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6.3 out of 10

WCW Mayhem

Great Deal: $5.97

Reviews and Problems with WCW Mayhem

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Overall 2

All the fun of self-mutilation...

karilas, epinions.com
4 March 2008
  • Summary: If you're considering buying this, I recommend you do not reproduce.
  • Pros: That picture of Goldberg on the cart...
  • Cons: Everything else
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Overall 6

This game haves points in which it's lame, and few points on which it rocks.

bman141414, epinions.com
1 July 2001
  • Summary: This game is ok for the wrestling fan who likes a game with all their favorite wrestlers.
  • Pros: More Wrestlers, All PPV and All Rings.
  • Cons: Same Graphics, Same Wrestlers,Same Commontader played by (TONY).
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Overall 6

WCW Mayhem Codes and the 411

JBsmooth80, epinions.com
25 November 2000
  • Excerpt: Yeah,Yeah,I know what your all thinking.My God,Another wrestling game?
  • Pros: lots of wrestlers to choose from and plenty of weapons
  • Cons: gets old fast and the graphics are kinda crappy
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Overall 8

A promising engine

xeno3998, epinions.com
11 November 2000
  • Excerpt: I can approach reviewing a game like this in two ways. I can be a negative little puppy and swear m
  • Pros: This wrestling gameplay engine has some REAL potential
  • Cons: A lot of small and not so small nuances
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Overall 4

Mayhem - learning the controls

Brandon_L, epinions.com
9 November 2000
  • Excerpt: I bought WCW Mayhem because of all the fun I had with WCW Revenge and WCW vs. NWO World Tour.
  • Pros: Backstage wrestling (the idea)
  • Cons: Everything else
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Overall 10

To Mayhem or not to Mayhem?

pacerr, epinions.com
2 November 2000
  • Excerpt: WCW Mayhem is one of my favorite games for my N64! My mom loves it, I love it, and so do
  • Pros: Everything!
  • Cons: Nothing!
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Overall 2

WCW Fans..Just Forget it!!!!

acidmaxx, epinions.com
25 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Hi there...well iam a true WCW wrestling fan. Always have and always will be. At the beginnig...
  • Pros: Nothing...it would make excellent paper weight
  • Cons: Everything...and iam not joking!!!
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Overall 8

Mayhem-Ya right

ANecaj, epinions.com
1 July 2000
  • Excerpt: I thought that this game was good. Don't get me wrong but I is kind of hard to tag your partner in
  • Pros: The graphics are very good
  • Cons: It is not all that fun
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Overall 8

WCW Mayhem- Out of control....out of the ring

shmacko, epinions.com
30 June 2000
  • Excerpt: WCW Mayhem is arguably one of the coolest wrestling games for N64.
  • Pros: No DQ Matches and tons of places to fight
  • Cons: Create-A-Wrestler mode a little lame
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Overall 8

kick 'em in the nuts

DallasTwirl, epinions.com
26 May 2000
  • Excerpt: If you know Mamma, then you know there is only one thing she likes better than good under-age "
  • Pros: cheap to rent
  • Cons: easy to win
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