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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

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Reviews and Problems with Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

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Overall 1

Worst product in the long sad history of bad products

meisdadoo, CNET
5 days ago
  • Summary: My old laptop with Windows XP died just before I had to leave town to give a presentation. I quickly bought a new Dell laptop without any time to do research--so I just got one of the "better" ones (more expensive). I figured that Dell makes pretty good hardware and I know my way around Windows, so what's to research? I traveled all day; and the night before giving my presentation I opened the box and started setting up the new laptop.
  • Pros: NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, Null Set . . .
  • Cons: I hate everything about this product--DO NOT BUY IT ! ! !
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Overall 1

This is the WORST version EVER

aareces, CNET
2 October 2014
  • Summary: What were they thinking? Are they THAT incompetent to kill usability so that it works like a tablet or a an iPhone? Their marketing people must all be Apple users or have been told to copy whatever they are doing on iphone. Didn't they learn with VISTA? Obviously not!
  • Pros: none
  • Cons: ALL
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Overall 1

save yourselves, dont get windows 8

summertimesasuke, CNET
20 September 2014
  • Summary: internet sucks. i have to run the troubleshooter every time i turn the laptop on. it doesnt even fix the problem, just makes it worse. start button doesnt bring up the menu, it goes to the tiles.
  • Pros: slightly faster?
  • Cons: everything else
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Overall 1

Like a dark cloud descended over our office... more like a painful rash..ugh, get it off my PCs!

medicalofficeowner, CNET
19 September 2014
  • Summary: Perhaps a few will like the UI because they're attracted to shiny objects. Those who use several specific programs day in and day out will want to vomit at the sight of all the useless apps, and whip themselves with a lampcord after upgrading to this garbage. A new learning curve leads to "clever" new paths to old standbys. Made to integrate with touch screens and cellphones, the vision was clearly one eventual happy smiling OS for all future devices.
  • Pros: Search is application specific
  • Cons: Like a smartphone bred with a PC and spawned a monster. A new smiley face bandage over a now festering wound.
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Overall 1

Absolutely loathe it

sherril61, CNET
4 September 2014
  • Summary: I have a tablet and i have a phone  - I need a PC to work like a PC not this hybrid thing that has been created. Having to  change between interfaces is cumbersome.  This has made work and study exceptionally frustrating and slow.
  • Pros: Nothing
  • Cons: Not user friendly at all. difficult to negotiate. Who needs charms???
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Overall 1

feel totally lost using it

claude_04444, CNET
25 August 2014
  • Summary: System was not too bad to learn
  • Pros: still looking
  • Cons: its not 7
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Overall 1

Worst Microsoft Product Ever

16 August 2014
  • Summary: Where do I begin? With the Automatic Repair loop OR Bluescreen every 10 minutes? Haha no. This is the worst OS I ever used. And I thought Windows XP sucked, but this OS is just a pure nightmare. Lags like hell, I got good specs and we can't reset it, we tried everything even requesting a disc. And it won't accept ANY INTERNET IP. IT SAYS ITS NOT A VALID CONFIGURATION. We tried everything we could, but I'm now out of a freaking laptop!!
  • Pros: NO PROS
  • Cons: ALL CONS
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Overall 2

Raises your hope and then brings them crashing down!

rahul1.parab2, CNET
8 August 2014
  • Summary: Windows 8.1 Pro seemed to have ironed out the issues with WIndows 8, or so I thought.
  • Pros: Improvement from Vista. :D
  • Cons: DVD/.vob file media playing. Lack of Device Drivers and supported devices. Program Menu.
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Overall 1

Bloody useless

Magpie1953, CNET
19 July 2014
  • Summary: I have had nothing but TROUBLE since downloading this system. In searching for fixes I have discovered so many others have had the same problems.
  • Pros: Opens to desktop
  • Cons: Caused major complications on my computer
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Overall 2

I do not like Windows 8 at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

aikner, CNET
15 July 2014
  • Summary: Simply put, Windows 8 sucks! It is the worst OS I have ever used.
  • Pros: nothing
  • Cons: everything
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