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Reviews and Problems with Zalman CNPS7500ALCU LED

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Overall 8

Used it for 4 years, still works

Dead S., Newegg
7 April 2015
  • Summary: Like other people have stated, being that it is only a 3-pin fan I had to manually control RPM. I tucked the controller on the back side of my case, otherwise it is an eyesore. I like my case clutter-free.
  • Pros: -Copper to pick up the heat and aluminum to dissipate it -Cools surrounding hardware on mobo, specifically the VRMs, RAM, and NB -Lighter than other coolers I've used -Decent heat dissipation for its size
  • Cons: -Can be a challenge to mount, those little fins will bite you -Controller is a little flimsy, over the years the knob on the controller is a little loose. It still works but it could have been made stronger.
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Overall 10


Colton F., Newegg
8 November 2013
  • Summary: Did a good job at keeping an older 45W AMD quad core cool -- under 40C at full load in a 2U chassis. I was running this for a while with an AMD FX-8150 (out of its rated TDP range, I know, I know...).
  • Pros: It's nice and quiet, looks halfway decent and does a good job of cooling.
  • Cons: Design doesn't allow for efficient ducted/directed airflow.
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Overall 10

nice cool fan/heatsink

Fernando L., Newegg
9 June 2013
Overall 10

Works for AM3+

Patrick K., Newegg
11 May 2013
  • Summary: I built my PC to produce music and needed a quieter fan, and this baby works great. It makes some noise on its highest setting, but it keeps my PC cool on its lowest setting, so I am pleased with it. Also I was worried it wouldn't fit an AM3+ socket...but it does.
  • Pros: The fan is quiet and the heatsink and LED are stylish.
  • Cons: I wish it had a four pin connect so my PC could auto-control the fan instead of a manual control
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Overall 2


Paul Y., Newegg
8 March 2013
  • Summary: Honestly I've sorta half-wanted one of these for awhile now, never really had a need until I built a media server that constantly runs in the livingroom. Guesswhat? I'm back to the stocker. With the cost and hassle of sending things back, I seriously doubt I'll bother.
  • Pros: Lights up, looks neat, moves air.
  • Cons: Noisier than the stock AMD cooler it replaced, even with the controller set around mid-way. What's the point??? Perhaps I got a bad fan? I'm unsure how noisy they generally are, but I can hear a distinct motor noise over the sound of the air off the blades, SERIOUSLY obnoxious, unless the fan's k...
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Overall 10

Works great

Leroy L., Newegg
2 January 2013
  • Pros: It does what I need it to do and its very quite
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

does the job, but loudly

Jordan E., Newegg
13 September 2012
  • Summary: It is VERY loud. I have the NZXT phantom and thought it was the 200mm fan, but after turning off the case fans, i discovered it was this. Its probably also due to the fact that my case has a grate, not acrylic as a window, so the air moving creates the sound.
  • Pros: -Does the job -doesn't obstruct anything -pure eye candy if you case has a window
  • Cons: -This thing sounds like a jet engine.
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Overall 6

Huge, bulky, hard to install, but does great work.

Zachary M., Newegg
1 August 2012
  • Summary: Bought this to mount on an ASRock ATX Z77 Pro3 motherboard. The huge dissipating fins on the cooler extend so far out that they cover the first RAM slot on the motherboard. Very glad I only had two sticks of RAM to put in the computer.
  • Pros: -Very efficient cooler -VERY quiet, even at maximum RPM -Comes with external fan controller -Blue LED light is pretty cool, if you're into that
  • Cons: -It's way too big. -It's WAY TOO BIG. -It's got one of those see-saw latches -Very difficult to install
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Overall 10

Good value, quiet, 3pin

Jae J., Newegg
29 February 2012
  • Pros: This is a great heatsink/fan if you have an older motherboard with 3pin fan connection and not a 4pin pwm. Moderately quiet at low rpms. Comes with thermal paste.
  • Cons: needs clearance around the socket because it's a weird design. check dimensions before buying.
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Overall 8

User Review

Andrew D., Newegg
27 February 2012
  • Summary: I Have this cooler inside a Thermaltake v9 black edition (replaced the red flan with a blue fan) and the whole rig looks fantasic! I did want a different Zalman cpu cooler, but my case was a little too small for the other ones.
  • Pros: Works great and looks beautiful. Replaced the stock cooler for the AMD FX-8150 and the cooling is better than I expected. I ran a torture test with Prime95 and maxed out the internal core temperatures to 51C.
  • Cons: Maybe a LITTLE loud for me, when accompanied by the other 4 fans inside my rig, but I guess I can't really complain when my rig stays this cool.
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