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Cooler Master GeminII M4

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Reviews and Problems with Cooler Master GeminII M4

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Overall 4

CPU Fan too big to fit ITX mini mother board!

Kristina Strieter, Amazon
2 January 2015
  • Summary: First the bad. I installed this fan on a ITX system. The part was recommended by www.pcpartpicker.com. A web site that was recommended to me by a friend. For the most part it did its part but really didn't take into account the sheer size of the CPU fan. The fan is so big it encompasses the whole ITX motherboard. The heat sink on the ram is butted against the fan, and there is no chance for another ram chip to fit under the fan if that upgrade was done.
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Overall 10

Cold and quiet, best so far!

David Slama, Amazon
5 December 2014
  • Summary: This is the best CPU cooler I have had ever. This thing cools better than my water cooler used to. It is a very quiet runner too. It is cooling a APU AMD A8-3850 *O.C to 3.4GHz* and still hovering around 30C. I did use arctic silver 5 instead of the thermal paste provided. Either way awesome product! The brackets were a little confusing but if you can problem solve it is not a problem.
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Overall 8

Rating Not Fair For This Unit

A. DeJesus "video guy", Amazon
25 November 2014
  • Summary: Any rating I put here would not be fair because this cooler was just not designed for my system. I had hoped that this cooler would work in my 3U server chassis, but the Intel i7-2600k processor is just too much. The CPU was running in the 70s under heavy video editing loads. The CPU fan spinning at over 1,000 rpm constantly. Perhaps for a less formidable system. I think even with a bigger fan on top it might not be enough.
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Overall 8

Great performance

Blue Dog, Amazon
5 November 2014
  • Summary: It was bigger than I expected but it still fit inside of a Dell 620s slim PC. I have to take a star for the almost comically small instructions but if you have experience with CPU coolers it's pretty standard stuff. And by standard stuff I do mean ripping the motherboard out of the case and being limited by two hands when 3 would be nice. Temperatures dropped a lot from the stock 80mm Intel cooler and it's like 90% quieter. I'd buy it again and again.
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Overall 6

Great product, QC needs some help

bassoprofundo, Amazon
8 October 2014
  • Summary: Bought this for an HTPC retrofit because I needed something functional, quiet, slim, and inexpensive. This fits all of those qualifications perfectly. My temps are 3-4C lower than the stock HS/F, and it's inaudible. Installation, however, was a challenge. You have to have the motherboard out of the case to mount since it requires access to the underside.
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Overall 2

The method of attaching to Amd motherboards is crap, with large nuts to attach bolts from the ...

G Johnson, Amazon
8 September 2014
  • Summary: Installed as per directions. Cpu went to over 70%C in less than 3 minutes. Pulled it off and could see that only about 25 percent of the heatsink was touching the cpu. The method of attaching to Amd motherboards is crap, with large nuts to attach bolts from the mounting bars on top to the backing plate. The backing plate is metal with only a thin film of some kind of insulation, and fits directly to the back of the motherboard.
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Overall 10

This fan is perfect for my HTPC which is a small form factor ...

John Massaro, Amazon
1 August 2014
  • Summary: This fan is perfect for my HTPC which is a small form factor case. Most fans are tall and will not fit. This fan is super quite even when running at it's highest speed. My motherboard does have smart fan speeds so only when the CPU is under load will it spin at full speed. The originally Intel fan that came with the CPU was loud, even at low speeds and did not cool the CPU well enough while the CPU was under heavy load. I am using an Intel i7-2700k.
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Overall 8

GeminII cooler

Rt07, Amazon
20 June 2014
  • Summary: For the money this is an excellent CPU cooler. The way it connects to the mobo isn't as good as some other Coolermaster fans and the clips that hold the fan to the fins are a little tricky to take on and off. It is very lite and doesn't take up too much space. Keep in mind though that being low profile it will not fit over memory sticks with heat spreaders. Overall happy with the purchase.
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Overall 10

Works nicely

Ray Clark, Amazon
22 April 2014
  • Summary: I chose this because it was lower than a lot of heat sink/fans. I used it on an AMD A10-7850k and an MSI A88x E45 board. No issues with it hitting ram or hanging over the PCIe slot. The AMD stock cooler is junk. The chip ran at 60 c on idle. This keeps it around 40 c when working. I also used the back plate from the MSI mobo. Not that the on that came with it was bad, the one that was on the mobo was designed for it. I thought that was better than using a universal.
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Overall 10

Fits GA-F2A88XN-WIFI with two sticks of ram.

d.hawk, Amazon
4 April 2014
  • Summary: I originally started with a Zalman in a cooler master elite 120 case (only 70mm of overhead clearance), but on the GA-F2A88XN-WIFI, it blocks one of the ram ports. Picked this up for significantly less, it slides in the case with plenty of clearance, and, if positioned correctly (you can use different brackets to mount it at [0,90,180,270] degrees) will allow you to use two sticks of ram (so long as they dont have HUGE top heatsinks - I used Kingston Hyper Blue) Wish the...
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