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Silverstone NT07-775

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Overall 6

Not the quality I would have expected

Robert K., Newegg
14 September 2010
  • Summary: Bought for a media center, didn't want to have to deal with a replacement, so pulled out the tools and fixed it myself. The cracked plastic might be fixable with some super glue, but it honestly fits better now, so I think I'll leave it.
  • Pros: Fits LGA 775 port. Cools decently well. Pretty quiet.
  • Cons: Arrived in rather bad shape, the metal part of one of the clips was badly bent. Needle nose pliers were able to fix that. Fan refuses to stay clipped to the heat sink. Ended up breaking part of the plastic to try and get it to clip securely on... oddly enough, it fits tighter once broken in two places than it did in one piece...
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Overall 6

Mixed bag

Christopher G., Newegg
4 August 2010
  • Summary: I purchased this for an Apex MI-008 micro build last fall. At that time, this was really the only option for a slim cooler. It worked OK for a month or two, but then the bearing became noisy. I contacted Silverstone customer support, and they were friendly and assured me twice that I would receive a replacement fan. It's been several months and I have yet to receive that new fan. I've since ordered a similar fan from a competitor.
  • Pros: It's thin and it blows air.
  • Cons: Poor quality bearing and iffy customer support.
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Overall 6

Doesn't clamp tightly enough

John R., Newegg
21 July 2010
  • Summary: I assumed that the 45nm designation was intended to indicate that the heat sink was not designed for the hotter parts on larger dies, but maybe there's a physical difference.
  • Pros: It's low profile, reasonably quiet, and fits in the case
  • Cons: The problem I have with this cooler, and probably the same thing others with poor cooling performance have is that it does not clamp down tightly enough to the CPU to transfer heat efficiently. At least not with my motherboard (Zotac GF9300) and CPU (Celeron 450 Conroe-L). The legs are too long, so the base of the heat sink doesn't clamp down onto the top of the CPU. You can tell because the legs are too easy to latch down. Maybe the 45nm CPUs sit up a little higher.....
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Overall 6

Hit or Miss

Anonymous, Newegg
14 April 2010
  • Summary: Thanks Newegg for a quick product replacement.
  • Pros: Needed this for a low profile Silverstone case. When I got a working fan - it worked well. Very quiet.
  • Cons: The first one was DOA - second one worked fine.
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Overall 6

Like I had a choice!

Jon L., Newegg
10 January 2010
  • Summary: There is only one reason to buy this cooler - it is the only cooler that will fit in Silverstone LC-19 or ML02 cases, which only have 37mm of clearance. If you haven't made the mistake of buying one of these cases, just about anything else will work better, including Intel's boxed cooler!
  • Pros: Fits in a Silverstone LC-19 case. Low cost; appears to be well made.
  • Cons: Barely adequate cooling. Runs about 3-5 degrees Celsius hotter than Intel stock cooler under load using an e7600. Much higher (over 30 dBA higher when measured with a B&K 2203 meter) noise level than advertised. Noise is of the annoying high-pitched whine variety, which makes HTPC use problematic. Only for 45nm dual core processors (e8xxx/e7xxx, e5xxx and Celery d4xx and e1xxx).
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Overall 6

Not all *that* quiet

Steven K., Newegg
20 April 2009
  • Summary: Compared to my full-size desktop computer, it's quiet, i.e., I can't hear it over the roar of the fans. However, I have it in a Shuttle K48 and it is louder than the hard drive, louder than the case fan, at least as loud as the PSU fan. It definitely has an audible buzzing noise. The buzzing noise of the fan can definitely be heard over the PSU fan noise.
  • Pros: Low profile. Effective in cooling CPU.
  • Cons: Not as quiet as other reviews led me to believe.
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Overall 6

At least it wasn't too expensive

Anton B., Newegg
9 April 2009
  • Summary: The stock fan is 70mm I believe and clips on to two sides of the cooler. If I could figure out how to get an 80mm fan (as there really are no 70mm fans) to hook to the fins I'd be in business. Running this on a Pentium Duo e5500 and the outer edges of the fins never seem to get warm, but the BIOS reports the CPU at ~40C
  • Pros: Thin, fits in my SilverStone LC19.
  • Cons: Aluminum fins, copper core. "Loud" - Its the only thing I can hear coming from my case, even with the BIOS set to run the CPU cooler on "Silent Mode." If you manually volt it to 7v or 5v it is much more acceptable but then what's the point of having a PWM fan?
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