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Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro

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Reviews and Problems with Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro

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Overall 10


Daniel R., Newegg
1 week ago
  • Summary: The unclear instructions could be my lack of experience with aftermarket VGA coolers, which is why it still gets 5 eggs. This is the first one I ever installed so I had a bit of a tough time understanding the instructions.
  • Pros: Upgraded from the stock EVGA cooler to this beast and my idle temperature dropped from about 62C to 43C. My load temperature dropped from about 95C to about 60C. It also runs quite a bit quieter than the EVGA stock cooler under load.
  • Cons: The installation instructions weren't very clear; however, they were manageable.
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Overall 8

Recommended for experienced computer users with good manual dexterity

Michael K. Gaston "Early Adaptor", Amazon
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: The Arctic Acclero L2 plus dramatically reduced the temperature of my HD Radeon 5770 after a difficult install. With the increased width the video card would no longer fit into my older PC. It works well in my new build. The 5770 was overheating - over 90 degrees. It is now holding steady at under 40 degrees.
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Overall 4

User Review

Matthew H., Newegg
19 December 2014
  • Pros: Cooler arrived on time.
  • Cons: Thermal adhesive that was packaged with the cooler was solidified when I received it. Called the support number on the page, and they were very little help. Haven't had a chance to use the cooler. Kind of disappointed. Can't use the packaged heatsinks without the thermal adhesive, so I need to search for a replacement.
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Overall 8

Does the job

LYNNE G., Newegg
29 November 2014
  • Summary: I bought this heatsink because the fan of my HD7850 began to make a lot of noise. This heatsink is as good as the stock one but it has mini heatsinks in bonus.
  • Pros: The fan is very quiet. For the price it's pretty good. Mini heatsinks for the voltage regulators and the ram.
  • Cons: It takes three slots of space on my motherboard because of the heatsink's height. Same temperatures as with the stock cooler.
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Overall 2


Robert E., Newegg
25 November 2014
  • Summary: This device was purchased to replace the defective closed loop water cooler, also made by Arctic, for my HD 7850.The first Arctic product failed within a few months and this one might have lasted longer if it didn't allow my Sapphire, a good video card maker by the way, to cook itself. I know better than most that stock cooling on VGA cards is almost never adequate and so the VGA cooling aftermarket will thrive.
  • Pros: Relatively inexpensive and quiet
  • Cons: Moderately fiddly installation procedures. Takes up 3 slots installed. Doesn't get the job done. Temps always above 70C.
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Overall 10

Cool & Quite!

Riga Da Mon "Riga28", Amazon
27 October 2014
  • Summary: Great deal on terrific cooler! Works on my 7870...I didn't use the heat-sinks for the memory since the old cooler didn't touch those things. Dropped my idle temp from 54C to 39C! And while playing different games I don't even hear the fan speed up even though it does. Easy to install, instructions were spot on. All hardware need for install was provided! If you need a new cooler or just want to run cooler get this bad boy for your GPU!
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Overall 10

Great, Affordable Heatsink

Neil Leisenheimer, Amazon
10 October 2014
  • Summary: Overall, I'm very satisfied. It worked flawlessly with my HIS 6790. It has thermal paste on it so you don't need to apply it yourself, which will be nice for people who haven't applied a heatsink before. It also comes with some smaller heatsinks for the memory. I didn't use these because I just didn't feel they were necessary and didn't want to take the time. The only hitch I did run into was I needed to use the molex power adapter for the fan.
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Overall 10

Both super quiet and massively effective

Cyril W., Newegg
5 October 2014
  • Pros: This thing is huge. Heat dissipation is easy for this cooler, and the fan is only audible when at 100%. <-- which never happens
  • Cons: This thing is huge, but that's what makes it so effective.
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Overall 10

Great Product

Erik M., Newegg
27 September 2014
  • Summary: Its a great inexpensive fan to buy incase your stock unit goes out. It's not top of the line but hey its working well, its quite and have had no problems thus far. I used this fan to replace my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 fan and can say its replacement is a complete success from install to lower temps.
  • Pros: Great after market fan and quality of build is satisfactory. As far as temperature regulation goes its been doing its job well, as a matter of fact its been keeping the temperatures lower than the stock unit that nVidia provided. Its also a very quiet fan so I can hardly hear it under my desk.
  • Cons: Wish they've given me a tube of their thermal compound instead of pre-applying it so I could of done it myself since I personally felt it was a little bit too much.
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Overall 10

ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus VGA Cooler - nVidia & AMD, 92mm Efficient PWM Fan, SLI/CrossFire

Gary Y., Newegg
13 September 2014
  • Summary: have Arctic Coolers on several CPU's so I knew this was going to be good but I didn't expect this... You can also download the instructions from the Arctic Cooler website before you buy... so you know what you're getting into... if You have a card this will fit on (there are many) don't even hesitate it's on sale at 5% off right now and I got $4.00 off on the MX-4....
  • Pros: lowered idle temps by 10 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius when playing Diablo 3...(CPUID HWMonitor running in the background)...able to overclock HD 6670 to maximum settings ...Fan is nearly silent when running at twelve volts...straight forward install.
  • Cons: had to scrape the pre-applied thermal paste off it was way too much for the tiny chip I needed to cover half a grain of rice of MX-4 was all I needed. takes an hour for the adhesive to cure...have to clean the VRMs with an eraser or the adhesive will not hold at all...
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