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HP Photosmart 5514

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  1. Testfreaks.33053966
    3 April 2013

    AVOID THIS PRINTER!!!!! Worst investment of $60 I have ever made!!!! And dealing with HP policy and rules are possibly MORE frustrating then the darn product itself!!!

    Bought it in October 2012 online, direct from HP. For the first 4-5 months I was dealing with constant paper jams just about every time I went to print a regular document. I didn't print with enough frequency to let this bother me so much to call in and complain. It wasn't until March 2013 that I tried to print a photo out on HP Advanced Photo Paper that I finally had my fill... it kept saying it could NOT detect the photo paper.

    So printing a photo FROM A PHOTOSMART PRINTER is too much to ask??? Apparently. I made my FIRST phone call in early March to tech support. After almost 2 hours of outsourced "support," I eventually said I had to go because I thought I was going to scream (the poor gentleman I spoke to not only had a strong accent--which in-and-of-itself is totally fine--but he must have been on a TERRIBLE bluetooth headset because he was extremely muffled! I felt terrible having to ask, "What was that again? I can't hear you" after 95% of his statements).

    I gave myself a week to cool off, then tried calling again. During my SECOND call, the woman told me there WAS NO RECORD OF THE PREVIOUS PHONE CALL. Two hours of my life wasted, gone, no evidence it existed--except for my missing cell phone minutes and terrible memories. She walked me through another hour or so of "troubleshooting," which resulted in a one-page document being successfully printed (read: not jamming). This is what HP sees as "issue resolved." NO matter that I reported this was an ONGOING problem, and recurred regularly. I optimistically hoped she was correct, and we said our good-byes. I immediately tried printing a photo... AGAIN, to no avail. HA. I called back within 5 minutes of ending that second call...

    During my THIRD call, I was passed from "Customer Support" to "Tech Support" to "Hardware Support"... after more intense troubleshooting, it again successfully printed a "Printer Quality" report. The Hardware Support gentleman said it was "resolved" and asked if there was anything else he could help me with.... UM. YES. THIS RECURRING ISSUE!?!? He said that because it was technically working, there was nothing he could do--even if it was likely going to happen again. I told him NO WAY was I hanging up without a REAL resolution. I said, "Okay. You want it to NOT work while I am on the phone with you?? Let's try printing a photo." BOOM (drop mic, walk away). I held my phone up to the printer as it struggled, screeched, and rattled trying to pick up the photo paper (YES, glossy side DOWN). FINALLY, after another hour and a half headache of a phone call, I got them to commit to sending me a replacement.

    Replacement arrives two days later (Wed. 3/27/13). I set it up. "Carriage Jam." Repeatedly. WHAT. Follow the directions on the animated touch-pad. No avail. "Ink Cartridges inserted incorrectly." BULL. I know my colors! Reset the printer. Go through set-up... AGAIN. Get to cartridge alignment step, and now it keeps saying it "cannot detect the alignment page" on the glass. AHHHH! I google this, come to HP Forums on their official site. Follow instructions. Using their decision tree, I am informed my printer has a problem with the "sensors," and needs to be serviced. SHOCKING. I turn it off, and walk away for a few days... I don't have the nerves to deal with this again--so soon--with the REPLACEMENT.

    Got a voicemail today (Tuesday, 4/2/13), FIVE DAYS after receiving the replacement via FedEx. They said they were charging my credit card for the (BROKEN) replacement printer, because they have not received the "defective" printer. So, they gave me THREE business days to return it--INCLUDING the Easter Holiday?? I am DONE.

    Called them today, said I wanted a REFUND. Had to walk through another HOUR of "troubleshooting" (definitely let my frustration seep through at one point--later apologizing to the woman, Kayla--I know it's not HER fault...and yes, at this point I am TAKING NAMES). Was then transfered to a "Non-Technical Support Manager" (Jason) who immediately passed me off to a "Case Manager" (Tom), who essentially told me I am not eligible for a refund. HAHAHA. THIS IS HILARIOUS. April Fool's Day was YESTERDAY, SILLIES!

    Nope. Joke is on me. Apparently their return coverage period is 21 DAYS. TWENTY-ONE DAYS. After that, your warranty only covers replacements and repairs. Fantastic. I had no fight left in me. Here's to hoping third time's a charm??? The only compensation I was offered: having my warranty extended another year (to October 2014). The sarcastic, pessimistic side of me only sees this only as an extension of "troubleshooting" phone calls...

    If this THIRD printer also turns out to be a dud, FORGET IT. I'll eat the cost, and save my sanity. Sadly,\ losing $60 + printer ink costs is a lot to a struggling doctoral student. However, I really need to focus on finishing my dissertation, not "unplugging my printer from the wall" three times an hour....

    Bottom line? AVOID. THIS. PRINTER. IF. YOU. CAN. And HP, while your at it!!!!

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    • paper jams, unreliable , Inefficient, recurring issues, terrible tech support
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