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Dynatron G950
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Dynatron G950

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Overall 8

Lows temps on a budget

Shellie S., Newegg
12 November 2010
  • Pros: This cooler rivals anything I haved used in the past. It's unique in the fact that the fan sits at the core of the cooler rather then sitting on the front or back of the cooler. It features a Spring and Screw retention mech. for AMD systems and the Push Pin setup for Intel. It also features Direc...
  • Cons: The Amd spring and screw system make you have to install your memory then install your heatsink then put everything in side your case. Also the little screws can be a pain to get to if you have big hands.
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Overall 6

First one was better

Jay W., Newegg
5 October 2010
  • Summary: I see Antec has an identical cooler but costing more, maybe better quality control? Kind of like Asus/ASRock, in my opinion. If Antec has recently acquired Dynatron their QC needs improving, if the merger of the two is a work in progress I can understand QC not being so great yet.
  • Pros: Size, this thing is just sheer mass. Nice design, decent execution, still lets you use all your memory slots and actually access them. Now these are equipped with a 4-pin fan, which is good. Heatpipes are a nice touch. Stock fan actually moves some air. Base is good enough seeing as how the heatp...
  • Cons: The fan gave out on me the first day I had it. The bases of these could be a bit smoother, shouldn't require any modification by the user seeing as how the price of these is creeping up to what the other heatsinks cost.
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Overall 10

Great Value

Dr K., Newegg
1 September 2010
  • Summary: Running an i7-875k OC to 3.8 Ghz stable with this cooler. Was using a Corsair H50 before and at 3.8 would spike the temps up over 75, now they run around 70 at full load which is what I wanted. I wanted to have the highest stable overclock without going over 70 degrees.
  • Pros: Works very well, smooth fan noise. Not as heavy as some of the really large air coolers. Very tight mounting lets the heatsink base press all the way into the cpu for maximum thermal conductivity. In a performance class well above its pricepoint.
  • Cons: Mounting can be a little tricky, however once you figure it out it's actually quite simple and works very well so I don't really see this as a con.
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Overall 4

Doesn't perform well

Quang C., Newegg
14 July 2010
  • Summary: I strongly advise anyone that buys this product to keep an eye on their CPU temps and remember when you purchased this product because of the open 30-day window for an RMA>
  • Pros: It's cheap, sometimes they're on sale. Comes with thermal paste and proper hardware to install on the the AM3 & 1156, 775, 1366 sockets.
  • Cons: I wouldn't mount this on any computer. First thing that really stood out was the contact surface it makes with the CPU. No way it'll cooled the CPU with the rough/uneven surface. It needs to be sanded to make it smooth. I don't see much of a difference in temperature compared to OEM heatsinks.
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Overall 10

A Follow Up

Robert S., Newegg
5 July 2010
  • Summary: I've you've read my previous review, you know I love this sink. Sadly Newegg is charging more than the $25 + free shipping I got for it. HOWEVER, this is still a wonderful heatsink and will once again be worth your money with this simple mod.
  • Pros: See previous review.
  • Cons: See previous review. Not enough tension in the springs. (hence the mod in this review)
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Overall 10

Way to go dynatron!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan L., Newegg
3 July 2010
  • Summary: my system specs are K9N2GM-FIH mother board from MSI 6 gigs of pc26400 aka ddr2 800 Amd 955BE quad core cpu Evga GTX260 ssc edition thermaltake armor MX case Sigma Monster 850 constant psu @40C Creative X-FI fatality championship edition
  • Pros: well just looking over the design of this cooler to me it looked well designed and put together good. now i have used dynatron for alot of intell builds but now that they have ones for amd too i though i would give it a try. i have had the cooler for about 6 months now and its going strong. i hve...
  • Cons: now i know this is a good product but it still has some minor flaws its not perfect but close enough. on start up when it gets going its a bit louder then what it will be after your system boots up in about 5 min (typical for most 4 pin fans for now). mounting this was a bit hard on an msi mb but...
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Overall 8

Pleasant;y Surprised

Jay W., Newegg
15 May 2010
  • Summary: This product is very similar to AMD's way of business. Offer a comparable product to the industry leaders, but at a MUCH fairer price. Best bang for the buck cooler on the market, hands down.
  • Pros: In short, awesome. Keeps things nice and cool, in my particular rig it is quite attractive. Doesn't need high quality thermal grease to perform, so it is a legit product that really does its job. Nice touch with the direct-contact heatpipes. On my motherboard it covers the first RAM slot but I am...
  • Cons: Quality control at this product's assembly plant must be pretty lenient on what gets shipped. I didn't have a problem with the cooler I received, it works great, but a visual inspection reveals a fairly rough assembly, especially where the heatpipes and the sink meet. Probably wouldn't hurt to sa...
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Overall 2

Curved contact surface

Jose G., Newegg
6 May 2010
  • Summary: I had this on a i7 860 1156 and my temps would rise pretty quick. The mounting pins don't really put a lot of pressure on the CPU heat spreader for starters, but the real issue was when I checked the surface of the contact area and it was convex.
  • Pros: Low cost, looks good, quiet
  • Cons: Poor mounting, CURVED CONTACT SURFACE
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Overall 10

exceeds expectations

Lindsey G., Newegg
29 April 2010
  • Summary: the grooves between the heatpipes where they make contact with the processor are fairly deep, I was careful to fill them with arctic silver before attaching to the CPU and it hasn't been a problem temperature wise.
  • Pros: this is a fantastic cooler for the price. I was expecting something slightly better than the stock cooler for my Phenom II x4 955, what I got was a pleasant surprise. this, combined with good case airflow, keeps a 125W chip running at 28° idle and rarely if ever gets over 45°. it fits easily in a...
  • Cons: in my case the provided thumbscrews for AM3 mounting were too short to reach the threading recessed in the plastic brace that sits underneath the motherboard (MSI NF980-G65). I solved this by sanding the brace. also, the cooler overhangs the first RAM slot and part of the second. I was able to us...
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Overall 10

Better than expected.

Anthony S., Newegg
7 April 2010
  • Pros: Very nice cooler! Keeps my Phenom II 965 (OC to 4.0 at 1.47) at 30c idle and 50C under full load. Very easy to install on AM3 board.
  • Cons: Big and ugly. So big it doesn't allow reg 25mm thick side fan on my Antec 900 case. I found a 120mm x 120mm x 12mm fan which should do fine once it arrives.
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