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Reviews and Problems with QNAP TS-470

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Overall 4

Forced use of RAID and no longer a hot-swap unit or ideal for off-site backups

Terence T., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: I debated 3 stars because this thing is chock full of amazing features but I went with 2 stars because of the new forced mandate of using RAID and the file system corruption that ensued causing a complete and unrecoverable of loss of my data. Fortunately I had an offsite backup that was 3 months old from my old TS-439 Pro. You can no longer have offsite backups with these new storage pool devices.
  • Pros: Tons of features
  • Cons: Mandatory to use RAID
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Overall 10

Perfect for small business

IntelliCreative, B&H Photo
21 August 2014
  • Excerpt: Probably the best inexpensive NAS I have used. Software is not bad, very usable and intuitive. Overall I would rate this NAS at the top of my list.
  • Pros: Compact, Easy Setup, Fast, Quiet
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Overall 10

The best although it costs

Jordon B., Newegg
30 July 2014
  • Summary: Recommend using WD Black ENTERPRISE. These have features designed to work in raid. The WD Reds are no good and if you look up the reveiws they have a very high failure rate. Why would you spend a lot of money for this type of unit to throw it away with bad HDs. RAID 5 recommended.
  • Pros: After reading Maximum PCs article on the 5 best NAS servers this clearly had the best performance and feature set, I was not let down. Beats Synology too. It feeds beautifully even in my fussy WD netflix DNLA etc TV inputs with MKVs avis mpgs mp4s and just about anything I want. Although many people use Twonky which QNAP has built in, the built in Multimedia Program does fine without any issues. Uses Qfile Androids and I-Macs (mac) both work great too. MXplayer is the...
  • Cons: Expensive, no drives included
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Overall 8

Great Media Server/Backup

Elliott C., Newegg
28 May 2014
  • Summary: After you load the hardware, start the unit and load the DVD on your PC. It all gets done from there.The WD Red line has been a disaster and if your going to spend this kind of money get the best drives you can. Seagates and all WDs except Blacks and enterprise fail at an alarming rate. Hitachi rates better but that is a non starter for many. WD Blacks are not optimized to work together. Enterprise rocks.
  • Pros: Runs Intel i3 dual core instead of weaker alternatives. Proprietary Linux and CLAM antivirus integrated for extra security. Offers every known feature under the sun. USE WD ENTERPRISE BLACKS. . Excellent DNLA support. QNAP's own "Multimedia Station" for media streaming works flawlessly (With WD's notorious live streaming behaving itself). Unless you need cross referencing etc. Twonky has more overhead. I can stream MKVs, avis, mp4, mpg, Has a Plex app and Twonkey for ...
  • Cons: Expensive. No manual. It is ridiculous that a $1200 unit comes with a PDFed manual. Thank goodness there are online print shops that will crank you out your own for about $35. Its the only way to learn all of the feature sets.The sync hardware is not backup hardware. Best solution is to image the backup to a directory in the qnap volume
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Overall 10

Great NAS

Bill Palombo, Amazon
1 February 2014
  • Summary: Easy to install and configure. Well worth buying, just make sure you buy the proper hard drives and enough drives to meet your storage needs.
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Overall 10

Dream for geeks at a low cost

Prateek Sureka, Amazon
1 February 2014
  • Summary: Great NAS device with some pretty useful features. To be honest a bit overkill for my needs. Although it has some good business uses, it is mostly good for media junkies with decent geek cred. I am using it as a basic backup dump for my intranet file repo as a backend for Pydio. Works great - very high performance.
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Overall 10

Extremely powerful nad and very capable htpc

Andrew "impulsive gadget buyer", Amazon
28 January 2014
  • Summary: Introduction QNAP are a long established NAS manufacturer and an elder statesman in the NAS game alongside the likes of Synology. In the last couple of years, and certainly since I have been reviewing NAS units I have some them take massive leaps and bounds from what were essentially smart hard drives to all but fully fledged computers running their own custom os with a full menu of uses, functions and features.
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