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Fisher & Paykel OB30SDEPX1
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Fisher & Paykel OB30SDEPX1

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Product Info
The OB30's cavernous size, ten cooking modes including self-clean and AeroTech cooking system make it the ultimate in cooking technology and convenience. Combine all this with its clean lines, stylish machined metals and electronic illumination, and the OB30 strikes the perfect balance between form and function.
Brushed Stainless Steel
Capacity & Installation
cu. ft useable capacity 3.5 European or traditional installation options Oven shelf positions 8 Underbench and wall mount
Current requirement (amps) 21
Control panel keylock
1 year parts & labor warranty
Cooking Modes
Aero bake Aero Broil Aero Broil AeroBroil produces food with a finish that is similar to a rotisserie. Meat, poultry and vegetables cook beautifully; food is crisp and brown on the outside while the inside remains moist and tender. Try using this mode with foods you might usually fry, like meatballs. Great for chops, cutlets and beef burgers as well as vegetables. Aero pastry AeroTech true convection cooking system AeroTech true convection cooking system The AeroTech True Convection Cooking System circulates hot air all around the cavity, providing 3D surround heat. This even heat distribution throughout the oven makes multi-shelf cooking ideal and creates precision in cooking. Bake Bake Heat is provided from the upper and lower elements. A traditional cooking mode, suitable for single shelf cooking of items like cakes, delicate items like custard tart and crème brûlée Broil Broil Broil delivers intense heat from the inner region of the top element. Great when you need to quickly Broil smaller dishes, for example Creme Brulee, or one to two portions of your usual favorites, like crispy chicken breasts or a steak. Broil takes a minute or so to warm up and is carried out with the door closed. Power levels are expressed as a percentage from LO (50% power) to HI (100% power). Cooking modes 10 Maxi Broil Maxi Broil Maxi Broil delivers intense heat from the entire top element. It is the most suitable mode for 'finishing off' many meals, for example browning the top of potato gratin and frittata as well as cooking smaller cuts of meat. Use Maxi Broil to toast bread or as well as Broiling your favorite chicken, fish and steak. Maxi Broil takes a minute or so to warm up and is carried out with the door closed. Power levels are expressed as a percentage from LO (50% power) to HI (100% power). Pastry bake Roast True aero Warm
Performance Features
Active oven venting system Closed door grilling Fast preheat Fast preheat Heats to 175A°C/350A°F in less than 10 minutes and 220A°C/430A°F in just 15 minutes. Multi-shelf cooking Powerful 4400W grill
3 piece anti-splatter grill system 1 Cooking Probe Telescopic sliding shelves 3 Telescopic sliding shelves Telescopic sliding shelves seamlessly slide in and out of the oven. The sliding shelves are equipped with a handle like front ensuring you can easily grab the front of the shelf and slide out the trays of food. This allows direct access to food making basting, turning and adding ingredients easier and safer.
High acid resistant graphite enamel interior Pyrolytic self clean function Pyrolytic self clean function This oven features a pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle that takes care of the mess and grime that is traditionally associated with oven cleaning. During self-clean cycles the oven reaches higher temperatures than it does for cooking and this burns off and breaks down soil deposits. The ash residue that remains can simply be removed from the cool oven with a damp cloth or sponge. Removable oven door Removable side racks
Illuminated halo knobs 2 Illuminated halo knobs Illuminated halos surround the temperature and function knobs on the control panel. When a function is chosen the function knob's halo glows red. The temperature knob also glows red while the oven heats up, and once the oven reaches the selected temperature the halo will change to a white illumination Automatic cooking Automatic cooking A convenient function, automatic cooking means the oven can be set to time a meal perfectly, even when you are not in the kitchen. Use automatic cooking to automatically turn the oven on, cook, and then turn the oven off at the times you require, for a meal that is ready when you are. Full electronic control Farenheit/celsius selection Self diagnostics for servicing Sabbath mode
General Features
Halogen oven lights 3 Multifunction Multifunction A variety of cooking functions to choose from for perfect results.
Release Date
First seen
19 May 2009