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Asheron's Call

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User Review

tmims44, Metacritic
6 July 2014
  • Summary: Best MMORPG of all time. Outdated by today's standard (2014) but still fun. complete customization of character, no set classes or skills and full freedom to explore an extremely large world (500square km) with thousands of quests and a very deep storyline make this a bedrock of MMORPG gameplay. Don't believe the haters.
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User Review

raidx, Metacritic
12 November 2013
  • Summary: In 14 years, I'm yet to find a better PVP game than AC. Unlike most MMOs today, which force you into a handful of predefined factions, you log into AC as your own man and it's up to you to join a player created guild from where you will draw support, but also contribute to its success. Towns offer certain strategic advantages that make them more desirable than others.
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User Review

malkiar79, Metacritic
24 April 2013
  • Summary: While browsing RPG titles I spotted Asherons Call and had to create an account just to write how fondly I remember this wonderful game. Asherons Call was and I think still is the best RPG game ever made. The entire game was a free roaming world of exploration. Sure at level 1 rabbits could kill you, but with enough cunning and care you could actually traverse the forests between towns by tip toeing around the edges of banderling camps!
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User Review

splewk, Metacritic
14 October 2012
  • Summary: This game still has it, even in 2012. If you can get by the fact that it is a retro MMO (not as massive as it once was, but has a closer community), then you might end up falling in love with AC and dereth. Some of it's additions are a bit forced, but it has monthly (sometimes more) updates and content. Bottom line it is still great fun.
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User Review

neowiz73, Metacritic
6 June 2012
  • Summary: One of the greatest MMOs of all time. It is the most unique and the most fun out of any MMO that has come out since. Graphics may not be all that great now but they were pretty great back when it first came out. There will never be another like it. It will always be a memory that I cherish. Even tried playing it again with a newer system and game wouldn't play at all. I've even thought of building an older computer just to play again.
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User Review

Hrodwulf, Metacritic
14 January 2012
  • Summary: One of the best MMOs I ever played. The world is immense. The lore amazing. People have to actually think about their stats. There is no "level range" on most items or spells. You are not corralled through quests and levels. It is very sandbox. Basically you log in, and you can go anywhere and do anything, and you are limited only by your skill as a player. The level cap is crazy high, so you don't hit that ceiling and then quit very easily.
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Overall 10


thierfeu, Ciao
27 December 2002
  • Summary: Salut a tous ! En guise de preambule, je precise que ce test a été rédigé pour des personnes connaissant un peu l'esprit des jeux de role multijoueurs (MMORPG) et je fais quelques comparaisons avec dark age of camelot(daoc) auquel j'ai joué presque un an mini lexique : xp = experience, points acquis lvl= niveau il y en a 50 drop = objet donné par les creatures mortes, qu'on depouille mob = monstres aggro = agressivité le monstre vous en veut a vous et rien qu a vous link...
  • Pros: beau, grand, prenant, bon esprit, les quetes
  • Cons: machine de course obligatoire, les combats bof
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Overall 10

dafür ist ein Patron schließlich da..

AnneBerlin, Ciao
30 August 2002
  • Summary: typisch, mal wieder, in Asherons Call: ich schicke eine Nachricht an meinen Patron: bin gestorben, kannst du mir helfen? Typisch auch seine Antwort: lass mich eben noch diesen Golem umbringen.. bin gleich da - wo bist du? Ja, zu meinem Patron habe ich eine Extra- Verbindung, er ist für mich da, um mir zu helfen, wenn ich Hilfe brauche, und wenn er mal nicht da ist, schau ich auf die Liste meiner Freunde, wer sonst so online ist und mir helfen könnte, meine Leiche zu...
  • Pros: nie endender abwechslungsreicher Spielspaß mit vielen Freunden online
  • Cons: monatliche Zahlung, man braucht eine Kreditkarte
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Overall 10

le best of des jeux video pour les pc

Philippe Dupraz, Amazon
14 July 2002
Overall 8

Si vous cherchez un MMORPG...

Seoman, Ciao
11 October 2001
  • Summary: ...Choisissez celui-là si vous ne pouvez attendre Dark Age of Camelot. J'ai commencé ce style de jeu par Everquest que j'aimais beaucoup, mais une fois celui ci entre mes mains, je n'ai pas pu arrêter. Tout d'abord, la création de personnage laisse toute lattitude pour donner les caractéristique et compétences souhaittées. Fini le carcan des classe où le guerrier tape et où le magicien arrose de boule de feu de derriere.
  • Pros: Simple, facile pour les débutant (pour un MMORPG)
  • Cons: Date un peu, graphisme moyens
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