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8.1 out of 10

Donkey Kong 64

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Reviews and Problems with Donkey Kong 64

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Overall 8

Donkey Kong N64

nick7jq, epinions.com
19 August 2012
  • Summary: 8.4/10
  • Pros: Lots of variety, huge worlds to explore
  • Cons: Too much item collecting, that rap
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Overall 8

Donkey Kong, a Rare Classic

rubez08, epinions.com
7 August 2012
  • Summary: I would reccomend this to anyone who has a N64 because the story mode is extremely addicting to play and it takes a long time to beat, which is good!
  • Pros: Fun graphics, great story mode, it's Donkey Kong!
  • Cons: Bad multiplayer mode, sometimes can't figure out what to do, requires expansion pack to play
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Overall 8

Ooooo Banana!

shannnntastic, epinions.com
23 November 2011
  • Excerpt: Completly recommend this game! So much fun. My family has so many laughs and simply can't stop.
  • Pros: Very funny! Keeps us laughing.
  • Cons: A little challenging for younger kids.
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Overall 8

Aquatic Antics

clavis, epinions.com
28 September 2003
  • Summary: Every fan of the Kongs should definitely purchase this addition to the addictively fun-filled series.
  • Pros: It's colorful, contains an interesting storyline, is funny, has tons of mini-games, and it's addictive.
  • Cons: It's easy, yet difficult to control at times.
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Overall 8

Donkey Kong GimmeMore ( 64 )

search66, epinions.com
15 April 2002
  • Summary: I bought Ramen Noodle yesterday for .10 a piece!
  • Pros: Fun!
  • Cons: Old!
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Overall 8

Another DK 'Smash' hit

toxik53, epinions.com
9 March 2002
  • Summary: Nice game. It was worth it when N64 was still around, but there are better games now.
  • Pros: Pure DK fun
  • Cons: Occasionally confusing with all the characters when first learning
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Overall 8

The King of Kongs is Back on N64

cbman11, epinions.com
17 July 2001
  • Summary: Donkey Kong is a great family game with excellent graphics and great game play.
  • Pros: Lots of things to do. Tons of geat graphics and characters.
  • Cons: The multiplayer mode is a little weak.
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Overall 8

The Donkey Kong 6411

JBsmooth80, epinions.com
25 November 2000
  • Excerpt: King K.Rool has finally come up with a fool proof plan.He has constructed a Blast-O-Matic,and i
  • Pros: great sound and graphics.Loads of stuff to do.
  • Cons: Maybe there's a little TOO much to do
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Overall 8

DK 64, Bringing Donkey Kong back to life!

JFPatriots, epinions.com
13 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Donkey Kong 64, the latest Donkey Kong game for Nintendo 64.
  • Pros: Great Graphics
  • Cons: Addicting
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Overall 8

Another Great New DK game...

Disco_Kerberos, epinions.com
19 August 2000
  • Excerpt: This game was a gift to my young brother for Christmas. He was over joyed and I was amused by the b
  • Pros: Good music, ALOT to do, funny at times.
  • Cons: Blocky backgrounds, can be a chore to complete, Multiplayer mode is dull and pointless.
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