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Beyond Divinity

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Overall 9

See beyond the flaws

אולג 小奥, MobyGames
26 June 2013
  • Conclusion: Sequels that remove or reduce key features of their predecessors are doomed to be trashed by fans for all eternity. But once the initial shock caused by low production values and dubious design decisions is gone, a dedicated follower of the role-playing cult will most certainly find a lot to love in this game. Addictive and deep role-playing isn't exactly common, and this game offers it in spades.
  • Pros: Beyond Divinity
  • Cons: Beyond Divinity
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User Review

zupergozer, Metacritic
29 October 2011
  • Summary: the game had an interesting plot, a bunch of interesting characters, reasonable gameplay and it was pretty long too. defiantly recommended but if you want to enjoy the game you have to realize the truth..
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Overall 4

Beyond mediocrity.

PCGamer77, MobyGames
10 February 2010
  • Conclusion: Remember Ultima VII, Diablo, and Baldur’s Gate? Beyond Divinity does too—but it’s not nearly as good as any of those classics. It may hit your sweet spot if you are an RPG veteran, but proceed with caution. Download and play the whole demo before buying.
  • Pros: Say this for the developers of Beyond Divinity (BD): They sure haven’t forgotten the classics. BD is a veritable trip down memory lane for anybody who played RPGs between 1990 and 2000. There are many elements here from a number of notable titles in the genre.
  • Cons: The graphics in Beyond Divinity are a mixed bag at best. The 2D backgrounds are fairly good, but the 3D character models are rough and look very out of place here. Character movement is especially jarring, producing a weird kind of “ice skating” effect that is very unnatural-looking.
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Beyond Divinity review

21 September 2004
  • Summary: Hey wlievens, I betatested it too. Maybe we were there on the same day together? I remember that the person who was there too got picked up by his girlfriend, which was from the same town as me (Otegem).
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Overall 6

Unique but often boring and unpolished

bayou_hannibal "bayou_hannibal", Amazon
7 July 2004
  • Summary: I like Larian studios because they are a small-time studio that gets no PR, so it's not real easy to write this mediocre review for this game. I loved Divine Divinity and I gave it five stars. I wanted to love Beyond Divinity too, but I'm disappointed. The game is still solid and it can tide you over for a long time, but the game never really pulls you in and captivates you.
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Overall 8

Good RPG game, nice engine, unfortunately a few flaws.

Rocco, Amazon
25 June 2004
  • Summary: Beyond Divinity (BD) is the sequel of recent great RPG "Divine Divinity." As much as the newest game in the series has a much better title (must say that Divine Divinity is a bit to rethoric), the gameplay doesn't really get better. Let's examine che characteristics of this game: Story: 9 out of 10. Great main story going on. You command both a hero and an anti-hero: a Paladin and an Avenger (unholy Paladin). Their fates are tied together, so if one dies, both die.
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Overall 8

Good, but not as good as the first one..

Joshua Mayfield "Josh Mayfield", Amazon
21 June 2004
  • Summary: If you have been playing Divine Divnity, I'd suggest that you skip this one unless you have nothing to do. However, if you had not played Divine Divinity, this game will come across as interesting (but at times, frustrating due some challenges involved :P). It basically follows the concept that made Divine Divinity popular: good, clever quests, a good and somewhat non-linear plot (although Divine Divinity was better in this aspect), and some challenging mobs (Gamespot...
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Overall 2

Boy, that WAS fun!

Rocco, Amazon
17 June 2004
  • Summary: Well, I finally took the plunge and purchased Beyond Divinity at its outrageous $50 DSRP price tag, and fortunately, I was able to return the game to the store and receive a full refund. The store owner commented that all of his customers that purchased Beyond Divinity were returning their purchases as well. Why? Starforce Purchase Prevention! Larian's ingenious solution to the problem of legitimate customers.
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Overall 10

Warning - does NOT include Divine Divinity

Joshua Mayfield "Josh Mayfield", Amazon
15 June 2004
  • Summary: If you're like me and are planning to play both Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity in order, you may have heard that Beyond Divinity actually includes the original Divine Divinity as a bonus. While this is true, it's only in specially marked boxes and not all merchants sell them. I ordered Beyond Divinity from Amazon, assuming that it was guaranteed to include Divine Divinity, but my box didn't have it.
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Overall 4

could've been better

Regis McTubbins, Amazon
14 June 2004
  • Summary: This game's interface was really annoying. I hated having to keep both party members alive at all times. The voice acting could've been better. Reminded me too much of Diablo. The graphics were mediocre at best. You can't adjust the difficulty once you've started the game, and this game is HARD! If Taco Bell is still open go there instead of playing this game. This could've been a good game if they would've designed it better.
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