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Alien Trilogy

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Overall 4

mediocre at best

Burning_Darkness, Dooyoo
9 October 2011
  • Excerpt: Alien Trilogy was one of the flagship games for the doomed Atari Jaguar console, and was later ported to the PC. By the standards of the Jaguar it's actually a reasonably decent game, but that speaks more about the dire paucity of decent titles on the Jaguar than anything else. When compared to older FPS games like Doom, or even the original Wolfenstein, it just doesn't hold up.
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Overall 2

Avoid like an amorous facehugger.

Hannard, Dooyoo
14 May 2011
  • Excerpt: Alien Trilogy is a 3D shoot-em-up that is loosely based on the three existing Alien films. Very loosely in fact. The rendered intro sets the scene for the game and bears some resemblance to the beginning of Aliens. Ripley, along with a crack troop of space marines heads into the colony on planet LV246, with the aim of finding out why communication with the colony has been lost. Of course, we know exactly why.. the Aliens.
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Overall 8

"stay frosty people"

lightsabr, Ciao
22 June 2007
  • Excerpt: This is an awesome game I originally came across it on the ps1 but got a conversion for pc. Game Synopsis you are Ellen Ripley and you have landed on the planet in aliens where all the workers were killed and the army were sent in. Your eventual aim to clear the base and eventually kill the egg laying queen. You have your intro when you start the game from the film aliens as they are landing and entering the base for the first time.
  • Pros: great playability
  • Cons: old game
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Overall 8

Face huggers and snapping dogs.

andycharg..., Ciao
3 July 2002
  • Excerpt: Best way to describe two of the nasty characters in this game. This game involves one thing and one thing only. Blowing away many beings from another planet. In 1980, a film generation was born. With the advent of the first Alien film, an entirely new genre of Sci Fi had evolved. Basically this film contained a few helpless space travellers being attacked by an invincible Alien being. This creature had acid for blood and lived a 2 cycle life.
  • Pros: Sound effects and game idea
  • Cons: Age of the product .  Looks dated
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Overall 8

Alien Trilogy Hot or Not?

CoZ, Ciao
11 July 2000
  • Excerpt: All right, you really like the Alien movies (except you didn't dig the last one nearly as much as the first two). You love first-person shooters like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. You walk into your local software store and spot Alien Trilogy, Acclaim's new first-person shooter based on the movies you love. It's like a dream come true, right? Right - if the dream were a nightmare. Actually, that's a little bit harsh.
  • Pros: Game environment is just like the film
  • Cons: Watching every single cut scene
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Overall 8

Is that all you got ?

jessie, Ciao
2 July 2000
  • Excerpt: Do you want to jump out of your skin and be scared to play with the lights out? If yes then this is the game for you. You are Ellen Ripley and your job is to destroy all aliens with some of the best weapons around. The sound effects to this are great Ripley’s heavy breathing as you turn each corner is scary enough in itself then out of nowhere a face hugger appears and that’s exactly what is does.
  • Pros: Scary
  • Cons: Quite a tough game
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Overall 8

Die Alien Scum!!!

Kiesmith1..., Ciao
18 June 2000
  • Excerpt: You're Ripley...and you're facing over 30 levels of hell! They've lost contact with the colonists on LV426. The Company sent you there to find out what happened. You hope that there is just some communications problem... but deep down, you know... they're back! This is the most fear-inducing, adrenaline-pumping, alien-killing game ever!
  • Pros: Not one of the best 1st person Shooters u can get
  • Cons: Bad graphics
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Overall 10

Alien Trilogy

vesponethebest, Ciao
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: Alien Trilogy è un celebre videogioco per pc, del genere sparatutto in prima persona che è uscito nel 1996, ma nel nostro paese ha visto la luce soltanto nel 1998. Io ebbi modo di provarlo soltanto nella seconda parte di quell'anno, visto che un amico riu ...
  • Pros: bel gioco
  • Cons: datato
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Overall 2

Kul försök att sätta stämningen från Aliens filmen

svanmagnus, Ciao
29 January 2012
  • Excerpt: FPS (första-person skjuta)-spel från 1996 till dos Spelidé Någon gång velat vara på planeten från Aliens, nu har du chansen i detta ganska gamla FPS spel där du får spela en marinsoldat som måste slåss mot alla Aliens i mörka korridorer. Spelet är ett ganska vanligt FPS spel med lite känsla från just Aliens filmen.
  • Pros: Man gjorde ett försök att få känslan från filmen Aliens
  • Cons: Grafiken höll inte riktigt, saknade bättre stämning och smartare monster
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Overall 6


CiaoColega, Ciao
7 February 2001
  • Summary: Este título tiene ya algún tiempo, pero no por ello me resisto a comentarlo. Y no es porque sea especialmente bueno, pero creo que esta opinión puede servir para orientar a aquellos que tengan un ordenador viejo y se les presente la ocasión de hacerse con él. Por supuesto, no tiene ni punto de comparación con "Aliens vs Predator", ni con su continuación (Gold), ya que este título salió allá por las navidades del 96, cuando todavía se llevaban los arcades 3D en primera...
  • Pros: No es el típico mata - mata de siempre
  • Cons: Gráficos limitados
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