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7.5 out of 10

Jet Force Gemini

“Developed and published by Rare (GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Tooie), J Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Jet Force Gemini

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Overall 6

a decent game with a few laughs

pikaz, epinions.com
13 September 2002
  • Summary: If you are really a fan of rare, and action/adventure games in general, gor for it.
  • Pros: Many weapons, characters with different storys.
  • Cons: Not very involving,Secrets are not that good.
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Overall 6

Bugs,Guns, and Adventure

Samurai107, epinions.com
18 June 2001
  • Summary: I'd still recomend this game, although its set backs. It's a classic nonetheless, and go for it.
  • Pros: Good adventure
  • Cons: Hard to see sometimes, Multiplayer
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Overall 6

almost an excellent game

ROBOBOB, epinions.com
11 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Jet Force Gemini was the first 3rd person shooter i had ever purchased and i must say i thought i wa
  • Pros: Good graphics and sound
  • Cons: Firefights could have more depth
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Overall 6

A big misfire

Chris79c, epinions.com
27 June 2000
  • Excerpt: I got this game expecting to get a good shooter for my N64, what I got however was a boring repetive
  • Pros: Great Sound effects,shooting fun can be fun at times
  • Cons: Repetive to the tee
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Overall 6

They do too much

thefooser1, epinions.com
19 June 2000
  • Excerpt: This game is a different game from most others. And it does it by adding many different elements.
  • Pros: Machine Gun, Lots of different things to do
  • Cons: Graphics, AI
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Overall 6

Blow em up, collect the heads, and reek havoc!

theraze, epinions.com
15 June 2000
  • Excerpt: This is a game that almost makes fun of aliens taking over galaxies.
  • Pros: Guts, blood, and fun for a little bit.
  • Cons: Bad multi-player, single player gets boring.
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Overall 6

Home theater gameing is good

fletcher77, epinions.com
17 May 2000
  • Excerpt: I like some things about the game but the sound am the best. If you have a home theater system.
  • Pros: sound
  • Cons: we wanted a shoot them up game not a wait and jump
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Overall 6

A Rare Disappointment

jamescon, epinions.com
30 April 2000
  • Excerpt: Storyline: 4.5 In a galaxy far, far away a long time ago, Mizar ruled the universe.
  • Pros: Excellent Graphics, Storyline, multiplayer
  • Cons: Anything else
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Overall 6

jet force stupid

stifftwo, epinions.com
25 January 2000
  • Excerpt: Jet force Gemini stinks it is a complete waste of your money.I just rented it i did not buy it and p
  • Pros: Jet Force Gemini
  • Cons: Jet Force Gemini
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Overall 6

Jet Force Gemini a great game that really pisses me off!

quackykrackrz, epinions.com
22 December 1999
  • Excerpt: Overall Score 7.7 Jet Force Gemini is quite an interesting game.
  • Pros: graphics, AI, SOUND EFFECTS, shooter
  • Cons: loose controls, COLLECTING ALL THE TRIBALS, manual aiming system, 2nd players cross hairs
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