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American Conquest

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Overall 2

SCAM don't buy

Josh, Amazon
16 December 2013
  • Summary: second version i've bought both have been messed p, you cant see anything. Save your money do not buy. completley worthless product.
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User Review

FB242, Metacritic
14 February 2013
  • Summary: This is my favorite game ever. It sums up my entire childhood in a perfect game. You can move units as a single person, or hire flagbearers and drummers, etc. and make them into a squad of (up to) 196 troops. With artillery, ships, cavalry, buildings, outposts, like 16 different races all with vastly different playstyles, the sense of scale can be enormous or very tiny depending on the size skirmishes you get yourself into, and the ease of precision is perfect.
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User Review

Wumlsag, Metacritic
10 February 2013
  • Summary: It's too bad this game is so obscure. I'd love to see another. Great strategy, thousands of troops at a time, realistic environments and fortification technques (but why aren't there walls? it really had potential there). I just wish the learning curve wasn't so steep and that the buildings had purpose in place of novelty as they sometimes do.
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Overall 2

Doesn't work

Frederick L. Chambers "Book of Days", Amazon
31 December 2012
  • Summary: Previous version worked great - this version a dog. Hangs up in every campaign. Could be my pc but or installation.
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User Review

Timberly, Metacritic
27 July 2012
  • Summary: I was so very glad to see this game rated so highly, though surprised as well, because the learning curve is as steep as any game I can remember picking up for a first play since probably Civ 2 I would say. This is NOT Starcraft 2, it is not designed to be so intuitive that you can enact battles with a couple of group selections and A-clicks to stomp your opponent.
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User Review

stiky2798, Metacritic
3 March 2012
  • Summary: One of the best RTS games out there. Once you get the hang of the gameplay, you'll be pwning everything in sight. A few things that are absolutely fricking amazing is the fact you can play while editing a scenario, and the fact you can have THOUSANDS of troops on the battlefield at one time. Battles between 2000 British and Americans, attempting to reenact a Revolutionary War battle? Yes please.
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User Review

Rodymetal, Metacritic
15 December 2011
  • Summary: Great game indeed, one of the best RTS available, the game let you to build anywhere you want recruit hundred of troops, for squads of 120 men each with different choices of formation and stances, graphics are beautiful and animations are detailed, very challenging indeed, sometimes it got tedious however.
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Overall 2

Won't play on Vista or Windows 7

Raphael Hythlodae, Amazon
18 December 2010
  • Summary: I loved this game when I used to play it on XP: the graphics were beautiful, the gameplay intuitive, the campaigns interesting. But I can't find any way to play it on Vista or Windows 7. The colors are all screwed up, rendering the game essentially unplayable.
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Overall 10

Amazing game

Griffin Bob, Amazon
26 October 2010
  • Summary: The game is amazing by all means. What other game can have 16,000 people charging across battle fields . The other day i led 8000 peasnts to their demise vs. only 500 british light infantry in a small town, i led 600 british soldiers into lexington and concord and we did not lose a single man.
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Overall 4


C. Reid "ckrvu", Amazon
31 August 2010
  • Summary: This game might have been good 15 years ago but it is far out of date now. The tiny little people rushing around are difficult to control and the game is just, well, primitive. Go for something more modern, such as Civilization.
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