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Overall 6

Quest 64

nick7jq, epinions.com
17 September 2012
  • Summary: 6.2/10
  • Pros: Unique spell system, lots of spells, interesting concept
  • Cons: Not much to explore, too minimal in regards to "RPG" things, only one character?
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Overall 8

Quest 64: Nintendo 64's First RPG

mmtap, epinions.com
15 February 2002
  • Summary: Quest is a good RPG for the Nintendo 64. It could have been better, but they had to compete with Final Fantasy VII. But, it is still a great game.
  • Pros: Nice spell system, strategic battles.
  • Cons: Not enough story and adventure in a typical RPG.
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Overall 4

The Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Killer! Yeah Right!!! (Angry As Hell WRITE-OFF)

jeremy1456, epinions.com
28 October 2001
  • Summary: Finally a game that I don't recommend!
  • Pros: Good Graphics, Original Magic System...
  • Cons: Boring Gameplay, Dull Music, Way Too Short...
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Overall 4

N64's first RPG and 1 of very few RPG's

greendaydm, epinions.com
20 August 2001
  • Summary: One of the very few RPG's for Nintendo 64. THQ tried, but did not try hard enough.
  • Pros: Finnaly an RPG for the N64!
  • Cons: It seems like they did not give 100% effort on making it.
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Overall 4

I feel dirty knowing I played this...game

millerpress, epinions.com
2 February 2001
  • Summary: Trust me, you have better things you could be doing! Honest!
  • Pros: The graphics look great!
  • Cons: There are no words to describe how bad this game really is.
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Overall 6

"Quest shouldn't of rushed it."

bryslash, epinions.com
31 January 2001
  • Summary: If you're a fan of RPG's, you might like this game. If you don't, don't go near it with a ten foot pole!
  • Pros: Nice Battle spells, average graphics.
  • Cons: This game gets boring after awhile.
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Overall 8

quest 64

joey_13_1998, epinions.com
2 January 2001
  • Excerpt: In 1998 the first rpg game out for the nintendo 64 system. That game is quest 64.
  • Pros: the 3d graphics, the magic spells you can use on enemies
  • Cons: the attacking not skilled enough like zelda
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Overall 6

N64's first RPG isn't it's best...

girlgamer, epinions.com
5 November 2000
  • Excerpt: Y'know, it's sad the N64 doesn't have a "true" RPG, in fact, this game was as close as you
  • Pros: Nice Graphics
  • Cons: Too many random battles!!!
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Overall 8

excellent RPG

ingeniuz, epinions.com
16 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Quest 64 was a great game for role playing fans. This game has a fantastic 3Dimensional World.
  • Pros: n/a
  • Cons: n/a
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Overall 2

Death will become a blessing after THIS Quest!

Anthony6969, epinions.com
19 August 2000
  • Excerpt: Quest 64 The second I saw this game, since I am an RPG fan, I ran out and bought it.
  • Pros: Large World that took lots of time, Carefully made Magic System, Wings a cool idea
  • Cons: The game feels wrong, Bland graphics, terrible sound, no leveling up, no plot, The game just sucks
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