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Silverstone TD02

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Ryan Perry, Techgage
1 week ago
  • Conclusion: It’s nice to finally see a company try to change things up, not only in aesthetics, but in the actual design of the AIO cooler itself. Even though there’s no mention of this on the company’s site, I’ve read that the Tundra series was designed in house by SilverStone rather than simply using what parts an OEM has on hand.
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Overall 4

3rd time the Charm?

Randy K., Newegg
15 July 2014
  • Summary: I purchased the unit in Fall of 2013. The install was fairly simple- to the Armor+ chassis floor- but required mounting the fans on the bottom of the radiator as the tubing was not long enough to go around a Powercolor 7950 to the waterblock/pump. Ah, the waterblock/pump, and the reason for this third review of the product. The first unit ran for about one month before the pump stopped completely.
  • Pros: Fast RMA's Yes- plural
  • Cons: Failing pumps
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Overall 2


Zoe C., Newegg
7 July 2014
  • Pros: Looks nice.
  • Cons: First off let me just say I also have owned a TD03 that died 3 weeks after purchasing from pump failure and RMA'ed. When I first used this cooler I did not use the fans included because of the noise I've heard others say they produce. I started using the supplied fans about a few months ago. I decided to switch them out because they were in fact extremely noisy. When I first took them out i did not really look all that carefully, it was after placing them down and an ...
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Overall 2


brian a., Newegg
1 February 2014
  • Summary: I was using remote desktop to my PC and did not of the failure until I arrived home to find the computer motherboard and cpu damaged beyond repair.
  • Pros: dont buy it
  • Cons: This is a VERY short lived unit. Pump broke after a few months, causing my PC to overheat and needing to be replaced.
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Overall 4

Worked Great Then Died

Dustin N., Newegg
20 December 2013
  • Summary: Currently waiting for an RMA, Silverstone support seems to be adequate, fast responses and such. Still I don't feel as though I should have to pay to ship back a product that was faulty.
  • Pros: This cooler worked great, had no problems with it at first.
  • Cons: Pump stopped working after about 5 weeks. I dont feel as though I should have to pay to ship back a product that was faulty. I've read online that many people seem to be having problems with this unit. I usually go with Cooler Master Kits, but I decided to give Silverstone a chance, since i do use some of thier other products.
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Overall 4

Great at first, then almost disastrous

Britt P., Newegg
3 December 2013
  • Summary: I am very disappointed with my purchase and am not looking forward to the possibility of putting another one of these in my computer but since I am low on funds, I don't see me having another option.
  • Pros: The main reasons I bought this cooler over others were the design and the big radiator. I was confident this would keep my CPU really cool, and it did for about a month. The block is really solid and made well, as is the radiator. I didn't have any problems with the fans and the installation of the cooler was fairly pain free.
  • Cons: The pump broke after only 30 days of use. Just past the time I can return it for a refund, so now I am stuck filling out forms, waiting, paying to send it back and I am out of a computer for who knows how long. I knew I was taking a chance buying a cooler from this new company but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I rebooted my computer and noticed it was running sluggish so I opened up my temp monitor and I was running a 100C (!!!) temp on my cpu. I turne...
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Overall 8

Much better now (follow-on review)

Thomas S., Newegg
27 September 2013
  • Summary: I hope Newegg accepts this review despite the fact that I came up with a different mounting scheme for the CPU cooling block. The TD02 is too good of a product to pass up just because the poor mounting backplate in the kit. I used the original (and excellent) metal backplate from the AM3+ socket included on the ASUS Sabertooth FX990 motherboard instead of the crummy one supplied in the TD02 kit.
  • Pros: Good cooling performance. With ambient around 22-23C, FX8350 @ 4GHz idles below 30C; 8 cores @ 100%utilization reaches peaks of 45C. I am still impressed by the quality and design of the CPU cooling block / pump. Performance = 5 eggs CPU cooling block / pump = 5 eggs Radiator = 4 eggs
  • Cons: Since this is a follow-on review to my previous, you can see many of the cons listed there. I docked an egg here because I am still unhappy with the fact that one of the threaded mounting holes on the radiator wasn't threaded, and the overall poor design & implementation of the SilverStone-supplied cooling block mounting backplate & hardware. Backplate = 0 eggs Instructions = 1 egg
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Overall 6

Initial review - I wanted to like the TD02

Thomas S., Newegg
14 September 2013
  • Summary: The CPU cooling block / pump unit appears excellent. It is of such high quality that I cannot imagine supplying such a poor mounting solution. The radiator unit seemed good, with just minor cosmetic issues - except for that one unthreaded hole (inexcusable!) SilverStone should have spent an extra $0.10 on the instruction booklet to make something useful.
  • Pros: CPU cooling block / pump unit is virtually solid, shiny metal. Build quality is very high. Extruded aluminum mounting arms for CPU block are thick and sturdy. I cannot say enough good things about the appearance and design of the CPU block. Radiator design is different from other AIO coolers, having denser cooling fins that make better contact with the heat transfer tubes. Radiator exterior surround is dark grey brushed aluminum - looks very nice.
  • Cons: The socket back-plate required to mount the CPU cooling block was relatively thick sheet steel, but it was a poor design - or maybe I just didn't install it properly because I couldn't read the instructions (more on this later.) It took quite a bit of force to get the spring clamping screws attached. I ended up bending the back-plate. Things just didn't look right. Since this was a moderately expensive cooler, it would have been better to have two backplates - one for...
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Overall 8

Screw size correction

Randy K., Newegg
8 September 2013
  • Summary: Too bad we can't just edit our reviews, that would be much simpler... SCREW SIZE FOR FAN MOUNTING IS M3.5, NOT M3 !!! My apologies for the error.
  • Pros: See previous review
  • Cons: See previous review
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Overall 10

Outstanding AIO

Charles L., Newegg
6 September 2013
  • Summary: Use in rATX configuration in an Azza Genesis case in a push/pull setup using four Gentle Typhoon fans (1450rpm max) to replace the two stock Silverstone 120mm fans. I get 42 degrees C at idle and 66 degrees C at load (after 20 minutes at 100% on AIDA64 with fan sound barely audible. Incredible. I heartily endorse the previous reviewer's recommendation of replacing the stock fans with some quality fans that can generate credible static flow pressures.
  • Pros: Beautiful construction; improved cooling efficiency with thicker radiator and design/pattern of fins.
  • Cons: Tubing seems a bit smaller diameter and that probably leads to a little suboptimal cooling... it certainly is not long enough for most large cases that are almost a requirement to house this 240mm radiator.
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