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6.5 out of 10

Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap Pokémon Snap is a Nintendo 64 video game develo Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Pokémon Snap

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Overall 10

One of the greatest video games of all time!

masterc, epinions.com
9 October 2004
  • Summary: I recommend it if you love Native American Indian Culture, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Monsters, action, great game play, and wonderful music then this is The Bottom Line!
  • Pros: EVERYTHING especially the musical score!
  • Cons: NONE!
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Overall 10

Ranks Right Up There With Perfect Dark.

marty1982, epinions.com
12 August 2002
  • Summary: Turok 2 easily stands next to Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark as the N64's finest First person shooting game.
  • Pros: Amazing Graphics and sound, excellent multiplay, loads of depth and challenge.
  • Cons: Retains the frustrating save feature of the original, lots of item searching and backtracking.
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Overall 10

Honey, let's go to the Casino.

krnorup, epinions.com
8 May 2001
  • Summary: For fun casino fun without losing your money, this game is for you.
  • Pros: can gamble and not lose real money.
  • Cons: You can't take your winnings out of the game.
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Overall 10

Dino-shooting Perfection

PerfectEel, epinions.com
2 December 2000
  • Excerpt: This is the best turok game i have played yet! It is a refreshing blast from the past to all you lo
  • Pros: quake gameplay style
  • Cons: small levels
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Overall 10

great for kids who love to take pictures.

enchanted86, epinions.com
13 November 2000
  • Excerpt: The Whole Point Of The Game Pokemon Snap is a game intended to take pictures of the Pokemon you
  • Pros: ---
  • Cons: ---
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Overall 10

Prepare for one of the longest battles of your life!

Augdawg, epinions.com
12 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Prepare yourself for one of the longest video games of all time.
  • Pros: Incredible battle awaits our Turok warrior
  • Cons: The Game is almost too big!
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Overall 10

I'ts very cool for the kids

Martin_Perez, epinions.com
13 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Having celebrated its triumphant third anniversary in Japan, one had to wonder how long the immensel
  • Pros: pokemon
  • Cons: don't know
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Overall 10

Turok! Turok! Turok! Turok!

Mr_Mxyzptlk, epinions.com
5 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Every once in a while a great game is made. Turok Rage Wars is one of those games.
  • Pros: Great weapons and character
  • Cons: Not suitable for the "Kirby fans"
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Overall 10

Blood and guts???

biggweed4, epinions.com
14 August 2000
  • Excerpt: Check this game out. It's shoot em' up all blood and guts. THIS particular game is 1 of those games
  • Pros: Great,graphics/sound/weapons
  • Cons: Not compatible with Gameshark
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Overall 10

great Multiplayer Game

Jnco_Boarder, epinions.com
24 July 2000
  • Excerpt: I think this is one of the greatest N64 games in the gaming world.it has a great multi-player and a
  • Pros: Great game to play All over the place
  • Cons: Some weapons can be Kind of cheap
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