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Airline Tycoon Evolution

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Overall 10

airline tycoon

sweetiepi..., Ciao
31 May 2007
  • Excerpt: "I aquired this game as i had to exchange another item and it was the only game that looked interesting!!!!!! I thought it was gonna be another really crap game where you had to build stuff and they never work!!! So I got it home installed it to my computer and that was it....I was hooked!!!!!! All night i stayed up playing it...It was simple and easy to use and install, and had a great selection of things to do!!!!! You can hire and fire staff, buy ...
  • Pros: Fun to play,
  • Cons: Graphics
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Overall 8

Dont' forget your duty free............

gollum327..., Ciao
4 March 2006
  • Excerpt: "Airline Tycoon........ This PC CD Rom, is a great game, There are so many different tings that you have to achive. First you have to chose your player, very easy, Then this is where is begins, you can chose which method of game to play, i always choose the free play, this way, it makes it a bit easier to manage until you get the hang of the game. You arrive at your office, and there are so many different things in your office that ...
  • Pros: Very addictive  !  !  !  !
  • Cons: When you get fired .  !  !  !
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Overall 8

Airline Tycoon

oOShaZzOo, Ciao
13 June 2005
  • Excerpt: "...idea of running your own airline and managing financial problems and labour etc, becomes every appealing once you being to play the game. The characters are amusing and when you pick which you want to play with, you are given your own office. Each airline begins with two planes, the standards of these planes can be improved by having cleaners, luxury seats and good quality food. The game is quite challenging as hiring ideal staff, buying oil for the ...
  • Pros: Fun, original and addictive ( in a good way hehe)
  • Cons: Can be difficult to complete .  .
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Overall 2

What Not To Buy

ReviewDud..., Ciao
14 August 2004
  • Excerpt: "GSP are another company trying to crack the Tycoon market. It's seem you can't go a couple of weeks without a new tycoon game popping up. Airline Tycoon is designed to see how well players can run an airport. The objective is to take orders and make money from them. That's basicly the whole game..... You start off in the managers office. There are four players including yourself. The four airlines are Honey, Falcon, Sunshine and Phoniex Travel ...
  • Pros: Fun For A Minute
  • Cons: A Waste Of Time & Money
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Overall 8

All aboard or all bored?

mdm708, Ciao
3 July 2004
  • Excerpt: "Airline Tycoon involves you, a stupidly-named entrepeneur, running around an airport trying to manage an airline. The entire game is based in the airport, in which you carry out all manner of tasks: hiring staff, buying planes, meeting managers, checking mail, flight planning, all sorts of stuff. The game has two modes: mission play and free play. I was quite dissapointed with the missions: they were good at first but more of a tutorial than a ...
  • Pros: Good value for money
  • Cons: Gets dull after a while
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Overall 2

What the hell is this.......?

Game Seek
22 April 2004
  • Conclusion: It’s a pile of ****ing **** i should no i’ve played it!!
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Overall 6

Good fun but missing that extra spark

paulwaz, Ciao
18 October 2003
  • Excerpt: "...the new exucite of an airline in a brand new airport, you can choose where your airport is based from a list of world cities. You have competition from 3 other airlines and the aim is to build the biggest safest and best airline. Make sure the staff you hire are od a good calibre otherwise you end up with tragedies of a grand scale, and make sure you keep your planes well maintained and use a good quality fuel otherwise the planes spend more time ...
  • Pros: Fun management game with a dark side
  • Cons: lots of repeating things
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Overall 2

The title was the best bit

Molefay, Ciao
11 May 2003
  • Excerpt: "I love sim management games, and the tycoon games are usually excellent fun. However, this game was sorely disappointing. I bought this game for 9.99 from Game a few weeks ago and to be honest have only put this game on once. Your objective is to run the airport, which is already in place, there are no objects to move, no staff to hire but there are missions to get your planes on certain runs. The game is very one dimensional, you literally ...
  • Pros: Great Title
  • Cons: The title was the best bit
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Overall 10

Own your own airline business

Sirus619, Ciao
22 October 2002
  • Excerpt: "Airline tycoon offers the game player the chance to run you own airline business. By buying planes and flying routes customers start to you your airline and like virtually every game out there are set targets to be achieved. Installing the game is very straight forward and has an easy interface to use. There is a tutorial which shows you the basics of running your own airline. There are four competitors to choose from. Once you choose the person ...
  • Pros: Good concept and original
  • Cons: Time consuming
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Overall 8

good entertainment

talibandan, Play.com
31 May 2002
  • Conclusion: a great game, real value 4 money, fun 2 play and make the airports your own.
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