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Apple Mac OS X Mavericks
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Apple Mac OS X Mavericks

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Reviews and Problems with Apple Mac OS X Mavericks

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Overall 3

What's not to hate about Mavericks

cre8joy, CNET
27 April 2015
  • Summary: Very disappointing free "upgrade" from Apple, giving further credence to the saying "you get what you pay for", or do not pay for, as it were. Nevertheless, being a die-hard Apple enthusiast, I purchased a MacBook Air which came with Mavericks already installed.
  • Pros: There are certainly some pros
  • Cons: Not user friendly, causes all kinds of issues with other programs that are not "Maverick" friendly. A bit too exclusive and techy for my taste.
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Overall 2

For Security Reasons You Will Be Unproductive

onthelevel, CNET
18 October 2014
  • Pros: It's solid, intuitive, and pleasure to use
  • Cons: An insanly confused burdensome Apple ID/Security System
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Overall 1

Like iOS7 for Your Mac - Apple Becomes New Microsoft

mac-heath, CNET
12 May 2014
  • Summary: Lots of little changes that make your workflow harder, missing or renamed menu functions, more steps to do simple things like mail a link or "save as" a pdf. Experienced lockups twice now - never before on my Mac - total lockup non responsive cursor, requiring power button restart.
  • Pros: I Did Not Notice Any Upgrade In Functionality
  • Cons: Changes Without Purpose, Two-Dimensional Appearance
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Overall 2

Not ready, Forces use of iCloud for major functions. Not compatable with Word 2008,etc.

Victoria24b, CNET
3 April 2014
  • Summary: How I hate Maverick, let me count the ways.
  • Pros: I can't think of anything
  • Cons: Removed desktop sync for iCal, contacts, notes with devices such as iPhone and iPad
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Overall 8

It's good, but iTunes 11.1 is a pain in the butt.

PlatformNeutral, CNET
18 February 2014
  • Summary: For me Mountain Lion would have been great except for the fact that it didn't like older Macs and Safari 6 and iTunes 11 sucked donkey bawls. So I used heavily updated Lion and had to do without the useful features of Mountain Lion.
  • Pros: Love a lot of it, hate how it still isn't able to do college work (& despise iTunes 11.1 which it ships with) but it doesn't suck donkey bawls like Mountain Lion did.
  • Cons: It wants to call my vintage Time Capsule an AirPort Time Capsule, iTunes 11.1 sucks donkey bawls, but then again Mountain Lion as a whole sucked donkey bawls.
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Overall 2

Looks nice but can't print from any programs UGH

relray, CNET
13 February 2014
  • Summary: Don't take the risk until Apple Fixes the Problems
  • Pros: Other features are very nice. If you don't want to print anything then this is a good upgrade.
  • Cons: Do you ever print using an HP printer or a Brother printer--too bad. You CAN'T DO IT ANY MORE unless you spend many hours trouble shooting, booting in safe mode, repairing permissions and jumping through a lot of arcane hoops. All doable -- but why
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Overall 1

Very poor update

mavericks69, CNET
7 January 2014
  • Summary: I feel this is a test product,thats why it is free! it has caused all kinds of problems between logic 10.0.5 and m audio.I"ve had to reinstall twice to reslove issues and things are still not 100%.i have never had any problems with any of the other operating system updates with these product in over...
  • Pros: I found none other than its free
  • Cons: Not a finished product
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Overall 1

Terrible workflow, no express card support, total crap.

RedskyMetal, CNET
30 December 2013
  • Summary: Get rid of it. This is the Vista of OS X. Stick with Mountain Lion.
  • Pros: Great power saving features and more efficient CPU usage.
  • Cons: Worthless Microsoft-like features like Notifications, Maps, iBook, Messaging, and a bunch of other unnecessary crap that fills HD space. No express card support so it's impossible to run peripherals like external hard drives. Workflow is total crap.
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Overall 2

No Syncing Services Kills It!

Wwendi, CNET
13 December 2013
  • Summary: I have had Macs since the early 1990"s. I have told anyone who asked over the years that I would always prefer a Mac. The incredible ease of use. The security and dependability are tops in the industry. I have never bought a mac I didn't like.
  • Pros: Calendar ease of use - The Calendar upgrades are the only thing that stand out for me.
  • Cons: NO SYNCING Service
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Overall 1

Beware - local syncing now disabled.

30 October 2013
  • Summary: I'm writing this as a warning to Mac OSX users. The new Mavericks update takes away the ability for users to sync calendars, contacts or anything else via USB cable. If you take the Mavericks update, you will be forced to use iCloud for all syncing. That creates a host of problems.
  • Pros: Unknown. Luckily I did some research before I took the Mavericks update. You should too.
  • Cons: Local syncing has been disabled
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