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Zalman CNPS10X Extreme

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Reviews and Problems with Zalman CNPS10X Extreme

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Overall 2


ronald s., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Will rethink buying from New Egg after this experience .
  • Pros: none....should have read other comments before I purchased.
  • Cons: Does not come with the right brackets to fit Athlon processors...even though it states it will fit...Do not buy. was sent this after return...Unfortunately, the below item(s) was physically damaged and beyond the applicable Newegg.com warranty coverage as indicated in our Standard Warranty Policy. Wish I could type everything but can't do to the review guidelines The thing is I already purchase a 35-103-099 CPU COOLER CM| RR-212E-20PK-R2 R which will fit...will just t...
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Overall 10

Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU cooler.

Anonymous, Newegg
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: Zalman's paste is pretty good, I have found that Antecs Formula 7, Nano Diamond, is better. Newegg has it here. Good for 5C less in temps. My first generation i7 W3565 (i7 960) idles at 23C, loaded @33C. My 930, 2 940s and 2 950s are within 1C of this. All have Zalman coolers. My i5 systems do well also. It speaks for itself.
  • Pros: Sale price, rebate, free shipping. Very good cooler, I own a pair and a handful plus of Zalman coolers. This one, 5 tubes, 10 locations, bring hot air into the cooler. One piece bottom works better than separate tube or "direct contact". Have proved it. Compact, fits most Mid Tower cases. Fan sits low on the cooler, helps cool areas on the mother board, example: North Bridge.
  • Cons: ZERO!
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Overall 10

Sweet Cooler

Marshall E., Newegg
6 January 2015
  • Summary: I got this cooler for my I7 950 after my water cooler died(Came from cyberpower pc when I bought it on sale several years ago) The pump slowly died out on me over the last year. When it was doing its best it kept the temps down to about 38 at full load. This Zalman cooler has temps at 40 degrees will never die and under full load I cant get temps over 48 with prime95.
  • Pros: Great cooling and smaller than an old passive zalman cooler I had years ago
  • Cons: included fan will block memory with heatsinks that are tallie corsair vengeance. Included fan can only be mounted one direction.
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Overall 2

If it came with correct pieces it'd be great???

JOHN M., Newegg
12 October 2014
  • Summary: I wrote a whole lot more than this, but it ate it, so I'll write only this: AMD AM3+ users: DO NOT BUY. KTHX.
  • Pros: Shiny?
  • Cons: Doesn't work. Incorrect AMD mounts. They came flat, with no bend on the end - will not fit FX boards.
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Overall 10

ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa 120mm Long life CPU Cooler

James N., Newegg
25 March 2014
  • Summary: i5 is in a roswill blackhawk and the amd is in a define xl r2 :) both big cases
  • Pros: it works extreamly well upgraded from 2 9500 yeah i have 2 of these 1 on a i5 4670 and the other on a amd a-10 6800k ..... on the i5 have fan that came with it and its so quite u cant hear it even when up close and personal and it a cold 17-20c idle and 30-39 c fully loaded :) the amd runs hotter by 2-3c on idle and 30-42 loaded i love em have had zalman coolers for years and no issues
  • Cons: they are big so do ur home work on ur cases make sure u can fit it :)
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Overall 8

Massive Cooler

Jonathan D., Newegg
24 March 2014
  • Summary: not so much of a con but an inconvenience so I'll put that here: it has a poor design in the bracket to secure the cooler to the cpu making for a more difficult installation then it needs to be and possibly damaging to cpu when removing if caution is not taken to remove screws in a diagonal format from spring loaded pressure.
  • Pros: pushes alot of air, keeps notoriously hot running 8 core AMD chips cool
  • Cons: wont fit in some cases, in my case it was 2mm to tall to properly close the case door.
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Overall 10

User Review

Austin R., Newegg
19 March 2014
  • Summary: There's newer stuff, but this thing is still good.
  • Pros: Cools quietly and efficiently.
  • Cons: Can't change to a different 120mm fan.
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Overall 4

Given wrong clips

Brian S., Newegg
6 March 2014
  • Pros: Have owned 4 of these, bought 5th just recently. These are good heatsinks/fans. Proper heat dissipation through the copper tubes, good overall airflow.
  • Cons: Bought 5th this past weekend. Wrong clips came in the box. I consider this a manufacture defect not the retailer as the retailer obviously does not pack the parts in the box. Submitted proof of purchase to Zalman customer service as well as called them.. No contact back for replacement. Good product, bad customer support.
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Overall 10


Kevin L., Newegg
22 February 2014
  • Summary: Have used similar Zalman coolers before so I picked this current model. Its quiet quiet and keeps CPU cool but the installation seems harder than it should be. Fits on Asus Z87-A in Antec 300 case (first memory slot is obstructed). Used slots 2/4.
  • Pros: Quiet, cool
  • Cons: Pain to install
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Overall 10

Can't Complain

Glenn B., Newegg
16 February 2014
  • Summary: I can say, that this is one of my preferred brands for coolers. However, I find that mounting solutions for many aftermarket CPU coolers are something for the user to contemplate a bit. For instance, I ended up mounting long springs to not only this one, but to my other CPU cooler which is heavier to support the cooler from the top of the case when a freight train rumbles my residence, or when I move the PC around.
  • Pros: Cools very well. Yet is not giant and obtrusive. Mounting is decent. Although, the stock back plate I did not use, but rather, simply used the motherboard's native back plate.
  • Cons: I can see how, the back plate might become an issue for inexperienced or misinformed users. I was able to quickly figure out, that if I did not stay with the native back plate from my motherboard, and removed it to use the one with this cooler, the results might be less than optimal. Frankly I was scared to use the back plate that came with this cooler, as my motherboard's back plate was bigger, and well suited to support this cooler.
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