

Binary Domain Review

18 March 2012
  • Conclusion: An unremarkable multiplayer game should not detract from the whole Binary Domain package though. This is a sci-fi shooter which works hard to win you over - sometimes hitting the mark, sometimes way off target - but the end result is a fast-paced, innovative bit of third-person gunplay that shines with its very own unique charms. Binary Domain won't be winning any awards as such, but it definitely crept into my heart like a legless killer robot.
  • Pros: Robot adversaries are believable and brilliantly executed., Absorbing, if somewhat predictable storyline., Excellent pacing and level structure.
  • Cons: Voice control gimmick should have been cut or reworked completely., Multiplayer is not worth bothering with.
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Overall 7

Binary Domain PC Review

5 March 2012
Overall 8

Binary Domain Review

29 February 2012
  • Conclusion: While the pretty much stock standard multiplayer (CTP, KoTH, TDM etc) and survival/horde modes handle quite well with class options mirroring the talents of your in-game cohorts the omission of co-operative campaign play is a huge oversight. I get that it was all about molding your team into a high-morale kickarse unit and focusing on “oo-rah America” lead Dan Marshall, but even slotting in one other player could have raised Binary Domain several notches up the points...
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Roboter zerlegen leicht gemacht

9 March 2015
  • Excerpt: Am 24. Februar 2012 erschien das futuristische Action-Spektakel Binary Domain bereits für die Konsolen und feiert nach nun zwei Monaten seine Veröffentlichung auf dem PC. Über Steam könnt ihr euch ab sofort den Titel herunterladen. In diesem Test klären wir euch über die Macken und Fehler in der Portierung sowie die guten und spannenden Seiten des Third-Person-Shooters auf.
  • Pros: spannende Geschichte mit Überraschungen, überzeichnete und lustige Charaktere, actionreiche Ballerpassagen, bombastische Bosskämpfe, solide KI, abwechslungsreiche Umgebung, erstklassige englische Synchronsprecher, detaillierte Charaktermodelle, kurzzeitig unterhaltsamer Mehrspielermodus
  • Cons: teils sehr lange Zwischensequenzen, Charakterauswahl ohne viel Tiefgang, Sprachsteuerung funktioniert kaum, Vertrauens- und Befehlssystem sind völlig sinnlos, kleines Waffenarsenal, schlechte Steuerung durch Portierung, langweilige Waffen- und Charakter-Upgrade-Funktion, komisch wirkende Animationen, nicht zeitgemäße Sound-Effekte
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