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Zotac NM10-B-E-ION
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Zotac NM10-B-E-ION

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Overall 8

Awesome deal!

James B., Newegg
29 June 2013
  • Summary: Installed Amahi Server and works flawlessly as my home media server!
  • Pros: This is the best deal, a Motherboard, CPU, and Video card all for under $100. I built this computer to be a "green" media server for my house and it has performed flawlessly so far! I am able to stream video to multiple computers with out any issues.
  • Cons: The included Ion card covers all of the SATA ports.... (unless you put the card into the 16x slot) but I use a Highpoint SATA 3 controller so this is not an issue for me. Also there does not seem to be a way to disable the on board raid controller... I do not need it and its an extra few seconds ...
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Overall 8


Jose H., Newegg
14 April 2013
  • Summary: Good little board for internet browsing and word processing.
  • Pros: Great little board runs windows 7 with no problems.
  • Cons: Gets a little hot under load. It overheated and froze so had to stick a fan on top of the processor to keep it cool no problems after that.
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Overall 8

HTPC Board

Cody P., Newegg
25 October 2011
  • Summary: I ended up putting the GPU in my PCI Express x16 slot since it was unoccupied to rectify the poor engineering on the SATA port locations. So not -too- irritating, unless I ever need that slot. If the top SATA row had been turned 180 degrees, this wouldn't be an issue at all. Remember that Zotac.
  • Pros: Put this baby into a LIAN LI PC-Q08B case, plopped 4GB of DDR2 into it, 4 2TB HDD's, and set to work. Lets start off with the pro's. Easy setup: This thing was a breeze and worked flawlessly out of the box. Stand-alone ION2 GPU: This allowed for more efficient cooling, as the case I picked out mo...
  • Cons: Now for the cons. 6 SATA ports? Pfft. There are 2 real SATA ports and the other 4 are -dedicated- to their RAID utility. It is setup via port replication on a third SATA connection, so pretty much you're stuck using these as RAID0/1/JBOD. Keep this in mind if you're planning on using more than 3 ...
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Overall 10

Great little Linux board

Thomas H., Newegg
4 November 2010
  • Summary: The board appears to take full advantage of the 4 1xPCIe lanes available in the NM10 architecture: * 2 full PCIe slots * 1 mini-PCIe slot * 1 internally taken up for the extra SATA ports+multiplier (1 esata, 1 sata / 4 multiplied)
  • Pros: Small form factor Low power usage Runs/Compiles Gentoo quite admirably Runs cool (~23-30C) on average Fits perfectly in the Inwin Mini-ITX/DTX (IW-BM648.AD120TML) box I got on another site (though if I want to use the additional PCIe slot, I'll have to dremel it and fashion a slot even though the...
  • Cons: Slow rebate process (still 'pending' with no status update)... though the base price was pretty good, anyways. Video card can run hot, though that's more a factor of the purchased case design.
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Overall 10

Pretty solid so far

Robert B., Newegg
15 October 2010
  • Summary: Not really a con, but something to take into consideration. When it says DDR2 677/800, it really means it. I tried a stick of DDR2 533 and it did not POST. Works great with DDR2 800, though. I will probably upgrade it later, when I install win7, but 1GB is a good starting point for XP.
  • Pros: Fits in standard ATX cases Gigabit ethernet 6 sata ports PCI-e x16 and x1 Dual core+Hyperthreading runs circles around the Athlon64 it is replacing Esata and HDMI onbpard NO IDE/Floppy 8 USB ports (4 onboard, 4 by header) PCI-e x1 Geforce 8400 included, but not required--stuck it in my gaming rig...
  • Cons: CPU runs a tad hot for my liking (60-65C under load), but no fan is provided. I grabbed a 60mm fan and screw-ed it in for cooling. Now it sits about 45C under load. CPU heatsink is poorly designed. Fins run vertically, not horizontally, so airflow coming through front of case does not flow throug...
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Overall 8

Works fine for me

Corey O., Newegg
31 July 2010
  • Summary: RE: JetIII: I don't know who told you DDR3, but NM10 only support DDR3 SO-DIMMs (ie laptop RAM), so this is definitely DDR2. I'm using 2x1GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800MHz.
  • Pros: 2x PCI-E slots (for included video card and a TV tuner) and a mini-PCI-E slot (for the included wifi, or one of your own). Runs great, currently running Ubuntu 10.04, wireless works, nvidia drivers support the ION GPU, and desktop effects work.
  • Cons: For some reason, if I put a memory stick in only the slot closest to the CPU cooler, the system will go into a reboot loop. If it's only in the slot furthest away, it boots fine. If I put it in both, the fans start once, then shut off, then start again and it boots fine. Also, no IDE connectors.
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Overall 2

Not Ready for Market - Continued

Jennifer A., Newegg
25 July 2010
  • Summary: This is the first time in my 35 years in high tech I have had a major company not get back to me; 4 times I contacted them. After wasting more that 20 hours on this, I would never consider using a Zotac product again. No product is worth buying when the manufacturer won't stand behind it.
  • Pros: See my above-captioned opinion.
  • Cons: To really give what I believe is a good design every opportunity to avail itself, I held off returning this product for an additional week, 8 days actually. I contacted Zotac support on 3 additional occasions with one simple question; "Please tell me what memory make/manufacturer/type to use with...
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Overall 6

Not ready for Market - A Beta Product

Jennifer A., Newegg
18 July 2010
  • Summary: Continued: The problem is that the BIOS is not setup to handle the Raid controller so you have to install the OS and then the drivers for it to work. I'm not kidding, you will have a C: drive for the OS and a D: drive for your Raid. I have been in the Computer Industry for 35 years.
  • Pros: Well designed for what we wanted; a file server by day, an entertainment center by night. Well built hardware. NewEgg was great on the return.
  • Cons: 1) No one, including Zotac Tech Support seems to know what memory this board needs. New Egg's writeup and Zotac's documentation state clearly DDR2. When I was chatting with Zotac, they said "I" had installed the wrong memory. When I pointed out that their documentation told me what to buy, he sai...
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