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Beyond Divinity
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Beyond Divinity

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Overall 3

User Review

Voyou, Metacritic
15 January 2016
  • Summary: The good news is, the sprites are large and the rats are neutral. That's right, finally an RPG in which rats do not attack you. And that's all the good I have to say. Beyond Divinity is actually very, very annoying to play.
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See beyond the flaws

Cor 13, MobyGames
26 June 2013
  • Conclusion: Sequels that remove or reduce key features of their predecessors are doomed to be trashed by fans for all eternity. But once the initial shock caused by low production values and dubious design decisions is gone, a dedicated follower of the role-playing cult will most certainly find a lot to love in...
  • Pros: Beyond Divinity
  • Cons: Beyond Divinity
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Overall 8


knotenuph, Amazon
23 February 2013
  • Summary: I have not played yet still on the first one. Looking forward to playing. It looks like it will be difficult to play.
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Overall 6

What's in the box

Damon J. Casale, Amazon
9 January 2012
  • Summary: Just FYI, folks, the top-listed review for this game mentions that Divine Divinity comes with the game. For the latest edition of the game (I bought my copy in January of 2012), you only get Beyond Divinity. Just in case you were looking to get a bargain and get two games for cheap. :)
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Overall 10

User Review

zupergozer, Metacritic
29 October 2011
  • Summary: the game had an interesting plot, a bunch of interesting characters, reasonable gameplay and it was pretty long too. defiantly recommended but if you want to enjoy the game you have to realize the truth.. you will never escape the demonic world where the game takes place
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Overall 4

Inventory bug ruins the game.

M. Montplaisir, Amazon
11 January 2011
  • Summary: The inventory bug is unresolved, especially for Windows 7. Makes the game unplayable past the 2nd level. Game is enjoyable except can't use inventory system. Weak programming. Tried all the tips and fixes from the internet sites for BD - no help. Good luck with this one - if you dare.
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Overall 2


Manda, Amazon
12 August 2010
  • Summary: Listen to these other good people. I was so excited to get this (should have known, it was 8 dollars), but if you're looking for a 2nd installment of the 1st Divine Divinity, LOOK ELSEWEHERE. This game is horrible.
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Overall 4

Beyond mediocrity.

PCGamer77, MobyGames
10 February 2010
  • Conclusion: Remember Ultima VII, Diablo, and Baldur’s Gate? Beyond Divinity does too—but it’s not nearly as good as any of those classics. It may hit your sweet spot if you are an RPG veteran, but proceed with caution. Download and play the whole demo before buying.
  • Pros: Say this for the developers of Beyond Divinity (BD): They sure haven’t forgotten the classics. BD is a veritable trip down memory lane for anybody who played RPGs between 1990 and 2000. There are many elements here from a number of notable titles in the genre.
  • Cons: The graphics in Beyond Divinity are a mixed bag at best. The 2D backgrounds are fairly good, but the 3D character models are rough and look very out of place here. Character movement is especially jarring, producing a weird kind of “ice skating” effect that is very unnatural-looking.
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Overall 8

Very fun, more straight foward than original

The Danz "The Danz", Amazon
5 February 2010
  • Summary: Had a lot of fun with this one. It is more straight foward and bound then the first. Unlike Divine and BG it is not free flowing open world.
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Overall 10


Sharman, Amazon
25 April 2009
  • Summary: I got so friggin' excited when I found out there was another Divinity after the first. This is my kind of game. I'm a Fantasy RPG nut and this satiated my craving quite well. Yes, the graphics aren't quite up to date, but that actually is better for me because the game runs much faster on my slow...
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