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Thermaltake NiC C5

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Overall 9

Thermaltake NiC C5

18 July 2014
  • Summary: Thermaltakes NiC C5 is an interesting choice; its affordable price and exceptional cooling makes it an attractive option. This is especially true because of its non-intrusive design, which translates into perfect memory clearance on even Intel's LGA2011 socket. The fact that it's easy to install is also a huge boon. Thermaltake's NiC C5 is a cooler you can easily install into a case without removing the motherboard, which is obviously also dependent on the case itself.
  • Pros: Affordable price, Exceptional cooling performance, Perfect memory clearance, Easy to install, Good build quality, Well-packaged
  • Cons: Loud at full speed, Fans lack PWM, Blocks first motherboard expansion slot, Color theme not for everyone
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Overall 7

Thermaltake NiC C5 Review

maximum pc
13 December 2013
  • Excerpt: We don’t know how it started, but heat spreaders on today’s RAM sticks have gotten kinda out of control. So, gearheads these days have to get pretty creative (or potentially destructive) to fit most large aftermarket CPU coolers on the motherboard. Thermaltake had the bright idea to just make a more compact cooler, with not one but two 120mm fans on it. NiC stands for “Non-Interference Cooling,” and its C5 model sits at the top of the vendor’s lineup.
  • Pros: Great RAM clearance; easy installation.
  • Cons: A bit noisy; 3-pin fan; underwhelming price.
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Overall 10

Expert Review

Tweak Town
22 April 2013
  • Summary: Where do I start with a cooler like this? There is just so much goodness to discuss. Aesthetically, I don't think there is anyone with a red and black themed build that can say this wouldn't make an awesome addition to their system. Then come all the perks of the NiC C5. It does very well in the thermal testing, almost surprising for a cooler this small. With that you also get room for swapping out memory modules with no need to remove a fan or the cooler to do so.
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Thermaltake NiC C5 Review

13 July 2013
  • Conclusion: The CPU cooler sector is a very competitive one indeed but there are a group of coolers which have gained prominence in the last 18 months – has Thermaltake done enough to steal some of the spotlight? Thermaltake have addressed a key issue which many enthusiasts are concerned with – memory clearance.
  • Pros: + Good thermal performance results, + Great build quality, + Fan control with variable knob, + No memory clearance problems, + Easy to install, + Good mounting system
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Overall 8

Thermaltake NIC C5 test

PC Ekspert
29 July 2013
  • Conclusion: Thermaltake je napravio solidan hladnjak koji je dobre kvalitete izrade ali nažalost samo prosječnih performansi. Baza je odlična – tijelo hladnjaka je klasične tower konstrukcije s bakrenom bazom i pet toplovodnih cijevi za brzu odvodnju topline. Sve je lijepo obrađeno i na kraju kvalitetno poniklano. Nosači su univerzalni i pokrivaju širok spektar socketa, a montaža je zadovoljavajuće jednostavna.
  • Pros: Kvaliteta materijala i izrade, tih rad na minimalnom broju okretaja, jednostavna montaža, podrška za velik broj socketa (samo jedna donja pločica za sve).
  • Cons: Povišena buka iznad 1.500 okretaja, slabije nasjedanje hladnjaka na IHS procesora, nosač ventilatora smeta grafičkoj kartici.
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保證不干涉記憶體與供電模組!Thermaltake NiC C5 CPU散熱器

15 June 2013
  • Excerpt: Thermaltake推出了全新的「NiC」散熱器系列,「NiC」是Non-Interference Cooler的縮寫,表示散熱器不會與周圍的記憶體以及VRM(供電模組)散熱片產生干涉。在現在擁擠的主機板上,是一項十分貼近玩家需求的設計! 不必擔零組件買回家之後,發生一會兒卡記憶體、一會兒又卡到VRM散熱片的尷尬情形。 現在散熱器為了更優異的散熱效果,體積都碩大無比。雖然提昇了散熱效能,但是負面效果就是容易與記憶體或是VRM散熱模組產生干涉,在CPU兩邊都是記憶體的Intel LGA 2011平台尤其明顯。因此Thermaltake推出了NiC系列散熱器,標榜經過嚴謹的相容性測試,絕對不會與周邊零組件產生干涉。這次介紹的NiC C5,便是此系列的最高等級。經過實際測試,無論是AMD平台、Intel LGA 1155以及LGA2011平台,果然都不會產生干涉,與各零組件保持了安全距離,即使是使用俗稱「梳子」的大型散熱片記憶體也沒有問題。 NiC C5擁有雙12公分靜音風扇,可以手動調整轉速,範圍為1000~2 0 0 0...
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Review Thermaltake NiC C5

Traficantes de Hardware
4 June 2013
  • Conclusion: El potencial de enfriamiento que ha demostrado este Thermaltake NiC C5 lo convierten en una de las mejores solución de refrigeración por aire del mercado. Ya al sacarlo de la propia caja deja una sensación de contar con un gran potencial, su exquisito diseño con cinco heatpipes, y sobre todo el hecho de contar con dos ventiladores de 120mm que abarcan toda la matriz del cooler le permiten obtener un soberbio rendimiento.
  • Pros: Rendimiento excelente, Diseño y construcción 100% gamer, Kit de fijación firme, Potenciómetro, Doble controlador PWM (ventiladores 120mm), Ideal para OC, Non Interference Cooler, Rodamientos de calidad, Ventiladores de fácil limpieza, Packing y presentación, Precio, Se incluyen 2 ventiladores y pasta térmica, Compatibilidad de socket
  • Cons: Nivel acústico
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Review Thermaltake NiC C5

17 May 2013
  • Excerpt: Hoy en nuestro laboratorio tendremos el placer de analizar el nuevo Thermaltake NiC C5 , un disipador por aire para microprocesadores exigentes que requieren de una disipación muy efectiva para mantenerse frescos. Además del C5 Tt ha lanzado otros tres productos de la línea NiC: el C4, el F3 y el F4.
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Overall 9
Value for money 7
Compatibility 9

Thermaltake NiC C5

29 April 2013
  • Summary: Mit dem NiC C5 liefert Thermaltake einen recht schmalen Tower-Cooler ab, der vor allem puncto Verarbeitungsqualität und Leistung zu glänzen weiß. Aber auch das sichere Montagesystem und der üppige Lieferumfang sprechen für den neuen Prozessorkühler. Kurz gesagt: Overclocker und Enthusiasten können bedenkenlos zum C5 greifen. Lediglich der happige Verkaufspreis trübt den positiven Gesamteindruck etwas. Christoph meint: Leistungsfähiger High-End Kühler!
  • Pros: saubere Verarbeitung, sehr gute Leistung, Lüfter bei niedriger und mittlerer Geschwindigkeit leise, passt auf alle gängigen Sockeltypen drauf, Lieferumfang, Design
  • Cons: derzeit noch recht teuer, Lüfter bei max. Geschwindigkeit hörbar, Gewicht
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Disipador para CPU Thermaltake NiC C5

Noticias 3D
7 April 2013
  • Summary: Thermaltake vuelve a ofrecernos la oportunidad de refrigerar nuestros procesadores con una nueva serie, la NiC, cuya principal característica es que posee un diseño que no topa, en principio, con ninguno de los componentes que tiene alrededor. Llegados a este punto, apelamos no sólo al diseñado, sino también a la eficiencia que ha demostrado, y a la facilidad en el montaje, además de que encaja con todos los sockets AMD e Intel actuales, que no es poco.
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