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HP Photosmart 5510
6.7 out of 10

HP Photosmart 5510

Great Deal: $122.99

Reviews and Problems with HP Photosmart 5510

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Overall 2

HP Photosmart 5510 printer is a bad choice.

srwing70, CNET
1 April 2015
  • Summary: This printer has been used very little in the 14 months we've had it. It started with ink issues of it would say it's low &/or out & it wasn't true cause we had just changed the cartridges. Then the "paper jam" issues began.
  • Pros: Printed fast but noisy, good print
  • Cons: Loud, cheaply made, doesn't last, tech support very poor, online support a mess to wade through
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Overall 4

You are buying a disposable printer.

Dothanguy, CNET
27 February 2014
  • Summary: This is a "disposable" printer: use it then throw it away. Mine worked for a just over a year and then it just stopped feeding ink. The printer said ink was full and everything was just fine. Both Yellow and Black: just stopped. Cleaning print heads 10 times - nothing, actually the output got worse.
  • Pros: Initially, hooked up to wifi without any problems., Printed documents OK
  • Cons: The HP laptop kept losing the wifi ID for this printer. Never had this trouble before with a printer., Slow, no hardware network connection - only wifi, Lasted just 8 months beyond warranty.
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Overall 1

Total POS........Never again will I buy any HP product.

4 January 2014
  • Summary: JUNK!
  • Pros: NONE....POS doesn't stand for Positive Statement...
  • Cons: Refer to my Total POS statment
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Overall 3

Disposable plastic junk machine

sndgyhi, CNET
31 May 2013
  • Summary: It worked until just after the warranty expired and then stopped printing. Text printed OK, photos were marginal even when using HP photo paper. Noisy and clunky while printing. I have to buy a new one and I will buy a more expensive printer in hopes it will make it more than a year before dying.
  • Pros: OK Scanning, Small foot print.
  • Cons: printer software stated printer not connected while using WiFi most of the time.
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Overall 2

if only I could give this printer a ZERO rating...

PoorGradStudent84, CNET
2 April 2013
  • Summary: AVOID THIS PRINTER!!!!! Worst investment of $60 I have ever made!!!! And dealing with HP policy and rules are possibly MORE frustrating then the darn product itself!!!
  • Pros: Looks nice? but evil on the inside...
  • Cons: Constant Paper Jams, Cannot Print Photos, Recurring Issues, Terrible Tech Support, Inefficient, Unreliable
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Overall 1

HP...never again!

HP_Customer_dont_Care, CNET
4 August 2012
  • Summary: The printer didn't work when I took it out of the box. It displayed a "printhead missing" error message. When I contacted the local HP support I received the information that it might take two weeks (!) to get a replacement.
  • Pros: Looks good - that's why I bought it.
  • Cons: I got a faulty product. HP customer service is a pile of...
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Overall 2

This is not the printer you're looking for.

splendidham, CNET
18 June 2012
  • Summary: I think it was on gizmodo in an article that I read soon after I bought this unit. A reader asked advise on the best all in one printer available for a moderate price. The response was "whatever you do, don't get the HP 5510". I think that sums it up nicely
  • Pros: It was/is cheap. It's now even cheaper. It will eventually print. The touch interface is kinda nifty although I guess a little outdated at this stage.
  • Cons: Paper doesn't go through the feed too well and often comes out crinkled., It took well over 5 hours to get the printer connecting wirelessly., Constant alerts notifying that the installed cartridges are faulty.
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Overall 9

We had to completely wireless and printer is worth it

myland, CNET
22 April 2012
  • Summary: Over all I think it is a great printer I'm very happy with it. I can just say it save me a lot of time going to Staples to do everything this printer did for me.
  • Pros: I was able to scan and print wireless from a different room and it was great every time.
  • Cons: The only thing you have to do is copy a page one at a time or scan one page at a time. it does not have a automatic feed on it.
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Overall 2

Had the printer for only 10 weeks and it quit working!

bonitangreg, CNET
27 March 2012
  • Summary: We received our RECONDITIONED (Not New)replacement printer from HP and it turned out to be a nightmare. It had 3 problems, detecting the loaded paper in the tray, causing paper jams when it finally would print and when a scanned or printed document finally came through, it would come out blank.
  • Pros: We liked it as long at it was working correctly.
  • Cons: Getting it to actually "Print" when prompted using wireless connection was frustrating! Switched to using the USB to avoid the printing problems. The power switch quit working and we had to send it back to HP.
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Overall 4

This printer has great qualities when working properly

_AnnaDawn, CNET
26 February 2012
  • Summary: The printer seems to be a well made printer with lots of bonus features for the price (scanner, copier, wireless connection, apps).The apps that come with the printer are a plus especially if you have little kids (coloring pages) or are looking to save a few extra bucks at the grocery store...
  • Pros: Sleek appearance, lightweight & smaller compared to similar printers, Touch screen is very easy to see allowing for easy navigation through setup, etc., Easily connects to wireless network & devices, Scans & copies in images & docs quickly &
  • Cons: Constant paper jams. I only get approximately 1 printed page for every 5 pages I try to print., Pages seem to have small ink floaters even though I have made sure everything is clean of dust and debris.
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