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Zalman  Reserator 3 Max
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Zalman Reserator 3 Max

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Overall 5

Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual Review

maximum pc
10 March 2015
  • Excerpt: Among PC builders, Zalman is practically legendary. The company was the pioneer in the design of beautiful copper air coolers that offered both low temperatures and low noise. In recent years, though, the market has shifted from its “radial” or cylindrical design to blocky stacks of fins and even...
  • Pros: Better cooling than air.
  • Cons: Underwhelming performance; fiddly installation; bulky; pricey.
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Overall 9

Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual

22 August 2014
  • Summary: Zalman has impressed me with the Reserator 3 Max Dual all-in-one liquid cooler. It offers good performance similar to other AIO kits and equals or simply outperforms many high-end air coolers. The solid build quality and exceptional packaging are nice as well.
  • Pros: Good performance, Good build quality, Well-packaged, Blue LED fans and pump, Unique design, Radiator bracket offers some extra clearance, Offers additional VRM cooling
  • Cons: Extremely high price, Tedious to install, Memory clearance depends on case, Loud at full speed, Pump noise is noticeable, Color theme will not appeal to everyone, Fans and PWM Y-cable lack sleeving
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Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual CPU Cooler Review

19 August 2014
  • Conclusion: The Reserator 3 Max Dual is Zalman's trump card in the field of all-in-one liquid coolers and currently the most advanced such cooler that they offer. After they discontinued the Reserator 1 V2, it also is their most expensive liquid cooler, currently retailing for $140 incl.
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Overall 7

Expert Review

Tweak Town
13 June 2014
  • Summary: While there is a lot to brag about for Zalman in this design, things like a quad-pass system to give the coolant four chances to be rid of heat, rather than just two. There is the uniqueness of the design, and you will for sure not see another AIO like this from anyone other than Zalman.
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Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual Ultimate Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Legit Reviews
9 June 2014
  • Summary: Zalman’s Reserator 3 Max Dual performed fairly well, coming in about middle of the road of our previous cooler tests. The price tag per performance may be a little hard to swallow, though.
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Overall 6

Zalman Reserator 3 MAX review

The Guru of 3D
11 March 2014
  • Summary: The Zalman Reserator 3 MAX is definitely something new and interesting to aesthetics wise inside any chassis ( under the premise that you like the design). That much I'll give Zalman. Overall though the implementation however is fairly average.
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Zalman Reserator 3 Max Liquid Cooling System Preliminary Review

30 December 2013
  • Summary: This is a of the Zalman Reserator 3 Max self contained liquid cooling system. The Reserator 3 Max is a departure from the typical all-in-one CPU water cooler format commonly available.
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Overall 10

Expert Review

Tweak Town
30 November 2013
  • Summary: While the law of diminishing returns has yet to be reached, the Zalman Reserator 3 MAX proves that is it better late than never for Zalman to jump in and take top honors of any AIO I have tested.
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Zalman Reserator 3 Max AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

22 November 2013
  • Conclusion: The Resorator was quite a surprise, it doesn’t look anything like your average water cooling units and despite the fact that the design doesn’t appeal to me, or at least I don’t think it would look right in my own personal system, the design is still the thing I love the most about it.
  • Pros: Unique and stylish design, Great performance for a 120mm compatible design, Blue LED lighting is a nice touch, Build quality feels great
  • Cons: Was very tricky to install, Expensive (although it is justified by good performance and build quality), A little noisy under load, Can’t remove / replace the stock fan
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Overall 7

Zalman Reserator 3 Max Review

21 October 2013
  • Conclusion: We have to give kudos to Zalman for at least trying something different in a largely stagnant market. While the Reserator 3 Max's design does bring about its own issues (such as difficulty replacing the attached fan), it's more interesting and attractive than the simple black cuboids we're so used...
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