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Art Mogul

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Reviews and Problems with Art Mogul

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Overall 2

User review by sotong

sotong, Gamezebo
30 May 2014
  • Summary: Didn't like this game at all. So boring. The constant buying & selling, & the spot the difference puzzles were enough to bore me to death. It didn't even last 10 minutes & I had it uninstalled right away.
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Overall 8

User review by arielle221

arielle221, Gamezebo
13 June 2012
  • Summary: Despite the many similarities to the Chocolatier series (and there are many!), Art Mogul can stand on its own as it blends the puzzles and objectives of many other games into something unique. Hidden object proficiency is *really* important here rather than being a superficial game device to locate X number of nonessential items in a room or cubbyhole full to the brim with refuse.
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Overall 10

User review by v_ignatyev

v_ignatyev, Gamezebo
21 May 2012
  • Summary: Wow! It's amazing hidden object game with eye-candy graphics! Love it! Waiting for another great games from Funzai.
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Overall 10

User review by likalaruku

likalaruku, Gamezebo
3 October 2011
  • Summary: Something different from the usual HOG drivel shoveled out Bigfish, this game combines hidden objects with simulation & stimulates your memory function. You are a rookie art dealer. Your job is to: *Use the objects in Sell as a hint to which paintings each museum is looking for. *Buy genuine paintings from cafes & expose fakes. *Acquire museums & complete their collection themes. *Hunt down specific paintings for auction houses. *Win auctions.
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Overall 10

User review by Vald

Vald, Gamezebo
17 August 2011
  • Summary: If you like games like "Chocolatier" and "Winemaker Extraordinaire", then this is the game for you. I like this one even more than the other 2 I mentioned, because there is so much more to do. This game has lots to offer. You can buy and sell paintings at galleries or even at a cafe, where you can buy fake paintings and give them away for extra stars or spot 3 differences to see if it`s an original.
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Overall 4

User review by jkf

jkf, Gamezebo
11 August 2011
  • Summary: They took an innovative approach at developing the game but the selling and buying of the artwork part made it too much of a simulation/strategy type game and for me, I was looking for a relaxing HOG. This game was interesting for awhile, but after a few transactions, I knew it was going to be more of the same throughout the remainder so I stopped playing it. The overall graphics was not bad, but the detail in the art work could have been much better.
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Overall 4

User review by moonwitch

moonwitch, Gamezebo
5 August 2011
  • Summary: I think that Mona hit the nail on the head with this one. The game is just not enjoyable after about the first 10 minutes or so because of the repetition. I found it hard to see some of the details in the paintings despite having a crystal clear monitor. The freshness of merging simulation and HOG is great, but I would strongly advise potential buyers of this game to demo it first to avoid being disappointed.
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Overall 6

User review by Mona Soyun

Mona Soyun, Gamezebo
4 August 2011
  • Summary: Well, this game certainly has some fresh elements and I love watching all this great paintings, but to me there are too many drawbacks to make this a fully enjoyable experience. Even before the third city London opened I found the gameplay very repetitive. The only difference between the locations is the background, so every town plays exactly the same. The café is completely useless, you just don't make enough money to waste your time there.
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