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Sonic Lost World

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Overall 5

Expert Review

22 January 2014
  • Conclusion: Sonic has been on a bit of an awkward slope lately. In the last console generation we saw a slew of bad Sonic games with werehogs and sloppy camera controls paving the way. However, in the last three years he's managed to somewhat redeem himself with Sonic Generations and Colors. While they may not have been amazing games, they certainly weren't bad, which is more than I can say for Sonic Heroes.
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Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Review

2 December 2013
Overall 4

Sonic Lost World

The Gamers Temple
21 November 2013
  • Excerpt: When the kid down the street from me got a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog for his birthday, my first question, after watching him play for a bit, was, "Its so fast. How are you supposed to control him?" Every single Sonic game I've laid my hands on since has the same problem; either I'm fully in control and things seem slow, or he is bouncing from spring to spring and as cool as it looks, I've got no concept of or control over his next move.
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Overall 6

Sonic Lost World (Wii U)

14 November 2013
  • Excerpt: There’s no hiding, no denying it – Sonic Lost World draws inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy. It looks like it, feels like it for most of the game and the levels all draw upon the planetoids theme we loved from the Galaxy titles. So how does Sonic slot into the equation? He’s not Mario. He’s nimble, quick and a blur and it’s a friction that never feels quite right. Sonic Lost World tries something new with the story this time around.
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Overall 7

Sonic Lost World

High-Def Digest
13 November 2013
  • Summary: 'Sonic Lost World' is a Nintendo exclusive Sega title. When introduced by Nintendo, this Sonic was billed as another in a wonderful collaboration between the former rivals, and one whose concept seemed to echo recent Mario forays while making strides to give Sonic his own room to run. And that at least, is where the ambition lies.
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Overall 3

Sonic Lost World

BioGamer Girl
8 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Sonic: Lost World is an action packed adventure from the Sonic Team and SEGA that has you once again stepping into the shoes of the spiky, blue-haired character Sonic the Hedgehog. The main objective of Sonic: Lost World is to travel around Lost Hex in pursuit of Doctor Eggman so you can rescue your animal friends and stop the Deadly Six. Sounds intense, huh? You may ask, "What are the Deadly Six?
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Overall 6

Sonic: Lost World (WiiU) - Review

8 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Coming in to 2013, Sonic the Hedgehog was on the rise. With the successful and enjoyable releases of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations , it had become okay to have faith in the blue blur after years of catastrophic failure. So when Sonic: Lost World was announced, there was more joy and hope in the pre-release build-up than for any Sonic game in the last seven years.
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Overall 6

Sonic: Lost World

7 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Lost World is the latest title in the Sonic series released on both Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. In this edition Dr. Eggman is at it again, harnessing the power of menacing creatures known as The Deadly Six but this time the creatures rise up against their master and for the first time Sonic and Dr. Eggman will need to work together to defeat a common enemy.
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Overall 9

Sonic Lost World Review

5 November 2013
  • Summary: Sega are enjoying a partnership with Nintendo that older fans like myself never saw coming. These two rivals were always supposed to butt heads and eternally try to outdo each other. Strangely though, this newfound cooperation isn't such a bad alternative.
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Overall 8

Sonic Lost World review

Wii's World
31 October 2013
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