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Thermalright HR-01 PLUS
5.6 out of 10

Thermalright HR-01 PLUS

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Overall 10

Nice PASSIVE cooler

Robert S., Newegg
28 December 2007
  • Summary: Thermalright has been my vendor of choice for heat sinks. It seems as though they spend more on engineering than glitz, unlike other manufactures.
  • Pros: I installed 2 on a Dual Xeon 2.8 Dual core m/b. Replaced the REALLY annoying stock coolers. Stock ran 26C @ idle now 38C cannot mount fans on unit due to space limitations. Ran @ 100% cpu for 20 mins usage and hit 60C, Still well below critical though. Its wonderful though without those 2 screami...
  • Cons: Tightening the heat sinks from the side with a wrench is painful. Installations where the sink can be rotated 90C would not have that ordeal to face. Even though I have a full size tower, I need to clean off the motherboard, and remove all the front panel mounted drives so that I could get access...
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Overall 10

Effective & Quiet

Jerit W., Newegg
8 December 2007
  • Summary: Wanted low noise system in un-insulated, no A/C, corner windows, ‘greenhouse like’ room that can hit 38 C (100F) in summer. (So using a low watt E2140 with no overclocking.) Impressed thus far. True test next heat wave… As a geeky aside I question the function of the holes in the fins.
  • Pros: Great heat transfer. Low resistance cross flow allows use of low head fan (800 RPM S-flex). Very fast thermal response. Steady state equilibrium at single digit C above ambient, and lower than northbridge. Lower weight and slightly smaller than Ultra-120 so less bending torque on motherboard. Bac...
  • Cons: Contact surface had palpable machine finish on my unit. Cause appears to be copper milling prior to nickel electroplating. I had heard comments to this effect on other models, but assumed their concerns were overstated. Mirror finishes are not necessary for good HT, but if you can feel the ridges...
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Overall 6

Owners of AM2 Motherboards Beware!

Michael M., Newegg
19 November 2007
  • Summary: It would be nice if there were a disclaimer about the lack of a fan and the orientation problems on certain motherboards. Without the S connector you can either go for an install that is a lot hotter than it needs to be, or go searching for someplace that has an S-connector.
  • Pros: Seems like it could do a pretty decent job - IF they would have bothered to include everything you needed (see below).
  • Cons: This does not come with a fan, an S-connector (needed for AM2 motherboards), or an air duct. Even if you have your own fan, without the S-Connector the fan won't vent the hot air to the rear of the case on a typical AMD AM2 motherboard like the Crosshair - instead the fan is venting hot air up in...
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Overall 10

User Review

Joseph R., Newegg
18 November 2007
  • Pros: Actually cools better than a Ultra 120. My Q6600 @1.42v @3.5ghz, Prime95 x4 is at 61deg C. Only the 120 extream is better
  • Cons: Mounting bracket should be easier to install. My big finfers have a hard time with the o-rings/small screws while getting the bracket /nut lined up
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Overall 10


Anonymous, Newegg
25 October 2007
  • Summary: I bought an Asus P5K-E MB & Intel Q6600 CPU. I bought this heatsink too, not knowing that the CPU came with its own sink. Decided to install the Intel sink (with a view to returning the Thermalright for a refund).
  • Pros: Cools Q6600 FAR better than the Intel heatsink that came with the CPU
  • Cons: Can be installed only when motherboard is out of the case. Fan (120mm, purchased separately) attaches using rather flimsy spring clips
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Overall 10

A Big One

Nicholas W., Newegg
24 October 2007
  • Summary: This thing looks like something that should be on a motorcycle or ATV cooling the transmission. It looks so awesome in the case. Amazing how far heatsink tech. has come along the last 3 years. I love this heatsink and would buy again.
  • Pros: Keeps my E4400 overclocked at 2.66GHz cold. I have not seen the temps jump much above 105f and usually stay below 98f. No fan mounted. Case has 2 120mm on back side and heatsink is only about 2inch away so the air is pulling right through the fins like it should. Base is perfectly smooth with onl...
  • Cons: If there is a con, this might be it. This is a TALL heatsink. From base to tips it measures approx. 6in. My case is a full tower and this only leaves about 1in from the side door. Could be a problem with folks with cases that are not as deep or have a side fan mounted right over the processor are...
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Overall 10

Great Passive Cooler

Ryan B., Newegg
10 October 2007
  • Summary: Great cooler, as always, thermalright ships everything you need, packaged clean and orderly. I can't wait to see them outdo this one!
  • Pros: Passively cooled an Opteron 170 and X2 4000+ both at stock. Passive, temperatures stay below 45C with rear exhaust fan at 900rpm.
  • Cons: Needs S-Clip to mount facing rear exhaust on AM2 boards.
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Overall 10

Quiet, and works well

Anthony U., Newegg
6 September 2007
  • Summary: This isn't something for mad overclocks (unless you use noisy fans), but works well if you have good system airflow and want a quiet system.
  • Pros: Its quiet with no fan, and a cheap quiet fan lowers temps more since this heatsink doesn't need a high pressure fan. Its also a lot smaller than I was expecting (not slim case small!). I am using it with a Q6600.
  • Cons: Installation instructions are a bit confusing.
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Overall 10

Thermalright HR-01 PLUS Heatsink

Malan Smith, Sybaritic
24 July 2009
  • Summary: This is an excellent heatsink. I use it in an HTPC with the 120mm case fan on its lowest speed and t..
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Overall 4

User Review

22 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Нуждается в самостоятельной доводке, поверхности подошвы; что для кулера, такой ценовой категории- неприпустимо.
  • Pros: Неплохая эфективность.
  • Cons: Кривизна подошвы, больше милиметра. Напильником, можно сделать значительно ровнее(.
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