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Vantec MRK-525ST

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Overall 2

Poor Design reflected in Low Cost

Marc M., Newegg
14 July 2014
  • Summary: This product is usable, but I would not rely on it if you plan on removing the HDD tray docks on a regular basis... which was for me less than 2 times per month..... I's simply a bad design in my opinion.
  • Pros: Inexpensive... But at a cost.
  • Cons: Docking Tray locking mechanism. The outer clips are so thin (.75mm) that I have had two trays break from only occasional use.
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Overall 4

Nice Swappable drive bays, but watch out

Thomas W., Newegg
11 March 2014
  • Summary: When you put the trays containing you drives into the slots to connect them to the power and sata ports, you have a to push a little extra to get them to "take" once they are seated they are "really" seated. When you go to take them out i requires you to push the two clips on the sides in order to release the drives from the connectors the combination of the hard seating and the weak clips has now twice resulted in two of my clips breaking on the left side.
  • Pros: I bought 3 of these to transfer large files between 3 of my offsite computers.
  • Cons: The drives have to to be pushed rather forcefully into the connectors to work properly and this causes a problem. See Other thoughts.....
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Overall 8

User Review

electroken2, Walmart
2 September 2013
  • Summary: I made the folowing review about the single unit and it is a good one to have also, but now I want to leave this review (copy of my first one earlier) for others to see who bought the dual one. This device is a simple way to insert a 2.5" drive into an existing computer to be able to look at the drive contents or test it as the case may be. It is also a good way to copy off the contents of the drive which you wish to keep if you are going to be selling the drive.
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Overall 10

Better than you'd think

Korey R., Newegg
11 July 2013
  • Summary: I used this exact model for around six months while I was employed for a computer repair center. We had a custom server designed to do all of our malware sweeps, and this thing was rock-solid. I was unplugging and plugging in 2.5" drives five or six times a day on two of these units and not once was I concerned they were going to break.
  • Pros: - Two 2.5" bays.
  • Cons: - independent SATA connections
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Overall 10

always use caution with computer components

Donald L., Newegg
6 July 2013
  • Summary: It makes no sense if you do not have at least a little tech experience and some common sense when installing any type of computer part!!!
  • Pros: this little item is a fantastic idea except for no cooling fans but you should use caution and make or design somehow yourself how to put a cooling fan in there and you should always be careful plugging in your cables.
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Overall 8
Value for money 8

User Review

sfpeter, Walmart
31 May 2013
  • Summary: As laptop drives have become more powerful they've become viable alternatives to desktop drives. The Vantec bay is plastic but can pass for metal from a little ways away. The trays need no tools, being removed by squeezing the front clips, and have pins inside to mount the drive--just pull it a little and out comes the drive. You need two SATA ports and power connectors, and it's NOT hot swap. You need to power your computer down before removing the trays.
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Overall 2

Nice Idea ... But ...

Frank M., Newegg
30 March 2013
  • Summary: There are other companies offering similar products, check them.
  • Pros: Was on a very good sale at another major online site.
  • Cons: The drive trays leave a portion of the hard drive circuit board exposed, not a problem when they are in the docking bay. Could be a problem though if drive left on table, desk, and so forth.
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Overall 6

Alright, not the best

Jeremy K., Newegg
16 August 2012
  • Summary: It's fairly cheap compared to some of the more expensive alternatives, it just feels like it's too cheap, even for the low price. It does what it is intended for and just that and nothing more.
  • Pros: This is a nice way to mount laptop hard drives into a 5.25" media drive bay. It isn't nearly as expensive as some of it's alternatives.
  • Cons: This thing is really cheap, it's made out of increadbly flimsy plastic, as I was installing it I was worried I was going to break the plastic.
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Overall 10

Surprisingly great

Kuan W., Newegg
1 May 2012
  • Summary: Wish there is a 4 drive version.
  • Pros: -Surprisingly sturdy for something that is mostly plastic.
  • Cons: For this pricing backet: None. This is my new favorite 2.5in docking solution for under $20.
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Overall 8

Good value

Tim G., Newegg
23 March 2011
  • Summary: the led issue might not be a huge issue to some, but my computer already has several blue led fans in my case and these are much brighter than the others. It's come to the point where i either have to turn my computer off at night or tape a piece of thick paper over the leds
  • Pros: It's a good solution for mounting SSD's in your 5.25 bays.
  • Cons: It's construction is a little flimsy but it's not terrible
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