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7.2 out of 10

Forsaken 64

Forsaken 64 is set in the far future, when Earth has been ripped Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Forsaken 64

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Overall 8

Forsaken for Nintendo 64

nick7jq, epinions.com
7 September 2012
  • Summary: 7.8/10
  • Pros: Fun space setting, good controls, insanely good music
  • Cons: Awkard design, limited lives, frustrating
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Overall 10

Forsaken should not be Forsaken

firebird1, epinions.com
21 February 2008
  • Summary: Great game. Lots of fun for one or more players. Does make me motion sick after a while though. Well worth the 5-10 dollars I paid for it.
  • Pros: Nice fast paced shooter/first person shooter
  • Cons: Makes me motion sick after a while.
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Overall 10

1 of the greatest multiplayer games ever, seriously!

compso, epinions.com
23 May 2003
  • Summary: For $1 online there is no reason why you shouldn't play it with your friends. An alltime favorite. Extremely fun.
  • Pros: Multi player, weapons, game voices, sound effects, music, control
  • Cons: Single player not as fun as multi (but still fun)
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Overall 10

Got it!

dragonchild17, epinions.com
18 November 2001
  • Summary: Forsaken is a great game, what more can I say?!?
  • Pros: Awesome graphics!
  • Cons: The controls are a little hard to get used to.
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Overall 8

If only I had a hovering bike...

dark_dragon, epinions.com
25 October 2001
  • Summary: I highly recommend this game to any type of gamer. The levels are tough and intense and the multi player feature is extreme.
  • Pros: 360 degree movement, sweet multiplayer with computer bots, awesome selection of playable characters
  • Cons: using the control pad to change weapons is hard to get used to
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Overall 4

There are better ways to spend your clams

bobtheguardian, epinions.com
19 October 2001
  • Summary: A mediocre space-sim with awkward controls. In my opinion this type of game is better suited to the PC.
  • Pros: A large variety of weapons, good graphics
  • Cons: Awkward controls, confusing level design
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Overall 10

Embrace Forsaken

lensoftruth, epinions.com
4 February 2001
  • Summary: Forsaken is a must-have for deathmatch lovers with strong stomachs. It is one of the best deathmatch games on N64.
  • Pros: cool weapons, great sound effects, silky smooth framerates even in 4 player
  • Cons: virtigo inspiring gameplay, single player game gets frustratingly hard
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Overall 8

daddy likes

thrifthtml, epinions.com
27 December 2000
  • Excerpt: I rented this game because I was sent a demo video from the company that made the game, and it loo
  • Pros: graphics, fun, good sounds
  • Cons: hard to learn
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Overall 10

Forsaken 64 owns

SherrifSmits, epinions.com
2 December 2000
  • Excerpt: Ok, first of all Forsaken is for expert players only, so if you don't like Forsaken 64 it's probabl
  • Pros: Multi, bots, graphics, weapons, and levels
  • Cons: You have to be pro to handle this game
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Overall 6

How Forsaken

leatherhead, epinions.com
4 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Forsaken a 3D flying ad shooter game is very interesting and fun, It's based in the future and you h
  • Pros: cool game
  • Cons: very hard and frustrating
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