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Noctua NH-L9i

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Willliam D., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Pros: Has a very small and thin form factor, great for HTPCs or whatever else you are doing with a small system.
  • Cons: Not as good at cooling as other coolers which are bigger
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Overall 10


Josh, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Packaging was fantastic. The heatsink has a great weight to it and feels of very good quality. I was really happy to see all the attention to detail they put into this thing. Easiest install ever. Simply plop it on your motherboard and screw it in from the back. Was a relief how easy install was as larger ones can be a huge pain. Cooling is good, but not amazing. Albeit I'm using a CPU with a good amount more power than it's spec'd for - the i7 4790k.
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Overall 10


JR, Amazon
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: I am a fan of noctua. All my "cared" computers have noctua fans since I cannot stand a fan noise and PSU noise. If you are looking for absolutely silent fans, get this. Yes it is a luxury item and expensive for computer fans but you won't regret it. Oh yeah it does a decent job to maintain CPU temperature relatively cool and installation is easy. I think any CPU that is as long as not i5 or i7 it could keep the temperature at around 30C with silent fan option.
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Overall 10

Great little cooler!

Doran A., Newegg
12 November 2014
  • Summary: I used this cooler to replace the stock Intel heatsink and fan in a new mini-itx build. It dropped my CPU idle temp by 10 degrees to a comfortable 36C. The fan is very quiet at low to moderate CPU temps. If need be can reach speeds of 2300+ RPM, more than 20% faster than the Intel 1150 LGA stock cooler. Overall I'm VERY happy with this purchase and it looks and fits great in my mini-itx case.
  • Pros: - Small form factor - Fits nicely in a mini-itx board - Very quiet - Efficient cooling - Comes with a tube of thermal paste - Looks great - Easy to install (in most cases) ** See other thoughts. - Nice packaging
  • Cons: - n/a
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Overall 10

Great small cooler

Michael L., Newegg
5 November 2014
  • Summary: I dislike huge coolers. I consider even my old Scythe Ninja Mini to be very large. This is shorter than the stock Intel cooler and much, much better. I don't overclock much any more but now I could if I wanted. Noise was my primary concern, and this cooler cannot be heard over my other low RPM fans with my CPU at 4GHz.
  • Pros: Small and Quiet. Keeps my i7-3770K cool with a very mild overclock.
  • Cons: None come to mind.
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Overall 10

Awesome Little Cooler

Evan B., Newegg
28 October 2014
  • Summary: If you're building a low profile rig, get this little fighter. It can pull well above its rating. You can even replace the fan with something more powerful if you like in the 25mm range, and still land in under the 50mm height mark. I've been thinking about slapping a delta PWM on this.
  • Pros: Works well. It's only rated for 65W and under TDP, but it cools my i5-4690k well, I'm idling at just under 35 degrees with good case cooling. Heatsink barely warms up. I needed the low profile for my tiny case. Comes with a cool metal case badge and half a tube of thermal paste.
  • Cons: None. If you need better cooling go for a tower setup or water.
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Overall 10

Impressive little heatsink.

Justin B., Newegg
25 October 2014
  • Summary: So, my set up. I've got an i5 4590S (3.0 GHz, 65W TDP), paired with a GTX 670 4GB, inside an In Win 901 (mini-ITX mid tower size case). I'm using three fans total for my system, a front 120mm SilenX Effizio 12-15 (120mm) intake fan. One SilenX Effizio 09-15 (92mm fan) as an exhaust for the case. I also used this same 92mm fan as a replacement fan for the included Notcua, as the on-paper specs were slightly better and it matched my component/color scheme.
  • Pros: It's a very good heatsink. I replaced the stock fan, without trying it out (see other thoughts for details) but my temps remain low. It was probably the absolute easiest thing in the world to install. Just four screws! Better than stock, and looks a lot better too. The thermal paste is good quality.
  • Cons: Being a smaller cooler, and my own mistake on applying a bit too much compound at first (or not enough), upon first powering on my system it would shut off automatically. It did this for about six or seven tries, each time getting longer, before the thermal compound was able to spread out properly. It was my board automatically shutting off to prevent thermal damage. The paste just needed some burn in. And the regular complaint of Noctua's ugly default fan color. Neit...
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Overall 10

Great Cooler - Excellent Support

Kenneth G., Newegg
24 October 2014
  • Summary: Fan started making a really loud ticking and whining noise after about a month of use. Contacted Noctua and they responded promptly and shipped out a replacement straight away. Was REALLY glad they included the longer screws as I just put in a different 92mm fan I had until the replacement arrived. The screws do not reach all the way through the fan but thats by design.
  • Pros: Easy install. Lowest clearance I've seen with the stock fan and easily fit in a Lian-Li Q03 ITX case. Replaced a stock intel HS/Fan that was just too noisy for this use case (sits on my wife's desk about 2.5 feet from her ears). Extra screws included if you want to use a standard width fan. Keeps a G3258 @ 34 degrees while idle, 44 at full load. More importantly for me, it's dead silent. I run the fan at 75% at full load. Not getting any lower temps at higher fan speeds.
  • Cons: None really. My fan failed after about a month. Noctua support was great so no egg off. Parts fail sometimes. It's a drag but it happens.
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Overall 8

6 months later

Anonymous, Newegg
16 October 2014
  • Summary: 3 months in the fan went bad. Emailed noctua and got a response in less than 24 hours. Rma had me take a picture of my id and the fan side by side after I was told to break one fin. They shipped a new one next day. No muss no fuss. FYI, they rated their own fan harshly. It's been cooling a 3570k with the low noise adapter. 50 core/ 40-55 socket.
  • Pros: -small -quality -excellent Rma -low noise adapter makes it quiet
  • Cons: Not really any cons Does install weirdly but with a plan or a second pair of hands it's easy
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Overall 10

Awesome cooler for small space

Joshua C., Newegg
13 October 2014
  • Summary: Awesome cooler if space is a concern. I'm not doing any overclocking, so I'm not sure how it deals with high load cooling.
  • Pros: I bought this to go with my new mini ITX build, and it works great. Small height means it fit easily into an ITX case (Node 304), but it still does great cooling. I can barely hear the fan unless I get really close, and my Intel 4590 stays around 35-40C at medium usage.
  • Cons: None.
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