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Overall 4

The Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Killer! Yeah Right!!! (Angry As Hell WRITE-OFF)

jeremy1456, epinions.com
28 October 2001
  • Summary: Finally a game that I don't recommend!
  • Pros: Good Graphics, Original Magic System...
  • Cons: Boring Gameplay, Dull Music, Way Too Short...
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Overall 4

N64's first RPG and 1 of very few RPG's

greendaydm, epinions.com
20 August 2001
  • Summary: One of the very few RPG's for Nintendo 64. THQ tried, but did not try hard enough.
  • Pros: Finnaly an RPG for the N64!
  • Cons: It seems like they did not give 100% effort on making it.
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Overall 4

I feel dirty knowing I played this...game

millerpress, epinions.com
2 February 2001
  • Summary: Trust me, you have better things you could be doing! Honest!
  • Pros: The graphics look great!
  • Cons: There are no words to describe how bad this game really is.
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Overall 4

Big Hype for next to nothing

FooJenkins, epinions.com
18 July 2000
  • Excerpt: I thought when I bought this game I would become addicted and play until I won, then play it again,
  • Pros: Great Storyline, excellent concept, nice graphics
  • Cons: horrible gameplay, long, boring and dull
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Overall 4

Emergency-Backup-Game 64

zobovor, epinions.com
16 July 2000
  • Excerpt: Quest 64 's single most redeeming feature was the fact that it was released before Zelda 64
  • Pros: game mechanics are good for beginners, some scenes are absolutely gorgeous
  • Cons: poor soundtrack, little or no exploration required, is there a point to any of this?
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Overall 4

Quest64.....why it isn't a great game.(a must read)

derek2001, epinions.com
14 July 2000
  • Excerpt: Quest64, one of the earlier games for the N64.....perhaps also one of the worst.
  • Pros: None really....except your guide turns out to be your enemy
  • Cons: no real plot, gameplay, graphics, fighting moves, need I list anymore???
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Overall 4


word05, epinions.com
6 June 2000
  • Excerpt: Having been a long time nintendo fan, not to mention a long time computer game fan, I was thrille
  • Pros: added levels
  • Cons: bad graphics and bad controls
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Overall 4

Sort of mellow here. No- never mind- it sucks.

flizard64, epinions.com
21 May 2000
  • Excerpt: What an odd little game. I mean, they hyped it, changed it, delayed it, and hyped it some more;
  • Pros: It's one the the few N64 RPG's.
  • Cons: Gladly, most N64 RPG's don't suck- like this.
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Overall 4

Excellent computer game, poor game for the 64

theraze, epinions.com
17 May 2000
  • Excerpt: Quake was a breakthrough game in the computer industry. It was at the time very good graphics, and q
  • Pros: Good beginning game
  • Cons: Doesn't compare with computer or other 64 games
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Overall 4

The Quest for a good RPG continues

32_Footsteps, epinions.com
4 March 2000
  • Excerpt: One of the things that marked the Super Nintendo as one of the greatest video game systems ever was
  • Pros: Decent battle system, those roots looked cool
  • Cons: The rest of the graphics are bad, poor character building, weak story, more than a blurb can describe.
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