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Nexus LOW-7000

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Overall 8

Quiet, quality, versitile

Michael N., Newegg
19 November 2012
  • Pros: This cooler is fantastic. I put it on an ITX board, and it fits with only one problem. First off, mount it with the copper pipes facing downward. That will give you access to power headers and whatnot at the top of your mobo. The other stipulation is that you need to get memory without a cooling jacket -- otherwise, there won't be enough clearance.
  • Cons: The one problem I'm having is that the copper pipes smash into protruding screws on a video card in the PCI slot. This unit was designed to clear any cards in the first PCI slot underneath the CPU socket, but video cards have screws that stick out the back, and I had the unfortunate luck of having that interfere. Still deciding how to resolve this, but this product would definitely be better if the copper pipes didn't take up so much lateral space.
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Overall 2

Mediocre at best

Mike O., Newegg
12 November 2012
  • Summary: avoid
  • Pros: Works ok. Can barely keep my Sandy Bridge Celeron below 50C with a low-rpm fan.
  • Cons: For about the same price you can get other coolers which fit better, and work better. Also, I wasn't going to mention the screeching noise of the fan because I thought my fan was defective, but now that I see other reviewers that have the same screeching fans, i'd really stay away from this cooler
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Overall 4

Not really quiet

Loren T., Newegg
31 December 2010
  • Summary: I have several Nexus products and like them; but, I will never buy another one of these!
  • Pros: Low profile and cooling is decent. I used this in a Silverstone Milo low height case and it fit fine. It keep the CPU temps at or below 61 C running Prime95 at full load with no case fan.
  • Cons: Fan noise is annoying. It is not load like most fans ... it has a high pitched whining sound that will drive you crazy! I am currently looking for a way to replace the stock fan. The retainer mechanism is a pain. Took me several tries to figure out how to install this (hint on an AM3 socket the clips go in the middle of the cooler block (note slot) and not on the bottom like all of the others I have tried. The supplied Allen wrench does not fit in the space supplied t...
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Overall 10

Replacing a Helicopter in an HTPC

Robert D., Newegg
13 September 2010
  • Pros: Read reviews before purchasing. Was anxious about mounting. Pleasantly surprised at how easy the install was on an LLG 775. Looks like Nexus has responded to criticism. The fan and heatsink we out of box, assembled and mounted within 20 minutes.
  • Cons: Requires both sides of mobo to be accessible. Most cases i would assume this means out of the case.
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Overall 8

Good Cooler, Does what I need

Travis P., Newegg
12 May 2010
  • Summary: If you want to install your own fan onto the Heatsink, you'll need Silicone Fan Mounts. Because the bracket it underneath the fan and it's shape, you can't screw the fan on and then re mount the holder to the actual heatsink without having to bend it out and then back. Using Silicone Fan Mounts, putting the brackets onto the heatsink, and then mounting the fan works wonders though. I fit a regular sized 120mm fan on there doing that.
  • Pros: This is indeed a low profile cooler. I mounted it onto a motherboard which I put into a completely custom fabricated case which needed a low profile cooler. It works fantastic. I'm running an i7 860 OC'ed to 3.33gHz, and the max load temp gets to only 64C.
  • Cons: Push Pin mounting system. I realize it's supposed to be low profile, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have used a bracket mounting system of some sort to reach underneath the fins.
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Overall 10

Fits in LianLi C37B

David H., Newegg
8 February 2010
  • Pros: Fits in slim case and provides nice cooling
  • Cons: Installation was more difficult then previous heat sinks/fans I've installed.
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Overall 2

Your dogs won't like this cooler

William H., Newegg
23 January 2010
  • Summary: I originally wrote a review that said I couldn't get it onto the computer motherboard and that I wanted to throw it across the room. This is a followup. A week later, I was miffed at having spent $60 on this thing to have it sit in a box. So, I took the motherboard out, and struggled for about an hour before I was able to finally get the last latch to hold. Upon powering up the computer, the dogs left the room and I could hear this faint high pitched squeal.
  • Pros: The only good thing I can come up with for this is that it is indeed low profile...um, the same height as the retail CPU fan that comes from Intel. If you an get it onto your motherboard, it does cool...about as well as the stock Intel cooler does.
  • Cons: First off, it is near impossible to install this CPU cooler. The fins of the cooler make it impossible to get to the latches that hold the CPU cooler to the motherboard. The second thing is that it emits a very high pitched squeal that my dogs and I can hear but other people in the family cannot.
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Overall 2

This may not be the CPU cooler for you!

Gregory K., Newegg
21 January 2010
  • Summary: Make sure this CPU cooler will work on your motherboard before you buy it. It is an expensive part that may not work.
  • Pros: I have always liked Nexus products. They make quality parts.
  • Cons: This cooler is impossible to attach to a Gigabtye GA-P55M-UD4 motherboard. This motherboard has the 1156 CPU socket The brackets that attach to the cooler are made to attach to 3 different Intel sockets so the pushpins won't stay upright. The brackets would work okay if you could get underneath the cooler to engage the pushpins. The pushpins are right up against the bottom side of the cooler making them almost impossible to engage even with the enclosed tool. It would...
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Overall 10

Mounting system needs to be junked.

Jan S., Newegg
2 December 2009
  • Summary: I did to this cooler what I did to the HOC-6000 I own: Fabricated my own attachment pins that thread into an Intel base on the back of the board. With this modification, I can control the amount of tension exerted by the base on the CPU and it also partially alleviates the bending of the motherboard caused by the push-pin arrangement.
  • Pros: I gave it five stars because of its efficiency at doing what it does: Keeps CPU in the 35 to 50 degree range even at high usage. I would have given it four stars if I hadn't figured out how to make the mounting system better.
  • Cons: Mounting system is the craps. Like the HOC-6000 I bought previously, the four (push)-pin attachment to Intel boards make you worry whether or not the heat sink base is actually hugging the top of the CPU. And the pins will pop out until you get the hang of attaching them to the motherboard holes.
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Overall 10

Pretty good low profile cpu cooler

Michael M., Newegg
26 November 2009
  • Summary: I was a little worried about ordering this without any other reviews but I really needed a cpu cooler asap and I am happy I bought it, it works perfectly.
  • Pros: Keeps temps at 40-50 degrees running prime 95 for 24 hours. Very high quality you can tell and packaging was great. It also comes with brackets for both amd and intel cpus.
  • Cons: Little expensive but needed a good quality low profile cpu cooler for my htpc. Installing it took FOREVER I spent 1 hour no lie trying to get the dang push pins in, because they are under the heat sink. I found out after 30 minutes they give you a special tool to get at those push pins but I found that out after I cut my hand up pretty bad trying to get it in frustration lol. Also it is very Wide was a little worried it wouldn't fit.
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