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6.9 out of 10

Star Fox 64

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Reviews and Problems with Star Fox 64

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Overall 6

Good for renting!

aflowers7, epinions.com
7 October 2011
  • Summary: Rent or borrow it at least. It is a lot of fun, but it doesn't last very long.
  • Pros: Beat-able, not time consuming, variation
  • Cons: Short Story
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Overall 10

Shooting with the Stars

BaronSamedi3, epinions.com
26 July 2009
  • Summary: Oh, right: The Rumble Pack is a curious little novelty, but it's pretty useless.
  • Pros: Incredibly complete and realized
  • Cons: Slippy and his voice
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Overall 6

Pull up Fox!

ben, TopTenREVIEWS
23 February 2009
  • Summary: This game brings back a lot of memories. The great thing about StarFox 64 is that is has wonderful single player action AND the multiplayer side is also amazingly fun. I wish I still had a 64 just so I could play this once in a while. Great fun.
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Overall 2

Is this a real game?

goku10234, epinions.com
29 September 2006
  • Excerpt: This game is VERY crappy. It isnt fun AND you'll be wasting your time playing it because the story l
  • Pros: You get to shoot stuff and flying is cool.
  • Cons: Everything else.
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Overall 8

pssh! Come in Fox, you're in another good game. pssh!

steven9988, epinions.com
31 July 2003
  • Summary: Fun, arcade-like. Good improvement from first.
  • Pros: Fun single player and multiplayer.
  • Cons: Short game.
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Overall 10

"Just Shoot It Fox!"

swanton00, epinions.com
1 March 2003
  • Summary: Starfox64 is one of the best games for N64.
  • Pros: Just about everything
  • Cons: Nothing really
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Overall 10

StarFox 64: One of the All-Time Greats!

goodrob, epinions.com
12 January 2003
  • Summary: StarFox 64 is fun! The great graphics, sound, and charm will draw you into the addictive gameplay.
  • Pros: Fun! Great graphics, sound, and control. Superb one-player action. Force-feedback pioneer.
  • Cons: Poor multi-player modes.
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Overall 10

I once knew a women named Star Fox, she gave me a rash.

StarSoldier1, epinions.com
15 July 2002
  • Summary: Earn points, get metals, open up secrets, and have fun shooting down junk. Got to love that!
  • Pros: Smooth graphics, great voices, and excellent action.
  • Cons: A little too easy to begin with, weak music.
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Overall 4

Buru! Buru! Buru! Buru!

NMD85, epinions.com
1 July 2002
  • Summary: Nintendo's Rumble Pak may appeal more to the younger audience while it disturbs the older audience for it's less than impressive addition to a once lighter controller
  • Pros: A limited step beyond the third-dimension
  • Cons: Adds weight and bulk, sometime diverts attention from concentrating, switching
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Overall 8

A Nintendo Classic!

dopple, epinions.com
10 December 2001
  • Summary: Star Fox 64 may be slightly short and features little for more than one player at a time, but it's fun, classic arcade style gaming is timeless and addicting.
  • Pros: Addictive gameplay; multiple routes and outcomes; Great graphics and enemies!
  • Cons: Weak multiplayer mode; doesn't take long to finish; some soundbytes may irritate.
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