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Masscool AC-PAC400
3.7 out of 10

Masscool AC-PAC400

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Overall 10

let me help clear this up some

cody o., Newegg
20 July 2007
  • Summary: for those of you not knowing how this system works the tec hot sides heat is being removed by the top fan on the system. hwal the fan at an angle at the botem blows onto the chip puting cold air into the system. thats bacicaly all to it.
  • Pros: added cooling of 82watts. can be easily removed.
  • Cons: sticks out the front of the computer case.
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Overall 2

Not a good idea

Anonymous, Newegg
13 July 2007
  • Summary: If this system was able to do what they say, condensation would build up on the cooling fins causing water to drip onto whatever hardware might be under it. It's just not a good idea to air condition a Case, especially if you live in high humidity areas.
  • Pros: If the hot side could be outside the Case, it might give a little help. Some might want to have the bragging rights to TEC A/C but not me, it's going back.
  • Cons: Knowing how TEC systems work,this system cancels itself out because the heat produced is circulated inside the Case as well as any cool air it might produce.
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Overall 2

Not much for performance

Anthony S., Newegg
13 June 2007
  • Summary: Second, this thing will and does not cool your PC much at all, if any. With my roommates PC, and with many reviews I read, this unit if placed in a small enough case, such as a M-ATX or a bigger shuttle case, will yield at best maybe a 4 - 5C temp drop, not all too impressive for the price.
  • Pros: I can't say a single good thing about this product. Save your money and get some good high flow, quiet case fans like Panaflo's or maybe Noctua S12's. Ther performance will be about the same if not better with the superior case fans, and most likely quieter than this shop vac, I mean PC A/C unit is.
  • Cons: For those of you who have already bought this and are using it, sorry to hear that. Not to say anything bad about anybody, but my guess is that those who gave this a good or better review, don't know much about PC cooling, and are probably limited to knowing how to turn their PC on and use simple...
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Overall 2

Thermoelectric Ccooling

Scott S., Newegg
27 March 2007
  • Summary: NewEgg is awesome, I spend xxxx a year here, but this product is bogus. It should get a 0 out of 5. Effective? Quiet? Usefull?... laff
  • Pros: Could be used as decoration.
  • Cons: Unless this product is just completely bogus, it uses TEC to create a "cool" airflow into your case. Problem is, at best it's very inefficient and at worst, it’s useless. Even if this device utilized a high wattage TEC to produce a significant cooling effect within your PC case, due to the lack o...
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Overall 8

lol air conditioning

Gage M., Newegg
9 March 2007
  • Summary: I wish it had blue leds..... man i love leds master chief likes when i tape leds to him and he watches their hypnotizing glow. its beautiful
  • Pros: cools down my case and even slightly cools down my room. my room used to get so hot from having my computer on all the time playing world of warcraft and having halo 2 lan partiez all day. now i dont have to play in my underwear cause my room is teh cool
  • Cons: i have very curious cats and the one (master chief is his name ROFL) decided that he would start sniffing the new ac and it sucked his hair right into my case. i rushed to see if my computer was ok and everything was except the ac it waz brokes. oh the cat was alright too i guess
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Overall 2


Anonymous, Newegg
10 December 2006
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Overall 4

what do you expect

Ben D., Newegg
17 October 2006
  • Summary: Real electronic airconditioners do exist. They're used everyday in the Industrial world, but they also start at around $5000 so what do you expect?
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: Uhm, other than it doesn't work?
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Overall 2

Hell in a box

Anonymous, Newegg
30 August 2006
  • Summary: I'm in a dorm and my room temp is between 75-80 degrees f
  • Pros: The idea of this kind of technology
  • Cons: This is still a thing of the future. The idea is GREAT but this version I do believe is still the "prototype" for waffer. If anything at all, this made my computer run 1-2C hotter. I do not advice this one for anyone. A safe alternative are the Zalman coolers for you CPU and GPU.....I just bought...
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Overall 6

Don't buy unless your pc has NO vents

Cindy L., Newegg
26 June 2006
  • Summary: This thing is huge and I have been running it on snow setting and I bought this hoping I could lower my 7950 temp.I have not dropped 1 degree idle,or max load. This thing Needs to be around 10 times as powerfull as it is to do it's job.
  • Pros: Might be good if your pc has absolutley NO venting or openings of any kind.After installed can be taken in and out as easily as a sega genesis cartridge.
  • Cons: HUGE,If you have a front door on your PC it needs to be open to use this,NOT powerfull enough.
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Overall 4

Don't Bother With This...

Anonymous, Newegg
29 May 2006
  • Summary: This is not a very efficient or usefull cooling unit. If you have a system that just needs a little cooling help, stick with case fans and/or get a better CPU fan. Your money will be better spent that way. If you have a system that needs SERIOUS cooling, then check out a liquid cooled system.
  • Pros: It looks funky and adds personality to your PC.
  • Cons: LOUD when on the AC setting. Not too bad at all when on the "fan" setting. Milo (reviewer below) must work for Masscool (LOL). "Not loud"? Must be kidding. If you want to run it on the fan setting all the time, it is not that loud. But if you want to set it to the "Snow" setting and actually util...
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