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Xigmatek VD1065
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Xigmatek VD1065

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Overall 6

User Review

Jace K., Newegg
29 December 2012
  • Pros: Mated to a 9800 GTX+ just fine, cooled pretty well.
  • Cons: One of the fans went out after 6 months. Heatsink portion is decent quality, but fans are pretty cheap and flimsy.
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Overall 8

Nice, Cool, Giant, Unit.

Robert T., Newegg
17 December 2012
  • Summary: 2 monster fans above a monster heatsink makes your monster of a card cold as ice!
  • Pros: gets the job done, threw this guy on top of a HD4890 dropped the temperatures from 60c at idle down to 25-30c.
  • Cons: this thing is huge, the plastic casing on it is also kind of flimsy but ive moved it in and out of 3 systems time and again and havent broken anything yet.
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Overall 2

no not buy for the hd 4890

Anonymous, Newegg
1 June 2012
  • Summary: do not walk ,RUN away from this heatsink , it sucks
  • Pros: its quiet
  • Cons: bad directions , hard to install , takes at least 2 people to remove the screws that attach the fan to the card big disappointment , going to return to newegg tomorrow when i can talk to a real person
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Overall 10


Eunice M., Newegg
29 May 2012
  • Summary: Hardest part was taking the old heat sinks off especially the GTX 260 must be about thirty screws that needed to be removed: Ruined an entire set of jewelers screwdivers. This is my second one used some of the RAM heatsinks on the HD 4850 and stock heatsink didn't have enough heatsinks left to do...
  • Pros: Mounts perfectly to a HD 4850 and a GTX 260 SuperClocked. Lowered temps by 10-15 degrees C. GTX was nearly boiling hot 98 C while playing Diablo III with stock heatsink doesn't get over 65 C now. This will work without a fan on it in a Coolermaster 922 but climbs up to 70 C quickly
  • Cons: Scrape the thermal tape off the RAM heatsinks and glue them on with thermal adhesive I even used a little to stick the thermal pads on. Fans are very fragile and will break if they get caught in a wire. Thermal pads are hard to get off the wax paper in one piece
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Overall 10

Great cooling

christian N., Newegg
13 April 2012
  • Pros: my Radeon HD 4850 was running 45.C at idle now it sitting at 30.C all the time when it running full load with stock fan it was around 55.C now it at 35.C it took a huge amount of heat off it love the thing
  • Cons: nothing at all
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Overall 10

Great Heat sink solution

Randall C., Newegg
5 March 2012
  • Summary: doesn't fit new nvidia mounts of 53mm but does fit 51mm and below.
  • Pros: Amazing cooler! Tried to mount on my 560ti-448 but no luck but gave to a friend with a 6870 2GB edition and drop temps from 35C Idle and 65ish on full loads and dropped to 30ish idle and 50ish on load. averages around 15C drop and soooooo much quieter and efficient
  • Cons: DIDN'T FIT NVIDIA 560Ti
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Overall 2

Buyer beware!

Brian B., Newegg
23 February 2012
  • Summary: It seems that there is a HUGE information gap between Xigmatek and their distributors. Looking at their website, this product no longer exists, and has been completely replaced. Look through their entire list of dealers, no one on this continent seems to have the newer version in stock.
  • Pros: Newegg tried to warn me, with the list of compatible cards, but the information on the manufacturer's site appeared to be more up to date.
  • Cons: Unable to mount it to my cards. Here's the problem, Xigmatek has remade this cooler to fit more reference card designs, but they still use the VD1065 designation. Go to their website and look at this cooler you will only see the new version, while this is the old one. Attempts to contact Xigmatek...
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Overall 10

Great cooler

Greg M., Newegg
10 February 2012
  • Summary: Don't let the illiterate fool you...installation is easy and instructions are clear, you just have to read them.
  • Pros: Great cooler. Installed perfectly on an ASUS 4890 TOP. That specific card is a non-reference card so I was a bit worried if this would fit, but it does and it does it's job well. Keeps the card significantly cooler than the stock, non-reference cooler (which says a lot because the cooler than cam...
  • Cons: None
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Overall 10

Really COOL

Filip W., Newegg
24 September 2011
  • Summary: In comparison to my original HD4850 cooler, this one is huge, but also the difference is huge. My temp. recently was going up to 107 Celsius degrees, now it is between 45 and 49.
  • Pros: Very quiet. Cooling very well: temperature dropped from 90s to 40s (Celsius degrees)
  • Cons: Installation instruction very stingy. Parts for other model, which does not fit with Radeon HD 4850. A little too big (had to remove modem)
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Overall 10

Great Cooler for 4890

Adam H., Newegg
10 September 2011
  • Summary: I used some of the ram heat sinks to cool my VRM, but they did not stick very well. I actually sat my case upside down to do a burn in so they wouldn't fall off. Now they seem to be securely attached but I will continue to watch them.
  • Pros: Cools great, my GPU temps went from 57c idle and 78c load to 35c idle and 55c load. I now plan on buying one of these to cool my other card.
  • Cons: Instructions are not that great. Has extra pieces for different cards and some of the extra items do not tell you what cards they fit.
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