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Masscool 8W553B1M3
6.2 out of 10

Masscool 8W553B1M3

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Overall 10

Solid Cooler

Tammy S., Newegg
19 June 2015
  • Summary: If you had 5 bucks, and Chuck Norris had 5 bucks, Chuck Norris would have 10 bucks.
  • Pros: Have had it on an Intel Core 2 Duo processor for over a year with no issues. Fan is still quite and the cpu has never had any overheating problems. I don't overclock, but I do game a lot of edit lots of videos.
  • Cons: Doesn't come with free nachos.
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Overall 10

Well Worth the Price

Henry C., Newegg
14 May 2015
  • Summary: I bought this fan to replace the original fan that came with my processor. When I tried to re-install it the stupid plastic push pins broke and I needed a new fan. There were plenty other fans with plastic, but since I no longer wanted any part of that I bought this fan with screws and the back...
  • Pros: Price-Nice fan at a very inexpensive price. No stupid plastic push pins which always seem to break. This fan seems to be well constructed and pretty sturdy. Comes with thermal paste but not very much, so make sure you get it right on the first shot.
  • Cons: Because of the back plate for the fan you have to take out the motherboard to install this unit. Not really a con but just a note.
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Overall 10

good, inexpensive cooler

Ken K., Newegg
14 February 2015
  • Summary: wouldn't recommend it if you were going to do any oc'ing but for everyday use works great. also, you might want to go with something a little better if you have a hotter running cpu as this is an all aluminum cooler.
  • Pros: good inexpensive cooler. needed an inexpensive cooler to replace the broken one on an old emachine I was fixing up. kept the e4700 at 30c idle and no higher than 57c after 10 loops of cpu burn. (room temp was around 80f used as-5)
  • Cons: none but a 4pin plug would've been nice.
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Overall 10

Easy Install

Sarah R., Newegg
4 January 2015
  • Pros: Easy to install, it screws in to a backboard behind the motherboard (I re-used the one from my last fan which was a similar model.) Comes with a packet of thermal compound if you don't want to buy a separate tube.
  • Cons: None, works great!
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Overall 8

Masscool CPU Cooler

micahel m., Newegg
4 July 2014
  • Summary: I purchased this because I salvaged a dell Foxconn 775 mobo that was missing a CPU cooler. Unlike my other 775 boards this one had a build in non removable back plate so none of my CPU coolers could screw into the back plate and be snug with the CPU for heat transfer.
  • Pros: It fits Cheap replacement for weird dell motherboard
  • Cons: doesn't cool very well
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Overall 2


elizabeth w., Newegg
16 June 2014
  • Summary: You get what you pay for.
  • Pros: none
  • Cons: The back plate is a joke. It's made out of flimsy plastic composite and it's not properly threaded for the screws.
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Overall 6

Average cooler

Korrey M., Newegg
26 April 2014
  • Summary: This is just your average LGA775 cooler, it's about as bad as the stock Intel cooler, but trades blows with it in different areas. They're both awful coolers but I'd pick this over an Intel cooler even with the metal shavings problem due to the annoying screaming of stock Intel coolers.
  • Pros: This cooler has more airflow than a stock LGA775 cooler and has less restricted airflow as well (fins aren't as narrow.) And while it isn't silent by a long shot, it is considerably less annoying than the stock Intel cooler. The Intel cooler has a very annoying whine at full throttle from the un-...
  • Cons: First, this cooler cannot cool the TDP it's rated for. The specs don't give a concrete TDP limit, but it does say it will cool a "Prescott Pentium 4 3.6 GHz" which is 115W. This cooler absolutely will not do that, in fact it has trouble with anything over 65W. I have it on a Pentium 4 524 (3.06 G...
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Overall 2

Faulty fan, bad tech support

Randy T., Newegg
21 April 2014
  • Summary: Won't buy MASSCOOL again, even over a $10 fan.
  • Pros: Newegg, heat sink itself
  • Cons: Fan, tech support for warranty service Recently purchased on 2.16.2014. I've noticed that since installing, that occasionally, when the PC is turned on, the CPU fan does not start (as indicated during the POST with a CPU fan failure alarm and through visual inspection). Other times, when it does ...
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Overall 10

Love this fan

Anonymous, Newegg
4 April 2014
  • Pros: I bought this fan 7 years ago and still runs as quiet and as fast as it did when I bought it. Runs about 2361 rpms most times but is about 2390 max. This was built to last. Had used this on a Celeron E1200 dual core for 5 years, now have it on a Pentium D processor. My Celeron E1200 still works. ...
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10

lasted years...

Troy H., Newegg
31 January 2014
  • Summary: using in a htpc, it is the most silent fan in the system.
  • Pros: Had it for a few years, still spins at 2361 rpm great cooler extending the life of my old p4 and now a second hand pentiumm d @ 3.40ghz, temps are good for an all aluminum cooler.
  • Cons: Hard to disassemble the fan from sink i did not try to, so it makes it a bit harder to clean, sticking tape in between fins works well with compressed air.
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