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Avadon: The Black Fortress

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Avadon: The Black Fortress Review

9 September 2011
  • Excerpt: Avadon: The Black Fortress is a fantasy epic that's as appealingly retro as the big red demon on the cover of the first edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide. Just like the developer's earlier efforts in the Avernum and Geneforge franchises, the game compensates for its archaic visuals and sound with an engaging focus on storytelling and turn-based party combat that recalls the glory days of the Gold Box games from the late '80s and early...
  • Pros: Atmospheric settings draw you into the plot, Involving text in both descriptions and dialogue, Lengthy, engaging quests that blend hack-and-slash with storytelling
  • Cons: Lackluster visuals and sound, Occasionally confusing map layouts in dungeons
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Avadon: The Black Fortress HD in Review – Definitely not about King Arthur

8 August 2011
  • Conclusion: With this I declare Avadon: The Black Fortress HD officially touched!
  • Pros: 4 classes with unique skill trees, Extensive inventory, Over 40 hours of gameplay, Detailed intriguing storyline
  • Cons: Considering the main audience of Apple’s iOS devices, it’s no wonder there is a noticeable lack of hardcore old-school RPGs. Some of the few titles coming to mind are, of course, the now Free, (, ) and the never-ending, with over a dozen expansions out already. But for some reason the iPad has stayed devoid of an optimized hardcore RPG experience ever since its release in Spring 2010. Until recently that is, when Spiderweb Software finally released, on the iPad, which...
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Overall 5
Value for money 5
Gameplay 6
Graphics 5
Sound 5
Funfactor 5

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD Review

ME Gamers
2 August 2011
  • Excerpt: First Impressions My reaction is I play games on my PC/Consoles as well as on my portables such as the iPhone/Android and iPad. Over the last few years, I’ve realized that my portable device works out much better for a quick fix while my desktop and console are for longer sessions. And that, primarily is the reason why Avadon HD, the RPG I am reviewing today, couldn’t manage to impress me. It’s a far more engaging game than I would like from my portable device.
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Overall 8
Value for money 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Addiction 8

An Independent RPG +1 vs. Boredom

25 July 2011
  • Excerpt: Here at Gameindustry.com, we've been putting an increasing emphasis on independent game studios and their products. In fact, part of that effort lead us to create the weekly Saturday Time Waster reviews, even though that has since expanded to include non-independent titles. My point is that for the most part, independent game studios mostly create small quickly-played titles, you know time wasters, that may very well be fun to play, but aren't really overly complex.
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Avadon: The Black Fortress

Hooked Gamers
24 July 2011
  • Conclusion: While its linearity might seem to detract in today’s games, the fact that almost every choice you make has real and present changes on the world around you is extremely important. Unlike the Mass Effects and Dragon Ages, decisions made today will affect the world today as well as tomorrow. Each action will carry ripples of its effects throughout the world, and that adds so much flavour and freshness that it is easy to overlook said linearity.
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Review: Avadon: The Black Fortress (PC)

Diehard GameFAN
18 July 2011
  • Summary: Avadon is like going over to your friends house to play some games with some friends and him pulling out the AD&D Red Box (the first one, not the 4th Edition release) for some good old fashioned dungeon crawling. While it’s not a graphical powerhouse and looks a bit dated, it delivers a feeling of nostalgia while coming off as something you haven’t played before. It’s priced right and runs smoothly on pretty much any PC out there let alone an aging gaming rig.
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Overall 8
Graphics 4
Sound 2
Storyline 8
Originality 8

What is the Price of Peace?

8 July 2011
  • Excerpt: Avadon: The Black Fortress is the latest title from venerable indie developer Spiderweb Software. Rooted squarely in classic PC RPG gameplay, Avadon manages to stick to its roots while still feeling like a very modern RPG, blessed with many of the features that BioWare games brought to RPGs over the years.
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Overall 8

(PC Review) Avadon: The Black Fortress

The Entertainment Depot
6 July 2011
  • Summary: Avadon: The Black Fortress isn’t a great game, but it’s definitely a good one. It flings you forward into a new fantasy realm rife with political intrigue that feels unlike most others on offer, and gives you the opportunity to carve your own choices out of this somewhat non-linear role-playing experience.
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Overall 8

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD iPad Review

Slide to Play
5 July 2011
  • Conclusion: If you can get over the dated presentation, you'll find an old-school, PC-style RPG with loads of class and sharp writing.
  • Pros: Not much like it in the App Store; excellent story and well-written dialogue with several choices to make; active approach to turn-based battles
  • Cons: Simplistic visuals; no in-game music; high asking price; not designed for the casual player
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Avadon: The Black Fortress HD Review for iPad

23 June 2011
  • Excerpt: RPG fans should rejoice now that Spiderweb Software has, for the first time, ported one of their desktop games to the iPad. Avadon: The Black Fortress HD presents a rich, sprawling world to explore—one filled with monsters, dungeons, magic, and both good and evil. You can play as one of four character classes, and even accept additional characters into your group. Are you ready to embark upon your first quest?
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